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Usb Microscope: Factors when Purchasing a Microscope Usb Microscope Suggestions A microscope is an instrument used to view objects which are too small to be seen through the naked eye. The first ever microscope was developed in the 1500s when glasses from telescopes were used to view small objects. Galileo also contributed in the development of microscope which was later referred to as the compound microscope. Meanwhile scientists Robert Hook and Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek were the first people to use the instrument in viewing biological objects and this help popularized the instrument further. After that, there were many scientists who followed their path and this helped modernized the instrument further more when manufacturers began modernizing the microscope. Today, there are not just one type of microscope available in the market but there are dozens of these instruments which can be used in different fields other than biology. What to Consider When Buying a Microscope When planning to buy a microscope, it is very crucial to treat the instrument as a big deal because these things do not come cheap. When buying, consider your needs first. This will help you avoid purchasing the wrong apparatus. For instance, if you are only using it to study insects, bugs, leaves, and gems the instrument you should purchase is a stereo microscope. For a much advanced research such as studying blood, cells, and other types of small objects the microscope you should purchase is a compound microscope since this instrument can magnify objects several times. In addition, you should also consider features in these instruments which you will find useful in your research. For instance, there are microscopes which can be connected to personal computers via USB. This is very effective when you are viewing several specimens in a day. With the help of a USB connector, you can now store images of your research in your PC. Lastly, make sure that the construction is strong. Although fragile, it must possess certain degree of durability. Since this is considered an investment, it is important that the microscope can last a lifetime. But since wear and tear cannot be avoided even in this delicate instrument, it would be wise to consider a warranty from the manufacturer in case something is broken along your research. Buying a microscope can be confusing especially to the uninitiated or for first time buyers which is why it is important to read and study the different aspects of the instrument. When a person is able to understand the whole equipment and how it functions, that is the time he will be able to purchase the correct microscope. Digital Microscope Usb Below are important categories which you need to consider very well if you want to make the right choice.

Compound or Stereo Compound microscopes are used in advanced applications due to the high levels of magnification it provides. They are used to study blood samples, bacteria, and other small specimens because these require high powers of magnification. Compound microscopes have 3 to 5 lenses which are capable of viewing specimens up to 100x. On the other hand, stereo microscopes are used only to view small objects like leaves, rocks, gems, and insects. Stereo microscopes when compared to compound microscopes is just average. Their lenses have range from 6.5x to 40x. Quality It is important to take into account the quality of the instrument. This is to avoid spending huge money on mediocre instruments. Microscopes with amazing quality are those made in Germany and Japan. They are sought after in the market because of their quality however, you have to spend premium on these instruments. If you have limited budget, you can still find affordable instruments with quality. However, expect less features on these ones since you are only paying a fraction of the cost of a high end microscope. Apart from the construction, you should also consider other features’ qualities. For instance, consider the optical quality of the instrument. This can be determined by assessing the quality of the objective lenses and the quality of the eye pieces. For example, an achromatic lens is already enough because it can correct colors and enhance images of the specimens. However, there is a much higher lens than the achromatic called plan objectives and this is used in advanced applications because they produce quality and flatter images. After sales Service To get the best value ask for a warranty. A good instrument must come with a warranty from the manufacturer or distributor. A warranty is good if you are purchasing over the internet. This will safeguard your purchase especially during shipment.

Usb Microscope: Factors when Purchasing a Microscope  
Usb Microscope: Factors when Purchasing a Microscope  

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