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Softweb Solutions Inc. 2531 Technology Drive, Suite 312, Elgin, Illinois 60124 Toll-Free Number: 1-866-345-7638 Fax: 866-345-7638 Article Title: The Future of PHP Open Source Language Keywords: PHP Web Application Development, PHP MySQL Website Development Content: PHP is already a popular open source programming language. According to the recent surveys done, it is used in millions of domains and it is also supported by the majority of ISPs. PHP is considered as one of the finest and cost-effective tools for web development as it is an open source as well as it is flexible. Moreover, it has fast, reliable, and widely supported environment to run it successfully. The future versions of PHP plan to add some useful new additional features so as to make the PHP language more usable and more secured in some situations. The PHP team is all ready to release a new set of new features in PHP version 6. Previously, the focus of PHP V6 was to be on the implementation of the PHP engine as a Unicode-complaint engine. But now the next edition of PHP, that is, version 6 includes new features and syntax improvements that will make it easier to use from an object oriented standpoint. One of the effective features of PHP 6 is the support for Unicode strings in many of the core functions. Most of the people raise the question that why should they choose PHP beyond other better options available. If you are a beginner then PHP is just an excellent option for you to start with as it is an easy to understand language and most of the logics/things can be recognized by your own. And if you are an advanced experienced programmer, you may choose PHP because there are so many things that can be done with it. The two most important attributes of PHP are its flexibility and portability because of which it is the first choice amongst web developers. PHP is the programming language which you can run on almost every operating system in the world, and also its modification is possible according to the requirements. While other languages depends on the fact that having lots of components and tools limits their versatility. If we talk about support then PHP has an outstanding global community helping people to get answers to their related questions. Other benefits that can be obtained by PHP web development include – -

It supports multiple platforms and web servers


Supports MySQL, MS SQL and Oracle databases Supports XML, LDAP, IMAP and other IPs It can be extended via powerful app programming interface MVC framework support Rapid web development by its extensible features and powerful API

Developing Web apps by the help of PHP and MySQL delivers amazing results. We provide incredible PHP MySQL website development solutions with the help of our dedicated programmers. Contact us at, for more information or if you are looking for high quality PHP web development services with maximum ROI. Summary: PHP programming language has lots of benefits and it is expected by professionals that the future of PHP will be stable.

The Future of PHP Open Source Language  

PHP programming language has lots of benefits and it is expected by professionals that the future of PHP will be stable.

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