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New Blackberry 10 OS: A Ray of Hope RIM is working too hard behind investing for Blackberry10 OS and it is the top priority for the company at this point of time. It is all set to launch its first touch-screen smartphone and it will surely create a wave of excitement for Blackberry lovers. Blackberry is a prominent name in the smartphone industry and Blackberry devices has always been used by professionals and top level management since its launch. Blackberry seems to have been facing hard struggles in the smartphone world but Blackberry 10 brings fresh hopes for the brand. CEO Thorsten Heins made it quite clear in a recent radio program that RIM is definitely not on the verge of death. It's only in the midst of a transition phase which Blackberry will soon recover from. RIM's next new smartphone running Blackberry10 is expected to be launched somewhere later this year. The main attractions of the phone will be its camera, keyboard and app switching features. The predictive touch-screen keyboard and the awe-striking camera is not designed by RIM; the company is said to be purchasing this new technology from different European developers. The device will have an incredible UI allowing users to navigate smoothly through the phone and through its operating system. It's too early to say how the final user-experience will be like as a lot more work still needs to be done with the unique user interface. It was Blackberry that launched a Qwerty keypad and users are waiting in excitement to know how RIM plans to incorporate its keypad for a touch-screen keyboard, giving it the look and feel of iOS and Android devices. One of the main attraction of Blackberry10 phones will be Tom Tom Technology This technology will be utilized to design Blackberry Maps, Traffic and Blackberry Locate. This is the technology that is used by Apple for its iOS products. This technology will enable developers to design attractive mobile applications for Blackberry10 phones, especially related to traffic and map apps. This new technology is a boon for the vehicle management industry. It is suggested that Tom Tom's traffic information helps driver to choose the right route to reach their destinations and enable them to save a huge amount of their traveling time.

It is rumored that RIM has bought small firms whose technology will be leveraged for Blackberry phone's video sharing, web browsing and messaging facilities. Definitely, Blackberry 10 brings fresh new hopes for RIM and the company looks forward to launch its new phone with much fanfare. Softweb Solutions is a leading Mobile Application Development Company. We have a team of expert Blackberry Application Developers who are trained to design attractive and innovative applications for all Blackberry mobiles. For more details on Blackberry App Development, contact us at

New Blackberry 10 OS: A Ray of Hope