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Natural Acne Treatment Guide Get rid of acne and live healthy and confident life

Dr. R Singh

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Chapter 1

Real Causes of Acne Acne is a very common skin condition that may affect people of every age and race. Even though it usually affects teenagers, adult acne is a real problem and some people continue to suffer from this condition until their thirties or forties. But, what are the causes of acne? The main cause is the abnormally high concentration of endogenous hormones (especially androgens) in the blood, during puberty. These hormones cause the excessive production of sebum which clogs the skin pores and promotes the propagation of cutaneous anaerobic bacteria. This leads to skin inflammation and the formation of pimples. Acne affects mainly the face especially the forehead, nose and chin (due to the fact that these areas have many sebaceous glands), but it may also appear in the back, shoulders and chest. Here are some facts about acne that you need to know:       

  

 

It has been proved that emotional tension can aggravate the problem, so try to avoid stress as much as you can. Certain medication like antidepressants and androgen may cause the appearance of this condition. There is no evidence that sex can actually help. Makeup especial if you leave it on your face for many hours can play a negative role. The harmful effects of chocolate on acne seem to be just a myth. Hormonal changes are associated with this condition, which means that starting or stopping birth control pills may cause the appearance of this disease. Your profession sometimes plays an important role. Working in a hot and humid environment such as catering, kitchen or laundry can have a negative impact on the health of your skin. Acne is not caused by poor hygiene, but is an endogenous problem. The sun doesn't cure this disease. The tan we get after sun exposure may just temporarily hide the irritated skin and pimples, but it can not heal. Eating a balanced diet can be helpful. Enrich your diet with foods that are good sources of vitamin C (kiwi, broccoli, red peppers, oranges etc.) and vitamin A (carrots, apricots, peaches etc.). You should also increase the amount of fiber in your diet, in order to facilitate digestion and help your body get rid of toxins. Some sunscreens may make the situation worse, because they contain too many filters and are too oily. Suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome can cause acne in some cases.

It is very important to understand that although these tips can help, there most essential step in getting rid of acne is to achieve hormonal balance. Local or oral acne treatments can have only

temporary results and may even have many side effects. Following a holistic treatment and making just a few small lifestyle changes can have spectacular results. Chapter 2 If you are looking for some quick simple acne treatments at home, then the following suggestions should be of great benefit to you. There are a quite a number of methods that you can try and some of these have been around for years. Its amazing what some people have tried in order to get rid of their acne, but these methods can be very effective. Anyway, here are 8 very simple treatments that you can try with the minimum expense. Hopefully, most of the items mentioned below you will already have in your kitchen. Are you ready? Then lets begin. 

  

 

Grate some raw potatoes and rub it on the infected area. Now why on earth should you try this method? Well, it just so happens that potatoes are rich in Vitamin C and the phosphors, potassium and sulphur in them is very beneficial for your skin. Mix some honey and cinnamon powder into a paste and then apply to your acne. Leave overnight and rinse off with warm water in the morning. This is a very simple treatment, but very effective. Mix some turmeric power into a bowl with some mint juice, then apply with a soft clean cloth. After about 30 minutes or so, rinse off with lukewarm water. Mix some roasted and powered pomegranates skin with some fresh lime juice and then apply over the infected area. Leave for an hour or so and then rinse thoroughly. Drink some nettle tea! First, get some fresh nettle leaves and put them into a teapot. Next, fill the teapot with some boiling water. If you want to enhance the taste, then add a little honey or some lemon, and then pour some into a cup and drink. The reason this works, is because of the anti-inflammatory properties, and it also helps to flush the body of toxins. Get some fresh mint leaves and crush them thoroughly, then apply them to the infected area and leave for about 10 minutes. Afterwards, rinse with cold water. Get some garlic! It has some amazing healing properties in it and can have a very good effect on your skin. All you have to do is crush a few garlic cloves into a juice then apply to your acne. After 5 minutes or so, wash off with clean water. Get some milk and lime! Boil some milk and then add some fresh lime juice to the mix. Wait till the milk cools down before applying it to your face. Afterwards, just rinse off.

