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Thursday 8th October 2009




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Early yesterday morning around 11:40am Dominos delivery driver Faisal Yassin, aged 19 was killed. Shortly after arriving back to work after a delivery, the employee was unfortunate to be the target of an armed robbery. Jangheer Khan Aged 22 has been charged with the murder by the Crown Court and will serve a lifetime sentence imprisonment. The young employee was killed when the Asian boy escaped from a mental hospital just down the street, where he assaulted an armed police officer and stole his weapon. He ran down the street and into the store demanding the staff to empty the till full of cash.

Faisal happened to be behind the counter at the time strongly refused to do so which resulted in a gun being aimed towards his face. He was given another chance to quickly empty the till however the killer lost his temper too quickly and didn’t give him enough time to hand him the money. Many other workers in the store witnessed the death including the store manager (Raj Gupta). He said: ‘It happened too quickly for anyone to react. I tried calming the guy down but he wouldn’t stop shouting then he pulled out the gun and none of us knew what to do.’


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MENTAL PATIENTS SHOULD BE KEPT ON LOCKDOWN SAY GOVERNMENT He said: ‘It happened too quickly for anyone to react. I tried calming the guy down but he wouldn’t stop shouting then he pulled out the gun and none of us knew what to do.’ Another employee on duty (Daniel Jones) said: ‘I’m so shocked. One minute he was there and the next he was flat on the floor. He didn’t deserve it. It’s just disgraceful that someone could do such a thing so easily.’ Other witnesses were too distraught to give an interview but people living nearby said they felt threatened in their own homes. The family of a young innocent boy are now grieving over a loved one. Faisal went from working full-time to part-time as he was opening his own furniture shop. His mother said ‘people might say that he was at the wrong place at the wrong time but he wasn’t. He was at the right place at the right time. He was trying to build up on

his life and make a fresh start. Now he lost all his chances and I’ve lost my beloved son’ The Dominos store has been closed down temporarily for investigation and due to health and safely issues and will not be open for at least two months leaving the owner currently out of business and the employee’s out of work. The family of a young innocent boy are grieving over his death and are faced with the consequences of living without a loved one. The government are now appealing that there should be more control over mental patients to ensure the safety and security of others around them. They should not have the opportunities to escape as it happened in this tragic story, and should be kept under hardcore lockdown to prevent this from happening again.

HAS SWINE FLU COME TO AN END? Doctors in Birmingham have discovered a vaccination for swine flu. Those working for the NHS have decided that the wise way to go about vaccinating members of the public is to firstly attend to those who are most at risk to the disease such as woman carrying babies, those who are already suffering from swine flu and the elderly, moving onto primary and secondary schools all around the areas. Others can go to their local General Practitioner and book an appointment for vaccination. The vaccine was used on an elderly woman in her 70’s and researchers have found that the substance worked well and she will now liver a longer healthier life. Another young pregnant mother who nearly died from the deadly disease was vaccinated and was cured within two weeks after the drug had been taken.

She asked for her photo not to be taken however she said ‘I’m so thankful that I will live to see my baby. I was so scared that I wouldn’t make it in time to at least deliver it.’ A doctor working for the NHS said ‘It really is a miracle. The disease that everyone was so afraid to catch can finally be immune from us all. Doctors have also been at risk from this, not just members of the public. It’s a great achievement and relief to us all.’ However after the public have been treated and are immune to the disease, it does not do justice to say that swine flu is gone forever. People travelling from other countries could still be carrying the disease but are not yet aware of it. For those who haven’t yet been vaccinated, it is strongly advised to wear protection masks around the mouth until more people have been made immune to the disease.


A nurse working for the NHS who was suffering from swine flu also had the privilege of taking the drug which also, cured her within a short period of 3 weeks. She is now able to get back to work helping those who are currently suffering from the same disease as her. She said ‘I’m lost for words. I heard stories about other people on the news being killed from swine flu and once I found out that I was carrying it too, I thought this is it. I’m next. But now I can happily say that I’m going to live for longer, and be happier. I just burst into tears every time I think about how lucky I was to escape this brutal sickness.’ News reports state that the United Kingdom will not have to worry as much about swine flu anymore, and those suffering will soon be out of their misery and back on their feet.

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