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Susana Alejandra del Aguila Vásquez 6PCO Key 7

TOEIC/Literature/HRE/HPD Mrs. Karin Rossbach

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a. Learning Process (unit cover) b. Listening comprehensions (3: 2 at the TICs and 2 physical in ¼ of pages) c. Reading comprehensions (3: 2 at the TICs and 2 physical in ¼ of a page) d. Partial Test (I have it, no need to scan) e. Essay 1: Values of an Accountant f. Essay 2: Benefits of Being an Accountant g. Vocabulary quizzes (3 handwritten) h. Glogster project i. evidence of Grammar practice (booklet and links sent) j. Reflection on self-learning process (KWH chart or essay) Appearance & organization Chronological order Corrections of documents Creativity & Innovative resources Graphs & visuals Document condition/scanned group documents Additional resources for personal learning Personal commitment to improve/keep attitude towards learning process.

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Ana Lucia Perez


6th. Bilingual/Accounting

DATE: March 17- June 7

UNIT COMPETENCIES: Applies grammatical knowledge and mechanics for the American English Language throughout the unit. Understands and applies accurately business-related vocabulary terms in a variety of contexts. Understands readings and conversations applying its strategies accurately in a variety of topics and contexts. Produces ideas based on personal opinions, readings, and listening in a variety of contexts.

ACHIEVEMENT INDICATORS: Students use business terms in a variety of contexts, they are able to apply them appropriately and express business-related ideas that convey their knowledge on the topics studied in this unit. Ss differ verb tenses and other grammatical aspects and are able to produce appropriate sentences upon request. Ss are capable of analyzing, inferring, and extracting relevant information from business-related readings. Ss demonstrate efficient written and oral production in a variety of contexts in a diversity of activities throughout the unit.


Grammatical Application - Verb Tenses

Tone, Outlook, and You Approach Five American Correspondence Arrangement Styles Information Distribution





Written Production [3]


The Nobel Prize – Informative Essay

April 8-12

Think Green – Save Water –Persuasive Essay

April 22-26

Economical Crisis – Argumentative Essay

May 20-24


Discussions [2] Speaking

Is Automation of the Workplace Beneficial to Workers?

April 8-12 5 May 6-9

Ethics vrs. Business


Done throughout the Unit

Reading Strategies [3] Reading


March 18-21

The Pulitzer Prize

April 8-12

Information Distribution in American

May 20-24

Should we be Environmentally Concerned?




What does Foreign Debt Mean?


Power Point and Oral Presentation [1]

10 May 13-17-

Government Types around the World

Documents that MUST be included: KWL Charts Reflective Writings Portfolio

June 3-7


Partial Test

April 15-19


Final Test

May 27-June 1


Class work Homework Tests

#7 Susana Alejandra del Aguila VĂ squez 6PCO March 24/14

Listening 2 Unit 2

7 Susana Alejandra del Aguila 6PCO May 26, 2014 Reading 3 & 4

CORRECTION More than accounting, perfection by Alejandra del Aguila Accountants have a big responsibility in society because they are the mind of companies. All they do has to be perfect, they are related to money and companies search for money and a better position in the market. In accounting, it is necessary to have some values that make an accountant a good one. For example: honesty. It is a human quality that is to behave and speak with consistency and sincerity, and according to the values of truth and justice. In addition, responsibility is very important because they have to pay taxes and if they don’t pay on time, they have to pay interest. Moreover, discretion is a value an accountant can’t miss. It is relevant because they manage confidential information that is life for the company. Other values that identify an accountant are good faith, tidiness, order, punctuality, correctness, honesty, intelligence, education, respect, straightness, solidarity, freedom, dignity, industriousness, logical sense, and many others. To be skeptical is very important because accountants can’t trust in everyone. In all the transactions, they need to have a legal document that supports things. Accountants have to be complete, a mix of many things to be a good one. It is a difficult work but if they can dream it, they can do it and everything is possible so it is only that they dedicate to be a good person, with values and the will to be better.

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TOEIC‌ more than a class, LIFE By Susana del Aguila

Toeic is a class where you learn about everything related to english, like phrases, words, grammar structure, and many other things. This unit was very intersting because we learn about tenses. Tenses are very important when we are learning english because is important to express us correctly, so other persons can understand what we are trying to say. Phrases are very important too because they change completely their meaning. In conclusion I learned a lot with this class and I hope I can improve more in writing and listening.