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Who We Are SoftTechnics is an innovative US IT company specializing in system programming and web development, with premiumclass delivery centers located in Ukraine. By utilizing our well established channels of professional IT resources we are always striving to be our customers’ one source for all the IT services they need, now and in future. SoftTechnics commitment to the highest standards in all stages of cooperation has enabled us to build our reputation as a professional, reliable business partner. Our experienced management, high level corporate culture and solidly organized business processes produce optimal, innovative solutions which get implemented successfully.


Mission SoftTechnics mission statement and values guarantees great accomplishments and steady success in the IT field through fine-tuned company decision-making. At SoftTechnics we strive to provide our clients with TOP quality IT services, empowering them to achieve business goals with maximum profitability, cost-effectiveness and optimal efficiency to expand their potential and opportunities. The fulfillment of this mission depends on our talented experts: software engineers who have in-depth high-tech expertise and find the best solutions to meet client requirements. SoftTechnics professional, congenial environment facilitates extraordinary and distinctive results from our finest experts and promising recruits; inspiring everyone to be creative.




Corporate Values 1. Success is achieved through high-level services rendered by skillful experts. 2. Understanding and complying with client’s requirements. 3. Striving to meet client’s needs in the most comprehensive way. 4. Constant quality improvements to maximize the client’s satisfaction. 5. Building lasting collaboration with and loyalty from our clients.


Web Development SoftTechnics web development experts inject new flows and efficiency into your daily site operation routines. Our expertise in complex corporate / enterprise web development and sophisticated portal site development builds robust, flexible, scalable and effective web projects. SoftTechnics is a top-rated web developer, offering scalable web-based services to enterprises of any size, across all verticals: high tech, retail, services, real estate, finance, medical - whatever you specialize in. Our highly professional web designers and engineers have custom-built a vast range of deeply enriching, creatively designed websites with sophisticated web applications. We have insight-driven teams who strive to deeply understand our customers and achieve all their performance objectives.


Web portals


In SoftTechnics we develop scalable horizontal and vertical portals but with a greater experience in dedicated businesses portals. Standard portal authorization functionality is reinforced by providing with search engine optimization, business-logic and user friendly interfaces also synergetic due to stylish-tailored design.

The concept of e-commerce is about using the Internet to do business better and faster. It is about integrating your Web site: • At SoftTechnics we have an extensive knowledgebase of e-commerce software development using: ASP, PHP, XML, ASP. Net. • SoftTechnics’s e-commerce software development solutions are scalable and can be easily integrated with HTML, Flash, Java, WAP and other web applications. • SoftTechnics possesses considerable experience in developing database driven web based applications and real-time payment processing system to e-commerce website solutions. The heart of your business. In other words, e-commerce connects your business to internet for highest optimisation of your products and services.

To make your portal truly comfortable and user friendly SoftTechnics can implement various features such as: • Member Email Systems • Article/Blog Manager • Directory Builder • Frequently Asked Questions Area • Message Forum • Ad Management • Polling Systems • Paid Directory Manager • Web Statistics • Page Manager & more...


CMS SoftTechnics develops secure, dynamic web sites containing back-end CMS (Content Management System) for controlling aspects of front-end web site. CMS features depend on project requirements. Integration features, and then major CMS systems’ performance characteristics are described below. Typical Integration: • Integration of Payment; • Integration of Domain Name; • Registration System; • Integration of Web Hosting Plan; • Integration of phpBB (bulletin board); osCommerce(shopping cart); PHPNuke(CMS system). Types of CMS we are strong in: • Drupal; • Magento; • Joomla; • TYPO3.


Facebook applications development SoftTechnics Facebook applications development includes many specialized services: • Facebook applications development; • Facebook Connect implementation for websites and iPhone software; • Facebook apps and Facebook Pages graphic design; • Facebook applications redevelopment and modification; • Integration of large scale web applications with huge socialnetworks. SoftTechnics uses the following technologies to optimize Facebook project performance: • Facebook API, FBML, FQL, FBJS; • Facebook Connect Platform; • PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Smarty; • XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX.


Mobile Applications Development With the ever growing trend towards mobile communication lifestyle and commerce, mobile technologies are taking center stage in the business world. As the modern world adopts on-the-go models of communication and commercial connections, companies must also head beyond the desktop world to keep themselves synchronized, competitive and globally visible. SoftTechnics versatile mobile expertise provides many cutting-edge mobile solutions: • Customized software development for mobiles; • Embedded mobile applications; • Integration of Mobile solutions into Enterprise Systems; • Porting applications to various types of mobile platforms; • Multimedia and entertainment applications; • Banking and financial mobile applications development; • Picture, audio and audiovisual applications for mobile devices.


iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Development SoftTechnics personnel includes talented, experienced iPhone developers with extensive expertise in commercial iPhone products development. Our high speed development capability, exceptional product quality and competitive development costs can deservedly make SoftTechnics the best possible partner for your iPhone development projects. Softtechnics iPhone/iPad development potential covers a wide range of products and functionalities: • Games, gaming and entertainment systems; • Enterprise business systems; • Productivity; • Lifestyle and entertainment; • Social networking; • Scheduling systems; • Training and evaluation systems; • Web Service Integration.


