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Types of Paragraphs Katheleen Alvizures Nancy García Sofía Gómez Fernanda López Rossana Rodríguez

• Opinion paragraph • Narrative paragraph • Descriptive paragraph • Example pargraph • Process paragraph

Opinion Paragraph

• I think that is depende of people tought, in my opion late

twentis are just nice. You will have expirience that the world has to offer , and get know the people of the opposite sex. I f eel it is just nice if you can do what you feel doing that time. There are some who’ve married when they were fifteen or sixteen, people whom I know personally. My cousin was married at seventeen and has kids at eighteen. But if she was thinking of it from her perspective, she will come to twenty five to be a good age for a woman precisely because she had been able to experience a little of life. As for men, maybe in their late twenties or early thirties probably. That is becuase the men mature late. Of course, there are a few that grow up fast.

Narrative Paragraph • Here you can tell your reader a story from beginning to end. You don't

have to imagine anything out of the ordinary - only tell the story, tell what happened. This alone usually allows the nervous writer to stop worrying about generating ideas, and to concentrate on organizing the events in the story being told.

• Know the information well. • Know the order in which things happened • Explain the setting/ place where things were happening. Good descriptions add a lot of life to

your narrative! • What is the MORAL OF THIS STORY? What lesson did you learn from it? • Make your sentences as interesting as possible • Organize all of this information in a way to show the beginning, the middle and the end of the


Bullyng by: Rossana Rodríguez •

The physical bullying abuse almost are in the High School and College. This happens when the agressor feels without security of himself and the only thing that makes him feel good is to attack another person who looks tiny and indefense to him. The movie show us this kind of bullying. The step-father goes and bit him just for not took in the right way the dishes. The person who always makes bullying it’s because they have been hurting for someone in his own house or in other school. That person always try to feel okey hurting other people.

• The bullying is a scape for people who were to hurted in other place. Is a way that

people use to get out of their anger. It’s a bad way to get away from their own dayli problems. People almost do it because they don’t think in the level of pain that could be for another person. A lot of people don’t know that are other ways to resolve their life and they do bullying for that reason.

Descriptive Paragraph • A descriptive paragraph colorfully describes a person,

place or thing. It allows you to imagine the way a person felt, heard or saw the object or location at a particular time regardless if the writer explains a real or imagined circumstance. Additionally, a descriptive paragraph gives readers a vivid image of a person, place or thing. This type of paragraph uses multiple sentences to convey a single clear image of a person, place or thing.

NICHOLAS VUJICIC: By: Katheleen Alvizures •

The life Nicholas is important. Nicholas is a happy person because always jock smiles on him, because your life no worries. Nicholas is a person fighter, because struggle for life, despite his disability Nicholas his a persona capable the achieve goals and dreams of the. Nicholas is a strong person because he lives’ without problems. Nicki happy with his family, because struggle for able to do what a normal person, for my life teachings towards is very important, teaches the value of life, of our body and our skills.

Example Paragraph • It paragraph show or support the topic

sentence with examples that are relatives with the topic. It examples could be experiences.

The people who I most admire By: Fernanda López Marcia Choz • My parents are the persons who I most admire because

the are my example of superation. They always have achived their goals. Since I was a little child they have always fought their dreams. One of their dreams was taht I studied in IGA and they achieve it. They are people who work hard. All their life they are worked hard and is a good example of they part to me. Work is a value that they teach to me. Because without it can’t achive our dreams. And they always say me” go run to your dreams! Perhaps I feel tired, perhaps I feel down my world they are always there for help me.

Process Paragraph

Meat for Lunch By: Sofía Gómez •

Meat is a principal food for a good lunch. Let me explain the best way to prepare it. First of all, you have to go to the market and ask to the butcher for the best and fresh meat. Second one we have to put in a container, while we have already all the condiments, The third step is to put in a blender a bit of oil, pieces of onion and garlic, cilantro, salt, meat´s season and liquefy. To continue with the next step we have to put the mix and the meat together and try that the meat absorb all the mix. The meat must rest with the mix for a considerable time to have a good taste. After that we have to prepare the grill for this. The last step is to give the cooking to the meat as like to us to eat the meat. Finally it is ready to seve with others delicious food. This is the way that I recommend to prepare a very delicious meat for lunch. Taste it !

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