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Digital Catalog for the iPad: How it makes a difference to Business Product catalog gives a life-like picture of the products and appears to be real that fascinates the customers. It avoids the need to carry printed catalogs or a real product to communicate with potential clients. Product catalog for the iPad is widely used these days to enhance business opportunities. Every business thrives on customer satisfaction. In this age where customer is considered to be king, businesses strive to make itself available to the customers all the time. The increased use of computer tablets and smartphones has transformed the business processes and a digital catalog becomes inevitable to sustain in this world of cut-throat competition. Digital catalog is an excellent way to create a powerful brand image and promote the brand online. There are many uses of a digital catalog that are useful to businesses – 1) An iPad product catalog application proves to be a beneficial tool for marketing the products and services offered by the company. A digital product catalog is a costeffective way of marketing as compared to other forms of promotion and it saves the printing and distribution cost incurred on product catalog. 2) Any product catalog app on an iPad or other mobile platforms has the potential to reach out to a wider clientele across the globe and can bring more business to the firm. 3) During business meeting, product catalog conveys an air of professionalism to the clients and it helps in creating a strong brand image. The message - the company means business- is communicated to the clients. Product catalog is a boon to sales presentations. 4) An iPad product catalog is customer-friendly as the customer can have an easy access to it anytime and anywhere in the world. 5) Digital catalog can have eCommerce feature integrated into it. This facilitates the user to make a purchase while browsing through the product page. 6) Product catalog and the social media networks can work together to promote the brand through the powerful medium of the word of mouth. Customers can share their enriching

experience with a particular product catalog on the various social networks like Facebook and Twitter. This will be an added publicity for the brand and help to attract more customers. 7) Product catalog is the most modern and updated way to promote sales and communicate with your customers. It is the recent trend for brand promotion and strengthening product sales. Product catalog is an attractive way of presentation that is sure to create an impression on the customers. It presents product information in an exciting fashion that helps to keep the customers engaged and curious. Softweb Solutions is a leading Mobile Application Development Company that provides innovative mobile catalog application development. We have a team of expert developers who can design attractive catalog apps to meet your unique business need. For more information on Product Catalog Application Development and iPad Application Developers, contact us at

Digital Catalog for the iPad: How it makes a difference to Business