Android development SoftTechnics Mobile development service includes apps for Android - the most advanced and promising mobile OS in the global digital market. Indeed, Android, with its open source roots and optimization for Google Web apps is capturing a bigger and bigger share of the global market, year by year.

Blackberry development Blackberry applications development is a relatively new development service for SoftTechnics, nevertheless, our highly creative and experienced, mobile domain, Java developers are ready to lead projects of any complexity level. SoftTechnics Android and Blackberry development services include: • Web-based applications development; • Games, gaming and entertainment systems; • Building third-party libraries; • Mobile Security solutions; • Productivity applications; • Lifestyle applications; • Enterprise business systems; • Lifestyle and entertainment; • Social networking; • Scheduling systems; • Training and evaluation systems; • Utility application design and implementation.



System Programming SofTechnics lower-level programming services have been designed to deliver increased reliability and performance, and cost reductions to systems. SoftTechnics provides the following services: • Maintenance and Support of Systems Management products across several Enterprise Technologies and Enterprise Applications; • Device Driver Development; • Kernel Debugging; • Product Development of a Backup and Recovery solution with Continuous Data Protection; • Quality Assurance for Online Backup Solution Provider.

Driver development services SoftTechnics has built up a well-established reputation in the PC industry for its expertise in custom device driver development services. Our expertise in this sector has grown to include a wide variety of hardware technologies. In addition to Windows driver development for all versions of Microsoft and OS/2, SoftTechnics can provide device driver development for MacOS, Linux, UNIX, Solaris, and JavaOS. The list of driver development services include: • USB Device Driver Development; • 2D and 3D Graphics Driver Development; • Firmware Development / Audio Driver Development; • Communication Device Driver Development; • Printer Driver Development; • Modem Driver Development; • Network and WLAN Driver Development; • Storage Driver Development.




Custom Software Development With over three years of experience in successfully providing Custom Software Development solutions for over 50 customers, we have honed our processes and skills to cater to your specific business needs. Today our customers, who include small and medium businesses to Fortune 1000 companies from all over the world, are completely satisfied with outsourcing their custom software development to us. Our expertise lies in clearly perceiving the business goals of our customers, choosing the most appropriate technology and efficiently designing and developing solutions that cater to the business needs identified.. SoftTechnics can effectively provide “best-in-class” custom software development services utilizing technologies like PHP, .NET, C++, C and Java.

CRM SoftTechnics has long term experience in developing customized Client Relationship Management(CRM) software solutions, aimed at supporting all your customer care activities for end users; and designed with special attention to your needs and requirements to ensure seamless integration into your existing business processes. SoftTechnics offers professional expertise in various areas of CRM software development: • Custom CRM software development; • CRM applications development and maintenance; • CRM systems maintenance and support; • CRM products integration with third-party and legacy products; • CRM software cross-platform / OS porting and migration; • CRM software cross-platform/OS porting and migration.


ERP SoftTechnics defines ERP as Enterprise Re-engineering Solutions that use the most up-to-date Business Computing Paradigms to integrate IT processes across company divisions and departments. Here’s a list of the key ERP solution modules we can implement for you: • Sales Management; • Staff Management; • Stock and Inventory Management; • Supply-chain management; • Production planning; • Project Management; • Customer Relationship Management (CRM); • Financial Accounting and Bookkeeping; • Data analysis and workflow management; • Business Intelligence and Reporting (MIS); • Document and Workflow Management.


Client-Server applications SoftTechnics has vast experience in developing and implementing Client-Server applications, which we will gladly share with you. Client-Server applications enable you to: • Raise efficiency; • Increase the number of clients; • Efficiently structure information; • Cut query and data processing time; • Reduce network traffic and other expenses. SoftTechnics can offer you comprehensive, complex system solutions on selection, development and deployment of Client – Server applications. We guarantee adequate support of your project: from the idea phase to the final stage of implementation, as follows: • Problem analysis, leading to search and selection of optimal solutions; • CS Application Development; • Equipment and software installation; • Setting & commissioning; • Staff training; • Ongoing Project & technical support.


DB Development And Administration SoftTechnics has in-depth experience in working with various RDBMS products from different vendors in heterogeneous environments. Our experience includes migrating legacy systems, as well as designing and developing customized database & web-based applications. We have teams with strong database management & integration skills. SoftTechnics offshore team is ready to provide you with 24/7 maintenance & support for your mission-critical systems. Our cross-platform skills have enabled us to deliver innovative database architectures and replication solutions which match our clients’ needs and environment. SoftTechnics has comprehensive expertise in making complex database applications on: • Oracle; • Microsoft SQL Server; • IBM DB2; • MySQL; • PostgreSQL; • Sybase; • Informix; • Microsoft Access.