Chapter 3 If you're going to look up different ways on how to cure acne, you will see that the skincare industry is currently brimming with different products and formulations that promise to put an end to all of your skin woes. From over the counter oral treatments to salicylic acid based creams, you're sure to find a product that can help you clear your skin. But if you want to cure your skin problem the all-natural way, here are 3 simple steps that you can follow. 1.) Clean thoroughly Skin blemishes usually occur faster in dirty skin so make it a habit to clean your face thoroughly

twice a day. Use a skincare line that is not only appropriate for your skin type, but also has a list of ingredients that can nourish your skin from the inside. 2.) Drink lots of water and eat healthy If you're looking for home remedies for acne, another effective way that you can keep the spots at bay is by drinking lots of water and eating a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables. By making a few changes in your lifestyle, you'll be able to prevent blemishes from the inside. 3.) Exercise Lastly, exercise has also been proven as an effective means to get rid of troublesome acne so if you want to be able to clear your skin efficiently, try going to the gym regularly. Working out will not only keep you in shape but it can also open up those pores so that you can prevent from being clogged by sebum. So there you have it. Now that you know how to clear acne in 3 simple steps, you're on your way to getting clearer and healthier skin. Chapter 4 Majority of the teenagers are troubled with the problem of acne. This stage is usually considered as moving from childhood to adulthood; a transition of growth from one phase of life to another. The problem of acne should be dominant here, but when it persists beyond being a teenager, it stands as a major problem to many people. As we may know, these days, the way you carry yourself matters a lot. When pimples are seen at an adult age, people begin to get worried about what other people will think of them. This becomes a big problem for women, who are very conscious about their looks. Appearing at a party with pimples on your face (for a woman) is a total no-no. Women would like to have a smooth face with perfect toning. One natural acne treatment that can be used by people suffering from pimples is to increase the consumption of water. The main reason is that water is the most effective anti-toxin and detoxifying agent that the body has. Water is able to remove all harmful toxins that may accumulate in the body, including the ones in the skin. The more you drink water, the higher the chances of having a healthy skin. Another type of a natural acne treatment is physical exercise. Enrolling in a gym or in a regular routine that can keep you physically fit is a good way of dealing with acne. Whenever you go for a swim, a run on the treadmill or for jogging round the block, perspiration takes place. The sweat that comes out has toxins in it that might have accumulated. So, when you sweat, you get rid of these toxins which bring about acne. Diet is also very important to help keep those pimples and acne away. Foods that are high in oils and fats tend to tamper with the oil balance of the skin, leading to inflammation and thus, acne. But there are some specific fatty acids that should be reduced such as the omega 6 fatty acids. The other types of fatty acids, that is, omega 3 and omega 9 have no major effect on causing pimples or acne to erupt, but they should be taken in moderation.

One of the things a dermatologist will recommend for acne treatment is regular intake of Vitamin A, commonly found in carrots. In addition to this, Vitamin E is also recommended to help regulate the levels of Vitamin A in the body. Both Vitamin A and E are known as a natural acne treatment as they are commonly found in the foods we eat. Chapter 5 Once an individual has acne, it originates from inside the body and shows up on the outside of the body afterward and there is need for the individual to: * Lash out acne from within the body * Lash out acne from outside of the body All you may require is an effective cream and to stick with a couple of steps in my 12 secrets to overcome the periods of time where acne is active but I recommend this i.e. use of an effective cream and my 12 secrets if your acne is not awful. Do not stick with my 12 secrets if your acne is really severe since acne is an expression of your whole body system and it is a reflection of what is taking place inside your mind and likewise cell structure and internal organs. Your toxins are excreted through your skin once moved into your blood since the internal excreting organs in your body are ineffective to get rid of the acne in your body because acne is an excessive intoxication. This process is carried out in and by your body automatically and it is known as Automatic Survival Mechanism which helps to protect your body internally i.e. cells, liquid, blood, organs and tissues. Below are the 12 secrets on how to get rid of acne scars: 1. Your face must be kept clean always 2. Only apply your preferred face cream 3. Quickly relive your constipation and the tree day liquid 4. Ensure frequent alterations to your diet 5. Take enough water and expose yourself to enough sunlight and air 6. Take vitamins on a regular basis 7. Take minerals frequently 8. See to it that you take special supplements 9. Drink or apply Herbal mixture oftentimes 10. Take supplements or special detoxifying drinks 11. On a regular basis brush your skin 12. Work on your mental attitude Secret 1: Your face must be kept clean always Discontinue applying face cosmetics immediately if you are still doing so. Plugging of pores on your face causes acne and this is possible because a few of those cosmetics you use irritate your skin. Mineral oil, lanolin and propylene glycol are some of the cosmetics chemicals that may cause you the most skin, pore irritation and inflammation.

