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Game Application Development Market Dominates the Mobile App Market The demand and importance of game apps in the smartphones is increasing nowadays. This is the main area of discussion in this article. As smartphone has become the basic necessity today and mobile applications have become the most important thing to have in the smartphones. Mobile applications hold a lot of importance as it has opened up new dimensions of communication, learning, location tracing, and various other things. This has resulted to somewhat sudden boom in the mobile application development market. According to various latest studies, it has been concluded that Mobile games are the most popular type of applications amongst the smartphone users worldwide. Amongst all smartphone users more than 60% of users download games from various App Stores in their mobile devices. The rate of music apps download is surprisingly less than that of games apps.

On most popular smartphones today like Google’s Android, Apple’s iPhone, RIM’s Blackberry, etc, games are the most popular apps to have. The game apps can encompass variety of field which can be useful too like some educational games, etc. Moreover, most of the smartphone users prefer to pay for game applications if needed compared to other apps like news apps, etc. Amongst the three mobile giants companies, Apple users are on the top of the mobile game apps download list. It has been found that Apple users spend average 14-15 hours on game applications in a month and Android users spends about 9-10 hours. The game applications are gaining popularity also because of incorporation of high quality graphics, animations, and sounds. This always play an important role to represent the game better and attract more and more users. Today, increasing number of application development companies are getting engaged in to game application development market majorly because of two important reasons – -

The younger generation is more game accustomed and affectionate than the previous generation. It has become necessary to survive in mobile market competition. A mobile device is considered more interesting with games inside it by the younger generation users.

Also, all around the world the maximum number of smartphone users consists of young generation. So it has become necessary to deliver attractive and interactive apps for the app development companies to keep the mobile users engaged with their apps. Also, the increase in the importance of game apps has given these companies and game application developers a new opening of presenting their creativity and inventive ideas to the world thru their apps. Softweb Solutions is a leading mobile application development Company and we have a creative team of professionals for providing exceptionally high quality 2D and 3D game applications. To discuss a game concept for ipad game development, android game development and other mobile application development, contact us at

Game Application Development Market Dominates the Mobile App Market