Network Engineering And Administration SoftTechnics offers a host of network engineering and administration services, including: router and firewall configuration, server setup and administration, backup solutions, email administration including Exchange Server administration, and general desktop administration. Our engineers possess excellent architecture and design skills, in addition to engineering and technical capabilities to ensure your network and IT infrastructure are designed properly, and administered professionally. We utilize a proven methodology to ensure every solution is secure, reliable, and high performance. We also possess in-depth, all-round knowledge of of security matters including: network security, data asset management, firewall configuration, and various internet security protocols.


SoftTechnics’s models of cooperation Fixed price model Our fixed time, fixed price model offers customers a low-risk option and can be employed when the scope and specifications of the project are reasonably clear and documented. This model guarantees on-time, on-budget delivery of projects. Deliverables, Costs and Timelines are clearly defined in the Fixed Time/Fixed Price model. In fixed time, fixed-price engagements. SoftTechnics follows a phased approach that includes scoping, development, implementation and business support. Combining the fixed time, fixed price model with our solutions center, we can offer customers a tremendous advantage on the cost front. This model works best for - Customers with well-defined requirements and project schedules. Under this option, the customer pays a pre-negotiated fixed price for the complete project, which in turn is linked to well-defined deliverables. For any change in scope a predefined fixed hourly rate agreed at the initial stage of start of project is paid. For any changes there is a standard change request procedure that is followed for which we have structured processes in place.

Time and material model When scope, specification and implementation plans of a software development project are not easy to define at the outset, Time & Material Model becomes an attractive option. Under this model, you pay as per use of the hourly development efforts. Under this mode we define the business model and work hand in hand with our client for execution of endto-end project. At times once the scope is frozen the time and material project also gets converted to the fixed price model. We have very strict project management and reporting practices whereby task sheets are generated on a daily / weekly basis for each of the developer on the project.


Hybrid model Very often it becomes necessary to undertake a major portion of a project on a Fixed Price basis and at the same time deploy resources on a Time and Materials Pricing basis. We call this the hybrid model. Adopting such a model enables the client to maximize their budgets without compromising any aspect of the project itself. Needless to mention here that this model too can be Offsite, Offshore or any combination of the same. This model is used when client wishes to work on fixed price model and when the project scope is not detailed enough to enable us to estimate the effort with accuracy.

Offshore development center An Offshore Development Center, which is an extension of the customer’s software engineering facility, is popular among customers, who are looking at long-term gains from offshore outsourcing. In this model SoftTechncis reserves resources, equipment and infrastructure, exclusively for the customer. Whilst such a model is normally for a predetermined minimal period of time, it allows the client to leverage the talent pool of SoftTechnics, the cost effectiveness of such an offering and the superiority of our Project Management.



Why SoftTechnics SoftTechnics is striving to establish a long term cooperation and become a one stop source for client’s needs.

Client-oriented approach We are always ready to go extra mile to help our customers and we make sure that every step is done thoroughly and in accordance with reached agreements.

Quality of Service Highly qualified and certified experts enable our company to achieve remarkable results in its work. Thorough project management on every stage, custom-tailored approach and exceeding client’s expectations – all these factors determine successful development of solutions to the tasks of any business in the best way.

Experience The company has achieved significant accomplishments in such a short time. And it is not just words. Our portfolio is full of successfully implemented projects for different level companies, both domestic and international ones. From the very beginning we have been at the leading edge of advanced technologies through constant training allowing us to choose latest and most suitable IT-developments to meet expanding needs of our clients.

Operating speed Due to company’s experienced and highly qualified staff solution of virtually any level takes rather short time (or even expedited) without any quality loss.


Customers About Us “Working with SoftTechnics mobile development team was a pleasure due to their professionaism, commitment to high quality, the ease of communication between our teams and their creative approach to implementing the project tasks.” Markus Christian Hille Associate Director Creative Games/Apps Fox Mobile Group A News Corporation Company

“The SoftTechnics team did a great job designing mobile x-code based applications. They proactively proposed ideas for assembling apps and implemented them quickly within time and budget. Thanks for the professionalism!” Manfred Fuchs Sourcing, Itellium Services GmbH


“We had an urgent need in a network card driver to be developed for our operating system eComStation (OEM version of OS/2 from IBM). The driver was needed by two of our large customers and it had to be delivered in a short time frame. Softtechnics has been extremely responsive in meeting the time frames, budget and has provided good support in fixing any defects that have been found during the test phase. We are looking forward to do more business with SoftTechnics.” Roderick Klein Project Manager, Mensys B.V

“Thanks to SoftTechnics staff of web designers for the outstanding domain that they have created for VertaMedia. SoftTechnics staff designed many of scenarios and added features that make the portal enjoyable to view. Once again, thanks for the outstanding support and the professionalism.” Sergio Mertes, CEO


Contact Us 601 Brightwater Court, 1i Brooklyn, NY 11235 Tel: +164 65 84 02 10 For calls from: UK (+44) 2031908707 ext. 6001, 6002 or 6003 Ukraine and CIS (+38) 048 734 12 45



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601 Brightwater Court, 1i Brooklyn, NY 11235 Tel: +164 65 84 02 10

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SoftTechnics Presntation