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Getting motivated ❝ and believing I could really do this...helped me stay on track... -MARIE TANG, SOFIT SUCCESS, PAGE 48

Proper Posture Stress Proofs Your Health Physical Activity Every Move Matters Move It! Movement 6 Moves for A Sexy Waist How to Hire A Personal Trainer


Research Shows Exercise Keeps Money in Your Wallet

43 12 Days of Christmas Fitness 46 Ho Ho Heavy!

How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

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31 When Soothing Your Stress Harms Your Health Isabelle Bridges sits down with us to discuss her three favorite Bs: Brandon, Bacchus, and...Baby!

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nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction.

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SolanoFit Magazine


All the information you have been asking for… Our Mission to You SolanoFit Magazine is here to make achieving health and wellness easier for you, by featuring the people and programs that are making a difference in Solano County. Each issue we strive to bring you tips for emotional well-being, physical fitness, internal health, beauty, and fashion, from experts who care. Together we can change our lives, our cities, and our county for the healthier. Advertise with SolanoFit Want to share your inspirational story or be featured as a weight loss success profile?









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"Special" 15 Day free trial - absolutely no obligation! New members only. Local residents over 18. Offer expires December 1, 2011.

Indoor Pool and Spa TRX Kettlebells Stott Pilates Reformers Certified Personal Trainers

Over 50 classes a week included in your membership Zumba Yoga Spinning Water Exercise

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Catherine Tanner, MSN >> Ms. Tanner has been serving Solano County as a Family Nurse Practitioner at Touro University Medical Center. She has over 14 years of working in health care, including primary care medicine, medical / surgical nursing, and physical rehabilitation.

Hello FIT Friend,

Jim Riley CFP™, EA >> Jim Riley, a principal of Napa Wealth Management, has an extensive background in wealth management, with particular expertise in retirement planning, tax preparation, insurance and accounting matters. A Princeton graduate, Certified Financial Planner™, and an Enrolled Agent, Jim has lectured and written extensively on financial planning issues. Married for 23 years, Jim and his wife have made the North Bay their home for 21 years. Contact him at

At SolanoFit, we monitor what is relevant in fitness, health, and beauty. There is a ton of information, and a lot of retailers out there, when it comes to health and wellness. SolanoFit will bring all the loose ends together in a fun way that is easy to understand, and easy to navigate.

Michael Parker, CEO and President Club Management Solutions Inc. >> Mr. Parker served as Vice President of Operations for one of the top 50 Health and Fitness companies in the United States. He has since turned attention to the operation and expansion of his own exclusive private personal training studio and the development of  Club Management Solutions, Inc.  Michael also sits on the advisory committee to Bryan College, an accredited Personal Trainer professional school in Sacramento, California. Samantha Cooprider, VP >> Ms. Cooprider is Senior VP, Culture Change Partner, Executive Leadership Coach, & Facilitator at Learning As Leadership. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor at Millennium Sports Club. In her spare time, Ms. Cooprider volunteers for Laguna Shanti and the Walking Shield American Indian Society. Ms. Cooprider gradutated from University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Kristin Mattingly >> Born and raised in the East Bay, Dr. Kristin attended the University of California, Davis, and graduated with a B.S. in Neurobiology and Physiological Behavior.    After graduating Valedictorian from Lifewest Chiropractic College in Hayward, she served the Vallejo area for several years, specializing in health and rehabilitation. 


t is with great excitement that we launch SolanoFit. We have received great feedback about our magazine, and we hope that readers continue to email us their thoughts, and ideas about the stories they would like to see covered.

But SolanoFit is not just about a fit body. You will be reading from relationship experts and doctors, dieticians, beauty experts, financial wizards, and fashion mavens. SolanoFit is about complete fitness for your life and your budget. It’s an idea bigger than the gym, and bigger than a bicep. It’s about family fitness, financial fitness, and emotional fitness. SolanoFit will be your new resource to discovering the information you need to make the complete health transformation you desire. And when you have reached your goals, your successes will inspire readers all over the county. At SolanoFit we say “health becomes you,” and with guidance and motivation, we believe that it will. Grab your smartphone and scan the QR code on the front cover to see what is new at SolanoFit! Be one of the first 50 to scan the code and win an early Christmas gift. We welcome you to join the SolanoFit family to share your thoughts and stories. Start your fit journey today, and let us celebrate success with you! Keep Solano Fit,