For more Visit A lot of cosmetics soaps and sunblocks contain these chemicals and it is crucial that you take a close look on the label of the cosmetics you apply. It is most beneficial to use a water base makeup and not an oil base. Besides, look for the makeup that does not cause irritation to your face and apply slenderly. Irritation could be induced by the usage of commercial soaps which contains chemicals that will irritate and aggravate your condition, therefore, do not wash your face with them. Do not wash your face overly because when you do it dehydrates the natural protective oil from your skin. Likewise, you can bring bacteria to your face through ceaseless touch. Simply apply the following to wash your face: * Liquid soap * Undiluted glycerin hand soap To open up and move the toxic material in the pimple to the surface, dab your face with an uninfected and warm face towel. Pimple could be opened through scrubbing gently to break it open once it is ready to open and not severe. Use warm towel 2-3 times only every week. Do not break up, scrape or keep on scratching or scrub a pimple when it is opened because this could cause a sore or mark that could be hard to get rid of. Simply washing with clean soap will prevent your face from toxic substance. Remember, anything you apply on your skin will get into your skin and bloodstream. In addition, do not cause your liver to function more laboriously because virtually all commercial creams, lotions and soaps are filled with all sorts of chemicals that are toxic to your body. Irritation on your face could cause acne breakout when you lay your cheeks or chin on your hand(s) or arms during the day or at night, therefore, keep off this. Endeavor not to sleep with your face or side of face into the pillow instead sleep on your back. Chapter 6 Similar to individuals with face or body acne, those who are fighting with back acne quite often wonder if any of their activities or actions are triggering the breakout. Well, there are several stories regarding the cause of acne (whether on the back or face) and some of them may be somewhat truthful. Some are actually of the opinion that tight clothes can also cause acne to build up. The truth is that back acne (exactly like acne on any other part of the body) is not the result of a sole factor. But majorly, it is a result of excessive production of sebum, which leads to the blocking of the pores. It is all about the activities of the sebaceous gland - you simply can't just stop nature when it's at work! Eventually, when the pore gets clogged with build-up sebum

mixed with dead skin; acne is the result Back Acne can Get Tough When compared with other parts of the body, you will find more sebaceous glands on your back area, and joined with the thickness of the skin on your back; back acne can be very stubborn to treatment methods. But it's not necessary to be worried about that; you can always get rid of your back acne, regardless how resistant to treatment it may seem. Get Rid of your Back Acne - Check out these Methods Regular Washing Regular washing is a very common but effective formula for acne condition. It is recommended that you wash at least 2 times daily using anti-bacterial soap. Then again, do not over indulge in this act because you can find yourself drying out and irritating your skin. Also, you have to take your shower immediately after exercising or any demanding activity that causes you to sweat profusely. The sweat on your body can mix with dirt and block up the pores of your skin; this will likely worsen your acne situation. Exfoliating Try this once every other week. It will help to get rid of dead skin that can make your acne problem worse. You will find varieties of exfoliators you can try out such as loofahs and washcloths. As you experiment with these, be on the lookout for severe irritation or deterioration of your back acne condition. Think about a sugar-based scrub rather than the salt-based; the latter is milder option relative to the salt-based scrub. Using Medicated Creams Benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid is the typical cream or gel medication for curing acne. Very carefully examine and follow the instruction on how to apply any of the medications you decide. This helps in achieving a better and quicker result. Be aware that you cannot use benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid simultaneously. You will also be informed of any likely irritation from the use of any of the medications (usually written on the direction for use). Going the Natural Way Natural remedies for acne are often mild and less dangerous. They may take time to generate obvious results, nonetheless they are effective for the treatment of acne.

