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What is Spiral Model? Advantages and Disadvantages of Spiral Model Spiral Model is highly use in IT companies. This model involves strategies, which is combination ofincremental and prototype models. This Spiral Model is best to use for large projects which required more management and planning.

Spiral Model’s phases are: 

Planning phase

Risk analysis phase

Engineering phase

Evaluation phase

Planning In planning phase gathering the requirement and analysis on it. Performed major task like reviewing the requirement, identifying necessary resources and work environment. The deliverables will be a system requirement specification and business requirement specification documents.

Risk analysis The risk analysis phase focused on the risk and alternate solutions, trying to find out technical as well as management risk. After risk found perform the activities to finalized risk. Engineering Phase In this phase basically performed development and testing where actual work product made. The deliverables for the engineering phase will be source code, design documents, test cases, test summary,defect report etc. Evaluation Customer’s involvement take placed in this Evaluation phase. Customer evaluates the work product and ensures that product meets all requirements if any changes required to the customer in product, again all phases will be repeated. It is important to get feedback fro the customer before releasing the product.

Advantages of Spiral Development Model 

Spiral Model mostly concentrates on risk analysis.

Most useful for large and risk projects.

Spiral Model used if requirement changing frequently.

Focused model for all phases.

Customer evaluation phase made this model useful.

Disadvantages of Spiral Development Model 

For risk analysis phase required expert person to make analysis.

Not useful for small projects.

Project duration and cost could be infinite because of spiral feature.

Documentation could be lengthy.

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