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Too Tough to Woo My Tester!! Trying Times This Valentine Day!!!!

Big Data Testing

This Is Huge. This Is Big Data. But All I Want Is My Valentine on The Big Day! Big Data Testing

BI Testing

Love Is Not a Mind Game, Business Intelligence to Analyze My Tester’s Heart! BI Testing

Fintech & BFSI Testing Finance, Not Exactly My Cup of Tea This Is Do or Die Love Pushes Me to Test My Own Limits! Fintech & BFSI Testing

XP Testing Extreme Programming. Where Testing Is a Part of The Deal, Isn’t It? Collaborations Between Programmers & Testers; Now We Are Talking! XP Testing

Agile Testing As Fast as You Can for Me, Mr Cupid! Being A Team, Made For Each Other! Agile Testing

Cloud Testing

Just A Hint from My Tester Would Mean Being on Cloud Nine! Don’t Know If That Is in Store as Yet or Not! Cloud Testing

Crowdsource Testing Spotting My Valentine in The Crowd! When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going!!! Crowdsource Testing

API Testing

Interfacing to The Core Application Logic Is Really Not What I Want! Anything for Interfacing into My Tester’s Heart!! API Testing

Automation Testing Ahaa, I Don’t Care If It Is Manual or Automatic, Cupid Needs to Be Trained to My Advantage!!


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Too tough to WOO my Tester! Tough times this Valentine’s day!!  

My Tester’s Bucket List I know, a bucket list is supposed to be something else but for me there is nothing more than my tester. All I need t...

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