Jessica Adele

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Featuring Tattoo Tat Artist Erick Lemereis

707.748.7950 120 East G Street • Benicia, CA 94510 • Open Tues thru Sat Color Correction • Highlights/Color • Men/Women Haircutting Hair Dreams Extensions • Tattooing Keratin Smoothing Therapy • Brazilian Blowouts



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                            




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Touro University Medical Center Trust your health to physicians who train and prepare tomorrow’s doctors SERVICES:

Internal Medicine,

Family Practice, Pediatrics, Osteopathic Manipulation CLINIC HOURS: Monday-Thursday 8:30 am-5:30 pm Friday 8:30 am -3:00 pm 160 Glen Cove Marina Rd. Suite 103, Vallejo, CA 94591

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body body


id you know that when your body is properly aligned, it will function at optimal health and fend off disease? Proper posture is more than jutting your chest forward and holding your shoulders back. It is the alignment of your body, meaning your ears are in line with your shoulders, shoulders with hips, and hips with ankles and feet. But stress can wreak havoc on this perfect alignment. Researchers define stress as a physical, mental, or emotional response to events that causes mental or physical tension. Simply put, stress is any outside force or event that has an effect on your body.

Start with these tips to Stress Proof Your Posture Gimme A Break > Taking some time away from a desk at work, or getting up to stretch, is very important to help reduce stress and keep proper posture. Get Fit > A workout routine is extremely important. Focus on cardiovascular strength, and strengthening your back muscles. Get Lean > Pilates and Yoga both offer an approach to breathing and strengthening your muscles in order to keep your body long, lean, and oxygenated.

Proper Posture STRESS PROOFS Your Health By Dr. Kristin Mattingly

Imagine yourself in ancient times fending off a hungry lion and the position your body would be in: shoulders rolled forward, head forward, arms in front holding a shield and spear. When the hair begins to raise on the back of your neck, your sympathetic nervous system is kicking into high gear. Your pupils dilate, your heart races, your nostrils flare to increase breathing, and blood flow to the muscles increases by as much as 1200%. This is the reaction to acute stress that is necessary to prepare the body for action. However, it is the everyday chronic stress that is worse for your health. Chronic stress can come from a stressful job or long-term financial trouble. It causes muscles to contract for an extended period of time. Eventually this tension makes muscles sore and achy from constant contraction and over use. This ruins your posture, as the body responds by curving in the direction of its everyday use. Our bodies tend to tighten up in the chest region, causing us to appear ‘slumped’ forward. As the chest muscles become tight, the opposing muscles (the rhomboids) become weak which is why muscles fatigue so quickly when you try to hold your shoulders back. As the head leans forward, the neck muscles become tighter, leading to neck pain, tingling in the hands, and tension headaches. Forward shoulders can cause mid-back pain and difficult breathing. A forward tilt of the pelvis from excessive sitting will cause low back and sciatic nerve pain.

The Holiday season is notoriously stressful. Be sure to get rest, remain hydrated, and schedule a massage. And remember, whether you are walking in the mall, or packing gifts in your car, shoulders back, head up, hips and feet all in a line. Take care of your body, and your body will take care of you! 


James H. Riley, CFP®, EA

Investment Management-Financial Planning

NAPA WEALTH MANAGEMENT 1836 Second Street Napa, CA 94559 (707) 252-1343 SolanoFit Magazine


body body Physical Activity



Matters! From the physicians of Kaiser Permanente Napa-Solano

HOW CAN I GET STARTED? 1. Commit to a small change. Look at how active your life is now. Think about ways you might increase that activity by one small step. Here are a few ideas:  Find an activity that you enjoy and that’s easy for you, such as walking or dancing.  Choose something you can do regularly at home, such as gardening or exercise videos.  Take walks with a friend or family member.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

It’s official: Exercising is one of the best things you can do for your health. Even small amounts of activity reduce stress, improve your sleep, and lower the risk of many chronic or life-threatening diseases. You don’t have to be an athlete to get the benefits of being active. You can do things that you enjoy and, over time, increase your activity to 30-60 minutes on most days or 150 minutes a week.



