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Article Title: Magento 2: Blessing for Developers Summary: With the release of new version of Magento, many current issues evolving will be solved. New and improved features are expected to be added to it which are discussed below in this article. Content: Magento, an e-commerce platform for building e-commerce shopping carts has gained a good amount of attention since its initial release. This e-commerce open source offers complete flexibility and control over the content, appearance and the functions of the online system to the users. Magento technology has announced about the newer version of it, Magento 2 to release in upcoming year 2012. Magento 2 is going to be a complete rewriting of Magento in which the troubles faced in present version like database complexity, slow performance and other issues will be resolved. Other than this, few more features and improvements will be added to it. Such as; Improvement in product quality and security Performance and scalability improvement Improved support for multiple languages Enhanced modular architecture Clear processes and transparency Use of new HTML 5 markup language more consistently Improved education and product documentation useful for merchants and web developers Simpler customization process Improved coverage of web APIs

With these above listed features, Magento 2 will definitely have a gala entry ensuring more fantastic experience for web designers and developers. Looking at the features of it, developers are waiting for the release soon, though no clear date has been given for the release yet. It has been heard from the development team of Magento 2 that the speed of this upcoming e-commerce open source platform will be 20% faster than that of current stable version of Magento. Thought the present Magento also gives amazing user experience with its features to the users and developers, the next version Magento 2, will be really impressive with its improvements. With this e-commerce open source platform you can get developed customized online shopping carts as per the business requirements. For more information and consultancy to boost your e-commerce business, contact us at Keywords: E-commerce Open Source Platform, Magento Technology, E-commerce Platform

Magento 2: Blessing for Developers  

With the release of new version of Magento, many current issues evolving will be solved. New and improved features are expected to be added...

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