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FOOD AND BEVERAGES  Renuka Sugars Ltd. established a plant at Athani , for

manufacture of Beet Sugar . They have outsourced PLC based automation systems for the plant to Softcon.  HRS Process Systems Pune is an OEM of Tubular/Plate Heat

Exchangers & Pasteurizers for F&B industries. They are out sourcing total PLC based control system for various plants.

ďƒ˜ Bhutan Centennial Distillery Bhutan, is an organization under

Army Welfare Projects scheme, they have put up a distillery plant for manufacturing of Grain based Alcohol. ďƒ˜ Distichemi Process Engineering Mumbai is turnkey supplier of

distillery plant. They are out sourcing the plant automation, instrumentation and electrical scope as an EPC package to Softcon for various capacity plants ranging from 40 to 110KLPD.

SOFTCON’S PARTICIPATION IN FOOD & BEVERAGE PROJECTS  Design and Engineering.  Software development.  Supply, erection and commissioning of Control System along

with Electrical.  Instrumentation package for various capacity Distillation Plants.  Procurement, manufacturing and supply of PLC based

control systems.

 Commissioning & Handing over.

PHARMA SECTOR  Zydus is a company setting up new plant for manufacturing

monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) at Ahmedabad.  DD Enterprises, Pune is an OEM for process vessels, CIP and

SIP systems for Life science industries and got awarded the contract for the above plant.  Sandoz Pvt. Ltd. Mahad, Wockhardt at Aurangabad, Delhi.

Divya pharmacy Haridwar.

ďƒ˜ Alfa Laval India Ltd. Pune is a process equipment

manufacturing company for various sectors. They are supplying complete system of Decanter and Separator for Food, Beverages and Pharma plants. Alfa Laval have out sourced total PLC based control system to SOFTCON. ďƒ˜ Pall India Ltd. Pune is a manufacturing company for

equipments such as filtration, separation and purification for Life Science Industries. They are out sourcing complete automation system related to above equipments to SOFTCON.

SOFTCON’S PARTICIPATION IN PHARMA SECTOR.  Design and Engineering.  Software development.  Procurement and supply of PLC and SCADA System for

Vessels and CIP system.  Commissioning and handing over.  Procurement, manufacturing and supply of PLC based

control systems for Separator.  Duly wired & tested VFD & PLC cabinet.

WATER TRATEMENT SECTOR ďƒ˜ Hydro air Tectonics (PCD) Ltd. is a supplier and manufacturer

of Sewage, effluent, solid waste, waste water treatment plants have implemented Sewage treatment plants for various prestigious clients in public and private sector with unique technology and economically viable projects. ďƒ˜ The Plants were to be established at various locations in

Tamilnadu under Tamilnadu Pollution control board. The places are Perundarai, Ranipeth, Melvishram.

SOFTCON’S PARTICIPATION IN WATER TREATEMANT SECTOR  Design and Engineering.  Software development.  System integration, manufacturing of control panels,


 Commissioning and handing over.


Softcon projects 2  
Softcon projects 2  

Softcon Systems is an automation company who is lead by Chandrakant Kulkarni the CEO of the company, deals with many projects like Pharma se...