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Apple cider vinegar; this is among the natural remedies that helps in reducing and treating back acne as well as acne on the other parts of the body. It achieves this by killing bacteria as well as balancing the skin's pH level. Tea Tree Oil; this has long been a natural remedy for most skin problems. The oil works to get rid of bacteria-causative organism that can cause a breakout of back acne.However, this is only possible when the oil is used consistently. Aloevera; it minimizes swelling and redness and also heals scars. However, aloevera will not remove back acne. Back acne can be eliminated just like acne on other parts like the face. But if your condition is chronic, it is recommended that you pay a visit to a dermatologist or a physician. Chapter 7 There are several natural supplements for acne that could help reduce pimples. So, which ones should you take? Well, that really depends on you. If you are deficient in zinc and iron, then it may be wise to take a zinc and iron supplement as they are both beauty minerals that will help reduce acne pimples. The best way to obtain all your vitamins and minerals is from whole foods. But, there are many constraints that are unique to each individual that sometimes prevent us from doing so. In this article I will discuss a few supplements that are necessary for most people with acne based on my personal knowledge. Fish Oil Your omega 3 fatty acid to omega 6 fatty acid intake ratio is vitally important if you want to reduce your acne pimples. Most people on the western diet have a ratio of around 20:1 in favor of omega 6. This ratio needs to be as close to 1:1 as possible! One of the absolute best ways to start balancing your ratio is by taking a fish oil supplement. I strongly recommend you buy a fish oil supplement as soon as you possible. Make sure it is a quality brand; fish oil is inexpensive as it is. If you eat a lot of fish then this supplement may not be necessary for you. Zinc I mentioned this up above and I want to talk more about it because many people are deficient in this mineral as well. Zinc plays a large role in overall beauty in many ways. If you want to have a flawless face, smooth hair, and a healthy all around body, then you must meet your daily minimum requirements for zinc. There are many symptoms of a zinc deficiency and acne is one of them. Zinc helps eliminate toxins through your elimination organs. Many people like to simplify acne by saying it is a way of your body releasing toxins through the skin. Zinc anyone? Iron

I must mention this mineral supplement because it seems logical that many people are deficient in it. Iron is most abundant in green leafy vegetables and herbs; the foods that no one wants to eat. I strongly recommend you do eat these wonderful whole foods, but an iron supplement is better than little to no iron at all. Iron is a beauty mineral and will certainly help your skin reduce acne pimples. The best source of all minerals is from whole foods. But, if you are truly deficient in zinc, iron, or have a poor omega 3 to omega 6 ratio, then I would recommend considering taking the above supplements. Find out from your physician how much you should take of zinc and iron. Chapter 8 How many times have you heard that you should never pop your pimples because it will cause acne scars? If you're anything like me then it is a lot. Not popping your pimples is generally good advice, but sometimes it's just not practical. Nobody wants to walk around all day with a giant white puss bubble on their face. It's only natural to want to pop that zit so it isn't staring down everyone who passes you by. The temptation is almost impossible to overcome. But can you have it both ways? Can you pop your pimples and still prevent scarring? You can if you do it the right way. Evaluation Before you run to the mirror and start popping all your pimples, you need to learn how to identify pimples that can be safely popped. Most zits should be left alone, but fortunately the ones that are okay to pop are also the ones that are most noticeable to other people. What we are talking about here are whiteheads. More specifically, whiteheads that are bulging above the surface of the skin. They should look like a big white bubble. Not all whiteheads need to be popped. I recommend a simple mirror test. If you have a bathroom mirror with a vanity in front of it, stand strait up in front of the vanity. This should make your reflection appear at normal conversation distance (the distance you would stand away from someone during a conversation). Any whiteheads that you can easily see at this distance are probably ready to be popped. If you have to lean forward to see a whitehead, you should leave it alone. Preparation The best time to pop your pimples is right after you get out of the shower. Your face and hands will be clean and your skin will be nice and soft. You will also need the following tools:  

