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iPhone’s a Cutting Edge Technology to Achieve Lifestyle Goals The technology for iPhone is vibrant and so, it facilitates many purposes. The iPhone can be effectively used for personal health- check by functioning as a personal trainer or acting as a diet coach. It is truly an effective tool, along with being a fancy phone with attractive features. Apple is one of the most praised innovators in the world and its iPhone is the most longed- for device among smartphone users. An iPhone is not an ordinary thing to own, it is a fancy phone with fancy uses. iPhone has changed the way people do business and seek entertainment. Apart from these uses, iPhone is now making drastic changes in the fields of medicine, personal health, agriculture, and many more. iPhone is an open platform and so third-party mobile developers can build exciting iPhone mobile applications which can increase the use of the iPhone in different areas of life. –Let us have a look what makes iPhone a part of our routine; iPhone as a smartphone iPhone’s touch-screen technology, GPS features, in-built multiple sensors, camera, and its special software is what gives iPhone an extra edge over other smartphones. Its in-built sensors itself can generate huge data for monitoring heart rate, monitoring work-outs through the accelerometer, and read barcodes with the help of its camera. The data collected through the iPhone’s external sensors is transferred onto the iPhone, and it is then analyzed with the help of specialized software. This data analysis helps to generate varied applications for the specific user regarding health check, doctor recommendations, etc. iPhone as a Diet Coach iPhone can be used to function as a personal diet coach. Firstly, the diet coach program asks a set of questions related to dietary habits such as food preferences, food allergies, medications, weight-loss objective, and the like. Depending on the user’s answers, the coach recommends a diet program based on nutritional benefits. The diet coach can also suggest food recipes according to the user’s diet restrictions and nutritional aspects. While in a restaurant, the diet coach can provide help with menu selection too. The diet coach can assimilate data related to user performance through the camera on the iPhone, which can scan the barcode for the food which is purchased or consumed. This information can be utilized to keep a check on what food is consumed, and whether it will help to achieve the nutritional goals or not.

iPhone for personal trainer iPhone can be used to work as a physical trainer to improve one’s health with the help of related applications. The program is first installed on a computer and important fitness questions are answered. The program then creates a training program to achieve the health goals. The iPhone is then integrated with the computer and taken to a gym. The user can launch the training program and exercise. The program keeps a check on the person’s heart rate, blood pressure, and other parameters with the help of its sensors. It can also provide suggestions for the exercise to be performed. These are just some of the ways in which the iPhone can be creatively used; the iPhone can be put to other creative uses too with the wide array of iPhone mobile applications available in the market. Softweb Solutions is a Mobile Application Development Company that provides innovative applications for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android devices. We have a team of expert iPhone application developers who can provide customized iPhone mobile applications to meet your business requirements. For more details on iPhone Application Development, contact us at

iPhone's a Cutting Edge Technology to Achieve Lifestyle Goals  

The technology for iPhone is vibrant and so, it facilitates many purposes. The iPhone can be effectively used for personal health- check by...

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