Besides lowering your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers physical activity also:  Help you sleep better  Build self-confidence and self-esteem  Reduce emotional stress and depression

 Walk or ride a bike instead of driving.  When you drive, park a little further away from your destination. 2. Make a plan. Set a realistic goal for the first week or two for the activity you’ve chosen. Be specific about what you will do, where, and when. 3. Chart your progress. Keep a record of all your physical activity each day. Be sure to include even short bits of activity, like walking to the mail box. 5. Move on to the next level. When you become comfortable with a certain activity level, go back to step 1 and raise the bar to improve your personal best. Keep setting new goals and recording your successes. For example, you might set a goal to exercise longer or to make your workouts more vigorous.

SAFETY FIRST If you have any ongoing health conditions that prevent you from exercising, please check with your doctor before starting a new exercise plan.  Don’t overdo it. Notice how hard you’re breathing and keep in mind this rule: You should still be able to talk, but not sing while exercising.  Start and end each session with some gentle stretches.  If you get dizzy or faint, feel nausea or tightness in your chest, stop immediately.  Wear comfortable, sturdy shoes and appropriate clothes for the activity and weather.  If you exercise outdoors in the evening, wear lightcolored or reflective clothing.


w w w. s o l a n o f i t . c o m

body body


By  Samantha Cooprider

3 simple steps

Follow these to find what


lright already, we know. Everybody needs to exercise more.   But knowing is only half the battle.    Sure, desk jobs, the internet age, and hectic schedules make time short, but lack of time may not be a legitimate excuse. After all, we somehow find time to do things we like. 

As children we never exercised – we played, and played a lot. It was joy, not work.   If we allow adulthood and the current Internet age to keep us on the couch, then we will truly age beyond our years. Science is helping us to live longer, but poor choices will guarantee that we live fatter. Fatter? Longer? Not exactly the best pairing.

moves you

Pick three “exercise” fun activities you like or would like to try.   Don’t go to the gym? Consider outdoor options, like sports, dancing, walking, etc. To get in the mood, and have some fun, I recommend playing “I Like to Move It” from the Madagascar movie and dancing like a lemur.

Starting this week, plan a minimum of three 30-minute movement slots.   Are you committed?   Tell your friends and family about your plans, so they can support you, and maybe even join you. 

After each session, take 2 minutes to write down how you felt. What worked and what didn’t work?  If you have ideas about what you want to do differently, be sure to capture that as well.

Try this for one month.  If you can increase the quantity and length of time you are moving, great.    Remember you are on a mission to find what really moves you….and this time you are not going to let go.  Together we will start a Move It! Movement. 

If your fitness motivation  sometimes gets lost, find  CurvesSmart. ®

Movement has become “exercise” – a burdensome obligation on our to-do list. Maybe it is because we have lost the love of movement and the enjoyment that comes when we exercise our bodies.   This was true for me.  I exercised out of obligation or avoided it out of frustration. It was one more thing “To-Do” on my long list of “Not-DoneYets.” But that changed one afternoon, on a long bicycle ride.    I experienced the calming fresh air and quiet peace that I had lost in the bustle of my busy schedule.  I was hooked! SolanoFit Magazine

Only Curves has CurvesSmart, a personal coaching system that  gives you moment-to-moment feedback and detailed progress  reports. All to keep you motivated like never before.

Limited Time Offer! Join Now for $30 Offer based on first visit enrollment, minimum 12 mo. c.d./e.f.t program. New members only. Not valid with any other offer. Valid only at participating locations through 12/31/10. CurvesSmart. Powered by MYTRAK. © 2010 Curves International, Inc.

1335 Oliver Rd Fairfield, CA 94534

3023 Alamo Dr Vacaville, CA 95687

110 Railroad Ave G-2 Suisun, CA 94585

5041 Business Center Dr Fairfield, CA 94533

1910 N Lincoln #104 Dixon, CA 95620








body body

Moves for A SEXY WAIST

Strengthen and build endurance in the abdominals with these Pilates positions

By Mari Collins



Begin: sitting up tall with feet hip distance apart and knees bent; arms reaching forward. Inhale to prepare. As you exhale, use your abdominals to roll the pelvis back while rotating the ribcage and sweeping the arm to the back. The head should follow the arm. Inhale and return to start position. Repeat on other side. Complete 3-5 sets. Tip: Keep an equal amount of weight on both sit bones. Modification: Hands behind head will increase the challenge by making the lever heavier.



