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Case Study Delivering a mobile app for retailers to access and analyze store sales and footfall Challenge ShopperTrak is the world’s largest provider of retail and mall footfall counting services. The company already had an existing Managed Service offering. The challenge was to provide its users – retail chains and stores, all this data from this existing service on a mobile platform in a user friendly format. ShopperTrak wanted to give its customers a tool that would lead to a better understanding of conversion rates in easy to understand formats. Store managers especially needed this data to keep track of which days are good days in terms of footfall for their marketing campaigns. The ShopperTrak app now makes it possible for ShopperTrak customers to access all their store data such as footfall and sales from an iPhone or iPad. The app also supplies free weekly footfall reports from the major U.S. markets for subscribers who are not paid members of the service.

Background ShopperTrak provides intelligence solutions enabling retail companies to count and benchmark their footfall. This helps retailers to implement solutions that increase their store and staff performance. ShopperTrak has installed 60,000 units for over 750 global brands across 90 countries. This has made the company a leading provider of information on the movement of shoppers in retail environments. It is an important partner for retail chains and mall owners in understanding traffic patterns.



CUSTOMER STORE FOOTFALL Solutions Softweb Solutions delivered a mobile app that works on the iPad and iPhone. The app is available in eight languages. The app’s main feature is that it provides information on customer store footfall. This helps the store manager to decide how to allocate staff based on footfall, compare conversion rates and compare data for different dates.



Case Study Features The ShopperTrak app now gives retail executives an accurate insight because of the app’s easy-to-understand features. O

Information on the peak traffic times that occur during the week


Getting hourly traffic updates with hourly transaction data


Identifying traffic patterns, transactions and conversions


Measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns


Ability to compare data for the last six months


Able to generate and send reports via email


Key metrics are displayed in a graphical format


Free business analysis sample report for five major markets

Summary ShopperTrak wanted to give its customers the ability to check traffic patterns, transactions and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns on a mobile platform. Softweb Solutions developed an iOS-based app that fulfills ShopperTrak’s promise of traffic data in real-time. The app also supplies ShopperTrak’s popular information service, The Traffic Report, to unpaid subscribers.

Business Benefits The app gives the clients who already have ShopperTrak accounts access to various shoppers-related reports from the facility of their choosing. The system works on the nth level user access principle which allows the admin to assign multiple client roles based on requirements. The Traffic Report, which is refreshed weekly, gives an estimate of the region-specific year over year growth in shoppers entering stores. This feature is also available to the unpaid subscribers of the service. Store managers and mall executives can see the data in user-friendly formats and quickly analyze the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, shopper conversion and decide on staff requirements.

Contact Information Technologies Used O O O O O O O O

Architecture: 3 tier Language: Objective - C Middleware: Web Service Third-party tool: FusionChatrts Service: Web service developed in JAVA Tools: Xcode 4.6, iOS Simulator , Oracle Database (Back End) Operating System: iOS (4.3 and Later.) Languages support: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

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Delivering a mobile app for retailers to access and analyze store sales and footfall