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Different Ways to Utilize Twitter Analysis in an Effective Manner

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Twitter has become an important tool for promoting businesses online. In this article; we have mentioned different ways to utilize Twitter analysis on this social networking site.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) has given much needed push to the organizations; which helps them to promote their brand effectively. Facebook and Twitter are two pillars of social media marketing. We have already discussed different ways to promote your brand effectively through these social media vehicles. In this article; we focus our attention on utilizing Twitter analysis for driving positive results for the organizations. We are aware of the fact that; Twitter is very helpful in:

ď ś Knowing different people ď ś Establishing contacts with linked-minded individuals ď ś Using followers

Twitter is far more focused and business-oriented than Facebook; because it provides business and social information of the member in an easy-to-follow format. The discussion and the conversation on this social networking site happens real time hence; it delivers instant gratification to the organizations. But if there are lots of followers from different zones, then it becomes very difficult to track the most effective time and way of conversation. Here; analysis plays a very important role in understanding the needs of your audience; and track their activities in a way which ultimately helps your brand. So, the million dollar question is how to use Twitter analysis in an effective manner. This article will help you utilize this

feature effectively. Let us now look at different ways to utilize Twitter analysis for positive brand building exercise:

Add a plus to links: If you are utilizing a Twitter tool like TweetDeck that uses links then you can add “+” at the end of the link. You can do this by going through the timeline and pulling out links. Then paste the link that you get on your browser and add “+” on the end. This will enable you to see the conversation history, clicks and other analysis about the link. It also helps you to measure the effectiveness of your tweet and also helps in analyzing the competitor’s tweets. You can see how other members are faring by clicking on “+” symbol.

Compare old tweets with new ones: Once you have pulled out the old tweets, compare them with the new ones. This will help you understand how you faired in the old tweets and how much you have improved in generating curiosity amongst other members. You can always try to change the content and compare old tweets with the recent one. But please note, that you only have 140 characters to display hence; be very concise. You can always get insights about: number of clicks on the older tweet versus the recent one, the time duration when majority of the people clicked on a particular tweet, and categorizing the people who click on everything and those who do not. These insights will take you a long way in understanding the perspective of your audience and make you a better Twitter user.

Use Twitter scheduling service: Comparing your old tweets with the new ones will enable you to respond effectively to the followers. But if the followers are in a different time zone; it becomes very difficult to respond to them. Hence; it is important to use any Twitter scheduling service to learn about the effectively

posting tweets throughout different parts of the day. This will help you in learning more about the followers, who respond more frequently in a particular country. For ex; if you learn that the biggest response of your tweets comes from New Zealand you can schedule your tweets accordingly to get maximum results out of the online interaction.

Once you utilize these three things in an aggregate manner; the tweets will get more response, and will help you in building positive brand reputation online. Do you think there are any other analytic tools which can be used to effectively utilize Twitter? If your answer is yes; post your comments and feedback now to a social media

expert .

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Different Ways to Utilize Twitter Analysis in an Effective Manner  
Different Ways to Utilize Twitter Analysis in an Effective Manner  

Twitter has become an important tool for promoting businesses online. In this article; we have mentioned different ways to utilize Twitter a...