Begin: Lying on your back with legs tabletop (feet off the floor, knees bent at 90Ëš), head and shoulders lifted off the floor, arms reaching forward with hands at the knees. Tilt the pelvis towards the ribcage and bring the lower back closer to but not smashed into the floor. Inhale to prepare. Exhale and extend one leg while maintaining the collar bones wide and looking out over the knees. Inhale as you begin to switch the legs.


Exhale and continue to extend the other leg.


Begin: Sit up tall with legs stretched out in front, feet together and flexed. Arms reach out to the sides with palms facing the floor. Inhale to prepare. Exhale for three counts as you rotate the spine to one side. Increase the rotation with each breath, releasing slightly between each breath. Be careful not to bounce.

Repeat. Complete 8-10 Repetitions. Tip: Fully extend the leg for maximum abdominal engagement. Modification: If you feel any strain on your back, reach the legs closer to the ceiling. If you feel strain in your neck then put your hands behind your head.

Inhale and return to center, sitting up tall. Tip: Try to limit rotation of the pelvis. Rotate the spine, not the arms. Stay tall throughout the exercise. Modification: If you find it difficult or uncomfortable to sit up straight, sit on a cushion or with legs crossed.


w w w. s o l a n o f i t . c o m

body body



Develop strength and endurance of the deep core muscles, glutes and hamstrings. Begin: lay on your back with knees bent and feet lined up under your sit bones. Inhale to prepare. Exhale, stabilize the torso in neutral and use the glutes to lift the pelvis into a bridge position. Inhale and stay.


Exhale; peel one foot 2-3” off the mat. Use the glutes and hamstrings to prevent the pelvis from lowering or tilting.


Inhale; place that foot back onto the mat.

SIDE KICK This move strengthens stabilizing muscles of the torso and pelvis.

Begin: Lying on your side with legs stretched out long, and angle them slightly forward for balance. Feet are flexed. Bottom arm is stretched out long under head with palm down. Top hand is resting on the mat in front of the chest and may be used for a balance. Keeping spine in neutral, inhale for two counts while reaching leg forward and parallel to the floor at hip level. Reach further on second count. Foot is flexed. Exhale, maintain leg at hip level and reach the leg to the back with toes gently pointed. Complete 8-10 repetitions on each side. Tip: Keep the pelvis still during leg movements. Modification: Bend the bottom knee for greater support.

Mari is a former ballet dancer, turned Pilates instructor certified in Sports Fitness and Group Training. She is also a Master Pilate’s and Yoga Instructor, who has Specialized Coaching for long distance road biking and in Health Fit Pregnancies. Contact Mari at

Exhale and peel second foot off the mat. Careful again not to let the pelvis drop or tilt as the foot lifts. After replacing the second foot back on the mat; lower the pelvis back onto the mat. Complete 3-6 repetitions.

Tip: Be sure to use abdominals to protect your lower back in bridge position. Keep the knees lined up with the feet.

Modification: Omit lifting one foot.



Begin: Lying face down on the mat with hands by shoulders, slightly off the edge of the mat. Legs are separated shoulder distance and slightly turned out. Press pubic bone into the mat and lift belly button off the mat. Inhale to prepare. Exhale and extend the spine, reaching the chest forward and up. Pubic bone should remain on the mat but the front of the pelvis comes off. Inhale and maintain extension with shoulders down and collar bones wide. Exhale and lengthen the spine back down onto the mat. Complete 3-5 repetitions. Tip: Be sure to keep abdominals and glutes engaged during the entire exercise. Only extend your spine as far as you can maintain abdominal support. Arms do not need to straighten. Modification: If you have any low back issues, you may want to avoid exercises that include lumbar extension. Come up only to the elbows, the bottom rib remains on the mat.

SolanoFit Magazine


body body

How to Hire a


By Michael S. Parker

Out of shape and tired once again? Struggling to lose Out of shape and tired once again? Struggling to lose that excess body fat? that excess body fat? Maybe your past resolutions Maybe your past resolutions included joining a gym, religiously counting calories, included joining a gym, religiously counting calories, eating only cabbage, or rejecting all carbs. eating only cabbage or rejecting all carbs.


f this sounds like you, then this is the path that leads many to a certified and professional personal fitness trainer. On the other hand, work with the wrong trainer and it can lead to failure and even injury. Selecting a trainer for the first time, deciding to keep your current trainer, may be the most important step to reprogramming your body and mind to achieve fitness success. Outlined are six key steps to identifying, choosing and succeeding with your very own trainer.