Rubbing Alcohol A Sewing Needle

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2 Tissues

If you don't have a sewing needle, a simple pin will work okay. Also, you can use toilet paper if you don't have tissues. The Process The first thing you need to do is sterilize the sewing needle with the rubbing alcohol. Just pour a little bit of the alcohol over the needle and that should be fine. Next you want to poke a very small hole in the top or side of the whitehead. If the pimple is truly ready, poking the hole should be easy and painless. Some puss should immediately ooze out of the hole. If it doesn't, that pimple may not be ready and you should leave it alone. The last step is to gently squeeze the pimple. To do this, wrap your index fingers with the two tissues. Now use your index fingers to squeeze out any remaining puss. You should push down and in and the puss should flow out easily. Don't force it. If it doesn't come out easily or if you start to see a clear liquid or blood, it's time to stop. Going beyond this point can cause scarring. That's all there is to it. Just remember to be careful and only pop those pimples that are ready. If your nose has to be touching the mirror before you can see your pimples, they're not ready to be popped. To be fully armed in the difficult battle against acne, there is no better weapon than a thorough education. Gain as much knowledge as you can about acne and you will be well on your way to having clean and clear skin forever. Chapter 9 Oily skin, especially, is prone to acne and rashes. Acne is a skin disorder that is manifested by small abscesses, pustules, which appear on the face and sometimes on the chest. For treating acne, you must follow a diet to help eliminate toxins from your body. Diet will consist of: fresh juices, carrot, celery, beetroot and red, white fish, chicken or turkey without skin, boiled or grilled. The diet will eliminate concentrated sweets, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, iodized salt, high-fat foods and fizzy drinks. Sometimes even contraceptive pills can cause acne. Besides a proper diet, if you want to get rid of acne fast and for good, you must impose a strict hygiene such as: • Change every day your face towel or use paper towels; • Wash your skin every morning and evening with sulfur soap;

• Infusion of pansy, 2-3 cups per day. Place a teaspoon of crushed herb to a cup of boiling water. Cover and leave about 10 minutes; • Compresses with an infusion of burdock root. Place one tablespoon chopped burdock 200 ml boiling water, cover the bowl and let 15 minutes. Then soak some sterile compresses and apply them on the affected areas; • Wipe the skin with a cotton swab soaked in an infusion of basil. Place 2-3 tablespoons of crushed herb to a cup of hot water. Cover and leave for 5-10 minutes, strain the infusion and use it hot; • Compresses with an infusion of chamomile or use sachets of infusion; • Drink 2-3 cups per day of infusion of marigold and pansy in equal amounts. Place a teaspoon of mixed herbs in a cup of boiling water, cover well and let stand about 10 minutes. Strain and drink unsweetened infusion; • Wipe the face with a cotton swab soaked in the juice or cabbage leaf poultices place soaked with scalding or with rolling pin; • Mask with papaya and cream. Stir two tablespoons of heavy cream and two tablespoons of crushed papaya pulp, to obtain a homogeneous paste, then spread on the skin. After 30 minutes wash skin with warm water. Sprinkle skin with cold water; • Wipe the affected skin with grape juice. Squeezed some juice, soak a cotton ball in the juice and remove skin. Let it dry, then rinse your face with warm water and add a little baking soda; • Drink 2-3 cups per day with an infusion of chamomile. Infusion is drunk unsweetened; • Apply fresh tomato slices to the affected areas. After 30 minutes rinse skin with warm water; • Compresses with an infusion of hops cones. Place a spoonful of hop cones to 100 ml boiling water, cover the dish, allow 15 minutes, then soak some sterile compresses and apply on affected areas; • Mask with fresh yeast, honey and wheat bran or rice flour. Dilute yeast in a little grain of boiled and cooled water, add honey and bran or flour to obtain a homogeneous paste. Stretch the skin and remove after 30 minutes with warm water. Splash face with cold water, wipe with a dab. Removing acne is not such an easy thing to do especially if is an old acne, if you really want to get rid of acne fast with home remedies you must apply this or other home remedies for acne, those who worked for you. Chapter 10 Want to try some home remedies for acne? Of course you do! Why should you spend hundreds

of dollars on products that don't really work, not long term anyway, not to mention the possible side effects from some of these products! Many acne sufferers have found relief by using simple home remedies to treat there acne and these have proved to be very effective. Most of the items mentioned below you may already have in your home or garden. If not, then they can be bought at very little cost. Here are some you might want to try. 

