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Softweb Solutions Inc. 2531 Technology Drive, Suite 312, Elgin, Illinois 60124 Toll-Free Number: 1-866-345-7638 Fax: 866-345-7638 Article Title: Windows Target Release for the Year 2012 – SharePoint 15 Content: Microsoft is all set to release its new range of Office 15 products which also includes the next version of SharePoint – SharePoint 15. This release by Microsoft is expected by the end of the year 2012. According to the some independent sources, Microsoft is targeting to release this new version of SharePoint with major new features and enhancements. The new features and enhancements include – -

It will include a new SharePoint Apps Marketplace. The SharePoint applications will support multi-tenant installations so that hosting providers/SharePoint providers can make available the same set of apps to multiple clients. It is going to include a new education module that will make the product more competitive with Moodle – an open source course management system. It will also include information-rights-management document protection capabilities as a part of the base products.

For now, these features and enhancements are confirmed by Microsoft. It is expected that many more advanced features will be included in SharePoint when it will be launched. The technical Preview of Office 15 is already released which includes SharePoint 15 Tech preview too. The Technical Preview Interoperability Specification [API] of Office 15 can be easily downloaded now made available by Microsoft. Microsoft Company is heading towards big major releases this year. Along with the release of Office 15, we will also be seeing the launch of Windows 8 Operating System sometime in 2012 itself. Some of the sources are pointing that Office 15 will be released in the year 2013. But Microsoft itself has not confirmed anything regarding the release date yet. Moreover in the Office 15 suite, SharePoint 15 is referred as SharePoint 2013 consistently. Also the next version of SharePoint Designer is called as SharePoint Designer 2013. But still it is possible that SharePoint 2013 releases in 2012 year as SharePoint 2007 was released in 2006 previously. To know more about the actual confirmed release date and about the features that would be incorporated, we will have to wait till Microsoft makes any announcements.

The SharePoint solutions help companies to respond speedily to the business needs; provides collaborative environment and also increases productivity of the organizations. Softweb Solutions provides quality Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Services starting from planning to design to implementation. Contact us at to know more about our SharePoint services. Summary: SharePoint version 15 is going to release by Microsoft soon with the launch of Office 15. This article discusses about details about its launch and its new features and enhancements.

Windows Target Release for the Year 2012 – SharePoint 15