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5 Star Dc, Washington DC Luxury Hotels Exposed. Thanks to its extensive list of famous landmarks and its importance in the political world, Washington DC the capital of the United States is one of the most frequented destinations in the US. Meanwhile, the military cemetery which is home to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a sad but inspiring place to visit. The US capital attracts in excess of million tourists each year, each looking to explore the citys many important sites. Meanwhile, three major airports serve the city, with Washington Dulles and BWI Marshall welcoming international visitors. The National Mall also houses memorials dedicated to troops killed in each of the major wars of the th century. Those that do make the trip will find a vast selection of hotels in DC. Included amongst these is the White House, home to the President of the United 4 star hotels in washington State, and the Capitol Building, home to the citys politics. Included amongst these is the world-renowned Lincoln Memorial, a site that welcomes millions of visitors each year. From most hotels in DC, visitors can also get out and about and visit the likes of Georgetown University and the Arlington National Cemetery. All of this and much, much more can be found practically on the doorstep on most hotels in DC. Washingtons political importance can be seen everywhere in the city, including its many landmarks. Hotels in DC come in a range of styles and sizes, ranging best hotels in washington from simple, budget-friendly motels to lavish -star accommodation. Other popular attractions in the Mall include the Reflecting Pool and the iconic Washington Monument. The Capitol Building is located in the National Mall, at the eastern end, which itself is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole city. While history and politics make up a good size portion of DCs tourist element, visitors can also expect to find something a little more modern. Many tourists also opt to visit the Nation Museum of Natural History, which houses the stunning Hope Diamond, a beautiful deep blue diamond thought by some to be cursed. Amongst the citys other tourist attractions, the Library of Congress and National Zoological Park both prove popular, as does Fords Theatre. Travelers will find that an extensive selection of hotels in DC is readily accessible using each of these transport methods.

5 Star Dc, Washington DC Luxury Hotels Exposed.  

Those traveling by air will find the region is served by three major airports, with BWI Marshall (Maryland) and Washington Dulles (Virginia)...

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