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Our acclaimed Best Practice Software Procurement Training Course delivers real value— it will benefit you in 2 key ways: • Reduce your software costs • Reduce your business risk

Poorly negotiated software and services deals cost €/£millions extra to large organisations annually

During a downturn, software suppliers will be even more aggressive as they protect and consolidate their revenues

Software sales people are very good at what they do - they are well trained and experienced in setting up the negotiations so that they win • You need to be well prepared for those negotiations—we can give you the right tools and techniques to turn the negotiations to your advantage

Software contract “gotchas” cost extra €millions to large organisations annually: • • •

Software suppliers use short-term pricing to entice you … and then “lock you in” Licensing policies and metrics are hugely onerous; breach the usage policies and you are liable to supplier claims, potential litigation and significant extra costs Supplier software audits, if invoked, can result in business disruption and exceptional additional costs Once the deal is done, high switching costs result in an effective supply monopoly— software support charges can be increased by the supplier at will and charges for reinstatement of lapsed support can be whatever the supplier decides

You generally have one chance to get it right … before you sign the contract

..covered all aspects of software procurement and I especially like the way it was linked back into negotiation strategies." Senior IT Services Buyer, Royal Bank of Scotland

"I liked Ray’s expert knowledge of the subject matter and the way in which this was supported with real world examples. Excellent course material and r eference materials"

Ken Wilkinson, eircom

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Get the right training to get the right software deals

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Software Procurement Masterclass Software Procurement Best Practice Training by A Software Procurement Expert “The best practice software procurement course

was particularly valuable in that it covered a broad breadth of relevant content. I will certainly be rolling out some of the best practice tools.'“ Mike Gurr, Head of Procurement, BT Procurement and Supply Chain

“I would recommend this course to anyone involved in software procurement “ Dan Ware, M.Sc., MCIPS Procurement Consultant, the Co-op Group

negotiation consulting training in-project support

training in-project support

Software procurement deals are complex and varied and they are seldom negotiated to the customer’s best advantage. If you get it wrong, the consequences can be disastrous.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Enhance your software buying capabilities, reduce costs and manage your risk •

The Standish Group Chaos Report in 2009 found that • 24% of software projects were cancelled before completion • 44% of software projects were delivered late, over budget and/or with less than the required features and functions • Only 32% of software projects were completed on time and within budget The diagram below shows the classic stages in a typical problematic large software project. The power sits with the buyer until the contract is signed — and then it switches! If you do not leverage that power while it sits with you, the consequences can be disastrous. We can show you how to leverage your power to get the best deals.

Software procurement is complex and expert software buyers are thin on the ground The business landscape is strewn with examples of organisations that failed to prepare properly for big ticket software negotiations … and paid the price Well-skilled software buyers and knowledgeable IT personnel will swing the balance in your favour during the negotiation process We can upskill IT and Procurement personnel in the intricacies of software and related services procurement

CONSULTANCY We can help you negotiate with your




deliver real savings as well as managing the risk that is inherent in




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We have provided big ticket software procurement training, coaching and consulting to such organisations as Barclays plc, Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest, Aviva, Co-Op Bank, Reuters, BT, BAA plc, AIB, Eircom, Heineken Ireland, Irish Rail, Capgemini and Telefonica O2.

T he Lifecycle of a T ypical Problematic Large Software Project

Buyer Dominance

Contract Signing

Drawing on our broad experience over

Scope creep

Presentations etc.

Com m ercial challenges


Procurement training will help you

If “Go”, supplier dom inance asserted; if “No Go”, m ajor costs w rite-off

G o/No go assessm ent

Hibernian, Co-Op

and O2, our Best Practice Software

Project on hold w hile business case review ed

Business case review


Bank, Reuters, BT, BAA plc, Eircom

First slippages occur

Supplier Delivery Slippages

De velop & agree business case

Barclays plc, Royal Bank of Scotland,

Extra costs create business case uncertainty

Supplier E valuation Supplier Proposals

many years with such organisations as

Significant expansion of scope

Deep specification

Approach m arket (RFI/RFP)

Supplier Dominance

Specification gaps uncovered

T eam m obilisation

Supplier Negotiation


Resourcing problem s arise

Peak of Buyer Dom inance

prepare better for and deliver more value in your software negotiations.

Tim e Supplier dom inant in project renegotiation

Supplier renegotiation

Supplier re-engagem ent at significant additional cost

Project re-plan Project delivery Bespoke support and

Supplier re-engagem ent Trough of Supplier Dom inance


Support & Maintenance

Go Live

Further slippages as project is re-planned


ve rsion retrofit costs are heavy o ver tim e

SUP PORT Late, costly delivery erode Hostage to uplifts in planned business benefits support charges

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Strategic Computing Limited Georgian House, Holly Park Newtownpark Avenue Blackrock, Co. Dublin Ireland Tel: (+353) (0)87 280 9276 E-mail:

"I learned more in one day than on 3-day training courses I had previously attended" Senior Buyer, BT "I learned a lot about the real issues around software procurement. Excellent course and delivery in-house was very convenient." Senior IT Manager from large UK Corporation

I N- P R O J E CT S U PP O R T We are very comfortable working as embedded members of your project team across the project lifecycle and

"The course was excellent and the course presenter had great experience and credibility" Al Larragy, eircom


“Masses of useful information and techniques”

Alternatively, we can provide virtual

Senior Software Buyer, Royal Bank of Scotland "The best aspect was the knowledge and first-hand experience of the presenter. A very detailed and well-presented course." IT Procurement Manager, British Airways




been a cornerstone of our value delivery





support via web, email, phone etc. or come





project phase activities, as required.

Software Procurement Masterclass  

This one- or two-day course delivers best practice training in big ticket software procurement, covering such topics as contract and commer...