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Covidien Case Study Background Covidien is dedicated to innovation and growth of healthcare products. With $10 billion global healthcare products, they are passionate about the medical professionals like doctors, nurses and other staff. Covidien builds advanced medical solutions for better patient outcomes and provides value through clinical leadership and excellence. Covidien identifies the clinical needs from their market research and translates them into proven products and procedures. They have a number of medical advances such as Electrosurgery, surgical stapling, pulse oximetry, laparoscopic instrumentation and embolization devices. They were in need of an iPad application that enables them to collaborate with leading healthcare industry. They expected an efficiently, expertly, and effectively implemented iPad application which displays the various aspects of ICU and NICU.

Business Situation The client, Covidien needed an iPad application that enables them to collaborate with leading healthcare industry professionals. They expected an efficient, expert, and effectively implemented iPad application which displays the various aspects of ICU and NICU to address their customers’ business needs and imperatives. To cope up with all extensive product lines, spanning medical devices, and medical supplies. This would lead to serve healthcare requirements in hospitals, long-term care and alternate care facilities, and doctors’ offices.

Business Solution: It turned out clear that there was no "off-the-shelf" method that could satisfy the client's requirements. Therefore, Softweb has created an iPad solution, which leads to an effective communication within the hospital between staff, physicians, and caregivers. The iPad solution provided by Softweb has played a vital role with a powerful blend of features like Overview, Clinical Outcomes, Tools and Features, Virtual Tour, GUI Simulator, and Resources to Covidien health care services. A core feature of the app is a 360-degree showcase of Covidien's Ventilator. Softweb provided invasive and noninvasive information to Covidien’s patients from neonates to adults across hospital care, home care, and transport. The Softweb comprehensive ventilation iPad app assists clinicians to improve the feature, and outcomes of patient care. The iPad app showcases the various aspects of ICU and NICU.


Results Reducing the need for invasive ventilator support and improving mechanical ventilation through informational catalog. Higher productivity and efficiency – Real-time information sharing across a complete chain of patient ventilator support, reduced the delay in information being received. Provides up-to-date information to clinicians who often turn to sedation to improve patient comfort and distress. Anytime patient care – Enabling Proactive services on the app allows patients to be in touch with the physicians for any emergency services.

Technologies ? Operating System : iOS 4.3 and above ? Language : Objective C ? Tools : xCode ? Device Support : iPad

The iPad app is developed to take advantage of the latest technology available in the healthcare industry. Designed to provide the practitioner with a rapid and easy way to preliminary ventilator settings information, and a fast way to correct settings to tailor the ventilator to the specific patient’s condition.

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