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Soheila Batenipour October 2017

AGENDA I proudly present to you my project, which combines all of my passions: arts, culture, design, and helping people. I designed an application for individuals attending arts and culture events that helps users find an arts and culture event in Toronto

Problem Space Insights Impact of the Project Persona

based on their particular interests. Users can use this application to find appropriate events, attend them, and then rate them afterwards. Based on interviews I had with 5 users, I will cover why a user may want to attend an arts and culture event, and what he or she can expect to see in the event. I will also cover how a user finds a suitable event, and how he or she would be

Early Sketches Card Sorting Analysis Additional Sketches Final Sketches Primary Wireframe

persuaded to attend the event. User Testing Soheila Batenipour

Final Wireframe and User Flow

Tell: 204 291 0987 Email:


ROBLEM SPACE Not being able to find what you want! Arts and culture enthusiasts often express frustration in the following: •

Not finding events that suit their interests.

Lack of human interactions at the events.

Not finding new or unique artwork at the events.

Tedious behavioral obligations at the events.


People not actively attending arts and culture events because they keep seeing repetitive artwork every year.

People missing suitable arts and culture events due to poor advertising.



I am trying to provide solutions of the users’ frustrations noted previously, and bring new innovative ideas to meet their needs. The goal is to increase attendance at the arts and culture events by 25%.


Art Teacher



Personality Extrovert






Motivations • Socializing • Interest • Exploring • Good feeling • Self-development

Behaviours • Performing talents • Learning • Being out & Networking • Helping

Goals • Have interaction with people • Explore side of culture that never get to see • Want to see more different things and more unique

“I aspires to open my own non-profit arts and culture organization one day.“ Bio Karli is an art teacher. She is interested in arts and culture, and has been attending arts and culture events in Toronto for the past two years. She particularly appreciates the diversity and variety she finds at these events. She alsoenjoys meeting fascinating people at these events that she would not meet elsewhere otherwise. But she still sees room for improvement in organizing and hosting such events in Toronto.

Frustrations • Social obligation • Lack of interaction • Hard to find an event that I am looking for • Same vendors each years and they keep doing the same things Needs • • • • • • •

Need more detailed and descriptive announcements and advertisements More welcoming atmosphere for those attending on their own. Extend my social network Easier way to search and find events based on my interests. See ads all around the city, not just area where the event is going to happens Ability to reach target audience more directly. Less expensive


Perceiving Feeling


Card Sorting Analysis Two card sorting sessions were conducted. First one was done with four participants. But three more participants were added to the study later.

similarity graph 1

similarity graph 2

Additional Sketches

Additional Sketches

Final Sketches

Primary Wireframe

Primary Wireframe

Primary User Flow

Swipe right on an event and save it. Swipe up and see saved events. Swipe left on an event and explore more events. Swipe down and choose your favorite event that you would like to find a similar one

main page a registered user sees

User Testing This app was recommended by a friend. • •

How would you sign up for the first time? How would you look for an event?

• •

What do you expect will happen? How would you save an event?

Am I done??

what’s next? too many steps, just merge them

do not want to type an address, probably a map?

not sure what these faces are for probably with a label or more explained

Final Wireframe and User Flow


Thank You

UX Design Portfolio  
UX Design Portfolio