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Message from Mohamed Software AG successfully closes Q3 and opens doors to new possibilities in Q4 It has been little over a month since Software AG opened the doors of its new Bryanston home. I would like to give a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all employees that attended and contributed to the success and energy of the launch event. I hope that, like our office, you are powered you up for last quarter of this year, which we believe will be even more prosperous than Q3. We already are seeing the new energy, engagement and commitment pay off. We performed well in Q3 and expect to perform even better in Q4. While I am unable to yet share specific numbers with you since we are still in a quiet period until we officially announce our result, the graph reflects that your dedication and hard work is resulting in growth in new licences revenue.

I would also like to give a warm welcome to Andre van Wyk and Gerald van Rooyen who recently joined the Software AG sales team. Both joins Software AG as Regional Sales Managers in the Corporate Sector Sales Team. Their focus collectively spans across Telco and Media, Industrial, Retail and Logistics as well as Construction and Healthcare.

Congratulations to Andre van Wyk for closing the Multichoice deal, as well as securing the new customer, Internet Solutions. A big ‘thank you’ also goes out to Gayle Simpson for a great performance in Q2 and Q3 with ETS license deals. Thank you to everyone who has made 2013 a year filled with successes for Software AG. Kind regards, Mohamed Cassoojee

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Software AG in the Local Headlines Don't Just Exercise Your Brain at Work A New Chapter in Software AG’s Book A Winning Partnership Interesting IT Name the Newsletter Software AG's new newsletter needs a name, and who better to ask for creative suggestions than our own innovative staff? Not only will you receive the honour of naming this brand new communiqué, but you will also win a Software AG-branded Solar tree. This modern, yet eco-friendly product displayed as a trophy on your desk, is sure to make some colleagues green with envy. So make sure you get your suggestions to Zareen via email: before 31 October to stand a chance to win. The winner will be announced in the next newsletter. Good luck!

October Software AG’s Innovation World What do airlines, dairy farms, banks, telecoms and healthcare companies have in common? They need to go digital – leaders from over 15 industries and 35 countries meet to discuss the road to the Digital Enterprise at Software AG's global user conference, in San Francisco. Read more September Software AG launches Global Universities Idea Contest for CeBIT 2014 Software AG’s University Relations department is inviting students and faculty members worldwide to create a showcase project for next year’s CeBIT. Read more

Software AG in the Local Headlines In the month of September, Software AG received the following editorial coverage in the local news. Software AG opens new doors for business and client growth Read article Software AG expects growth with new premises Read article Big guns spend big cash Read article Bryanston’s growing commercial node Read article Africa’s top cloud service providers Read article Meet the Channel: Mohamed Cassoojee Read article

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A new chapter in Software AG’s book Software AG has relaunched its South African Facebook profile. All the photos (click here to view) taken at the office opening in September have been uploaded on the new profile. The Office launch video also uploaded on YouTube, is also there for you to watch and share. Please feel free to go and have a look at Software AG’s new online home and give us a like when you visit the new page by clicking here

October Events

Innovation World 2013, 8 – 10 October, San Francisco, CA, United States Innovation World is one super-sized global event for anyone driven to leverage the Software AG Suite, from ARIS and webMethods to Terracotta and AdabasNatural. The event provides the vision & insight needed to transform to a digital enterprise. Click here to read an update Theo Priestley, Software AG’s Chief Evangelist, shared on the blog while at the event.

GovTech, 20 – 23 October, Cape Town, South Africa GovTech 2013, SITA's 8th annual conference, is held for all those involved in delivering ICT solutions to the Public Service. This year's focus is on Innovation. Software AG South Africa is a sponsor of this prestigious event. Visit us at our stand for some insight into how we approach innovation. Read more

A Winning Partnership Software AG Sales would like to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to Odette Barnard and the Sales Operations team for their consistent, efficient support. “Odette was intricately involved in shaping the deal for Multichoice. She continuously needed to updated Products, Pricing and Payment Terms as the negotiations ran closer to Quarter-End. Ultimately, Odette published the final contracts on Monday 30th September around 1:30 and the client signed at 4:59PM. This shows that collaboration and relevant involvement throughout the process produced the results.” Riaaz Jeena, Sales Director (Mining)

When Marty McFly travelled to the year 2015 in the famous “Back to the Future” trilogy, inventions like hovercrafts seemed fantastical inventions of the imagination. Living in 2013, we might not be aware that these inventions are becoming a reality. You don’t need a time machine to travel to the future to experience some of the futuristic technology displayed in the movie….. Because the future is now. Click on the video link below to see what 2013 technology already looks like: The Future is now This publication is for internal use only

Don't Just Exercise Your Brain at Work Summer is on its way and everyone is starting to think about shedding the winter insolation and shaping for the season ahead. But spending 8 to 9 hours every day in the office, mostly sitting on your chair, makes the challenge even harder. Or does it? Here are some secret exercise tips you can do at the office.

Make the most of your commute Walk or bike to work. If you ride the bus or take the taxi, get off a few blocks early or at an earlier stop than usual and walk the rest of the way. If you drive to work, park at the far end of the parking lot — or park in the lot for a nearby building. In your building, take the stairs rather than the elevator.

Look for opportunities to stand You'll burn more calories standing than sitting. Stand while talking on the phone. Better yet, try a standing desk — or improvise with a high table or counter. Eat lunch standing up. Trade instant messaging and phone calls for walks to other desks or offices.

Take fitness breaks Rather than hanging out in the lounge with coffee or a snack, take a brisk walk or do some gentle stretching. For example, face straight ahead, then lower your chin to your chest. Or, while standing, grab one of your ankles — or your pant leg — and bring it up toward your buttock. Hold each stretch for 15 to 30 seconds.

Trade your office chair for a fitness ball Consider trading your desk chair for a firmly inflated fitness or stability ball, as long as you're able to safely balance on the ball. You'll improve your balance and tone your core muscles while sitting at your desk. You can even use the fitness ball for wall squats or other workplace exercises during the day.

Keep fitness equipment in your work area Store resistance bands — stretchy cords or tubes that offer weight-like resistance when you pull on them — or small hand weights in a desk drawer or cabinet. Do arm curls between meetings or tasks. Click here for more tips

October Staff Birthdays Software AG wishes the following staff members a very happy and blessed birthday this month:




Juanel Fourie


Sharon Reid


Gayle Simpson


Richard Paton


Bennie Goedhals

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