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Software Customer Training

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How it Works:The Software Customer Training team has developed a unique, enterprise level eCommerce and business learning and training management system. It is designed so that anyone can successfully use it without any special IT configurations or complicated and expensive hardware setup. We spent over 10 years perfecting this system and have 650 companies worldwide who we are proud to say have earned their business month in, month out.

Software Customer Training We can help We understand. It can be paralyzing with so many decisions to make. Here’s what we suggest. Whether you’re implementing customer training, employee training or something in between, we can help. Create and Launch quick product Get one of the most powerful extended enterprise learning management platforms complete with API’s, SSO,authoring, quizzing, surveys, discussion boards, training paths and more. Digital Training Ecommerce Whether you’re looking to train staff, educate users, develop lasting customer relations or just take over the world of digital ecommerce, we have the best enterpriselevel ecommerce platform for you.




What can you do with Software Customer Training?

Software Customer Training Customer Education Builds Your Brand With Software Customer Training, you can easily 1) Create content from pretty much any files you have or ask us 2) Integrate it into your existing ecosystem with SSO, API’s 3) Preserve your strong brand and even extend it

4) Deliver training content on any device

Importance of Service     

Maintains qualified products / services Achieves high service standards Provides information for new comers Refreshes memory of old employees Achieves learning about new things; technology, products / service delivery  Reduces mistakes - minimizing costs  Opportunity for staff to feedback / suggest improvements  Improves communication & relationships - better teamwork

Benefits of Service  Most training is targeted to ensure trainees “learn” something they apply to their job.

No hidden cost

Higher Employee Motivation & Engagement improved Customer Service Skills

Train Better

Save Money

Key Benefits of Customer Service Training Programs

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Five Principles of Service  Participation: involve trainees, learn by doing  Repetition: repeat ideas & concepts to help people learn  Relevance: learn better when material is meaningful and related  Transference: to real world using simulations  Feedback: ask for it and adjust training methods to audience.

Nine Steps in the Service Process 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Assessing training needs Preparing training plan Specifying training objectives Designing the training program(s) Selecting the instructional methods Completing the training plan Implementing the training program Evaluating the training Planning future training

Software Customer Training

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Software customer training  

Software Customer Training is the fastest way to build a customer training business. We help software companies grow with better customer tr...

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