Try some lavender! Because of its antiseptic properties, lavender has proven to be very effective at treating acne. You may already have some lavender oil in your home so add some to your bath water and have a good soak. Do this regularly. Make a facial mask out of cucumber! Put some cucumber into a bowl and crush it into a paste. Apply some evenly over your face and leave for about 30 minutes or so. If you can do this daily then you will start to notice an improvement. Make an oatmeal facial mask! Get some oatmeal and mix it with some honey or yoghurt. Make sure you allow the oatmeal to soften first before applying the facial mask. Once the oatmeal has dried, rinse with warm water. Use some orange peels! Get some oranges and peel them. Next, grate the peels and add them to a bowl with some water. Mix into a paste then apply to your acne. Wash off after about an hour or so. Use some fresh mint leaves! Because of the natural ant-inflammatory properties in mint leaves, they can be very helpful in alleviating your acne. You can get some fresh mint leaves at your local garden centre if you don't grow your own. Once you have the leaves, crush them and then rub the juice on your acne and leave for about 15 minutes or so. Then rinse off with cold water. Use some peppermint. Peppermint has medicinal properties that have proved to be very effective in treating acne. Again, if you don't grow your own peppermint it is very easy to obtain. Crush some peppermint leaves until you get some juice. Then apply some of the juice to the infected area and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Afterwards, rinse off with cold water.

Chapter 11 Most people who suffered from laser acne scars in the past had inadequate methods to get rid of it, but new acne treatments are now available everywhere due to the advances in technology. It is possible for people with acne scars to treat it using laser method. Laser acne scar removal treatment comes in two types, ablative and non-ablative. Ablative deals with outside the skin surface. It vaporizes or burns away the damaged tissues of the skin of the older thin layers and it also rouses the production of collagen. While the non-ablative rouses the production of collagen in the inner layer under the skin and does not cause any damage to the outer layer. Yag Erbium Laser and the CO2 Laser are types of ablative laser; they are the most spread forms. It has more effect on severe skin scars, which need lesser treatment. It takes about 15-20 days to heal the skin tissue and the redness of the skin may last from 20-50 days but has perceptible

results. The most common non-ablative form of laser treatment is pulse dyes and it is used moderate or fair acne scars. It needs many treatment to see perceptible results because it less aggressive. Laser treatment is not advisable for those undergoing some other types of acne treatment. Laser acne scar removal or new acne treatment varies from hundred to thousands of dollars but are extremely effective. As if having acne is not bad enough, scars form after it has cleared up. On the market today, you can find new acne treatment to clear your acne scars. Chapter 12 Having a baby can be a wonderful and rewarding milestone in your life. However, some of the hormonal changes taking place in your body during pregnancy can have an adverse affect on your skin. People who are not normally prone to acne can experience acne breakouts while pregnant. The changing hormones in your system can be the cause of acne breakouts. Higher levels of certain hormones can cause an increase in oil production. This increased oil (or sebum), can be a breeding ground for acne problems. Acne can cause damage and scars to your skin so it should be treated. Acne blemishes can also be very damaging to your self esteem at a time when emotions are running high. Do keep in mind that acne is treatable. There is no reason that you can't have glowing, acne free skin during this special time of your life. There are some basic steps that you can take that may help to prevent or reduce acne symptoms during pregnancy. You should make sure that you are using an oil free moisturizer for your skin. Wash your face twice a day with a mild soap. Keeping your face clean is an important first step in helping with your acne. If you wear makeup, you should also be sure to wash it off before heading to bed. Be sure to check all products you are using on your skin to make sure that they are non-comedogenic. Acne treatment during pregnancy is a bit different than when not pregnant. During pregnancy, you can not be exposed to/take many different types of medication. Many of the normal medications that a dermatologist would prescribe cannot be used. You however are not just stuck with living through the symptoms. You do have options. There are some topical prescription medications that are safe for pregnant women to use. These topical treatments are typically composed of benzoyl peroxide plus an antibiotic. You should contact your doctor or a dermatologist before starting any acne treatment during pregnancy. There are many acne treatments that contain benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide has been labeled as safe for pregnant women. If you are purchasing an over the counter medication be sure to read the label carefully. There are many over the counter acne products that contain salicylic acid instead of benzoyl peroxide. Salicylic acid should not be used while you are pregnant.

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