Decide on the kind of program you feel will bring the greatest level of personal commitment. Some specialize in militant forms of exercise that push your body to the limit every session. While others perform a full postural deviation assessment and scientifically design a custom program that will safely and effectively lead you to your goals.


Decide on the environment in which you train. Venues range from having a traditional experience with a boot camp instructor or fitness center catering more toward body building to a less intense approach in a private studio with a personal trainer that suits your needs.


3 4

Decide on a trainer with a nationally recognized fitness trainer certification. Ask about their education, certifications, and experience as it relates to your condition level and goal.

Decide to pay for results. Keep in mind, the price a trainer charges is not always an indication of quality. Most professional trainers will offer a free assessment session to give you a better idea on program design, trainer quality, and cost.


Decide to communicate throughout the workout with your trainer. Feedback or adjustments are important, and this is usually a sign that your trainer is paying attention to how your body is responding to the program.


Decide to continually assess your own progress. A professional trainer is aware of the human ability to adapt to physical strain, and will constantly be tweaking or changing your program to ensure your body progresses in stabilization, strength, and endurance.

Follow these six steps, employ some good old fashioned common sense, and you may have a rewarding experience with your very own Personal Trainer! Michael Parker is president of Club Management Solutions, Inc. For more information on this subject, preferred personal trainers in Solano County, or to find out more about nationally recognized certifications, contact Michael at 

w w w. s o l a n o f i t . c o m

Do You Know What Day It Is? NOVEMBER

Is Good


Take up a new nutritional habit. Try these: 1. Stop eating at 7:00pm 2. Pack your lunch 3. Cut Soda out of your diet during the week

November 30th

“Stay At Home Because You Are Well Day!”

(Seriously, we didn’t make this up.) 8:00am Call in well from work today! 8:15am Tell your boss she owes you a bonus for coming in to work healthy 4:30pm Check with your HR department to see if you still have a job

(It’s also Magazine Day! Tell a friend about SolanoFit Magazine and spread the word!)

November 17th

Take a Hike Day.

Grab your kids, your dog, a friend, or all of the above, and hit one of these Solano trails. 1. Bay Area Ridge Trail 2. Lynch Canyon 3. Lagoon Valley

November 18th

Touro University Health Fair.

Come by and say hi!

November 26th

Turkey Trot before you Gobble

Join the SolanoFit Team at this year’s Turkey Trot Run in Fairfield.

SolanoFit Magazine



November 7th

Solano County Library Foundation’s Authors Lunch




December earn this honor? December 1st

Eat a Red Apple Day

(Give your doctor the day off) December 24th

National Eggnog Day Apparently this is what Santa wants for Christmas. Turns out he prefers a glass of Eggnog to Milk. Who knew? December 25th

Merry Christmas! And

Happy National Pumpkin Pie Day. Try this recipe on page 46

for a healthy and tasty treat

Pushups are a favorite of military and athletic programs. Unlike bench press, pushups are entirely functional as it requires more oblique recruitment than laying on a flat bench. There are tons of variations but try this tip to get to 100 in a jiffy. 1. Start out doing as many pushups as you can with your hands positioned shoulder width apart. 2. When you are at your fatigue point, jump your hands just outside of your shoulders and push until you can’t push anymore. 3. When you reach your fatigue point in the second position, jump your hands further outside your shoulders and push with whatever you have left.

Hint: Shoot for 33 pushups in each position. Before you know it, your last extra push up will be the hard fought reward you’ve earned! 100! Give it a shot. Why does this work? Although it’s a mistake to think different hand positions work different muscles (sorry guys, according to the National Academy of Sports Medicine it is impossible to develop inner and outer chest muscles) the switch provides psychological respite and hence a reservoir of more energy, even if only a fraction. Or as Fitness Expert Michael Parker scientifically explains, “This is a great way to get the most muscle fibers involved in the movement for maximum motor unit recruitment! By changing hand position, you alter the stabilization mechanism in your core and improve the length and tension relationship dynamics in your muscle system creating greater and more sustainable force output.” Did you get that? 17

Benicia Beauty and Hollywood Princess talks fitness,

family, and future!

The oldest of three daughters to Oscar award winning actor Jeff Bridges, Isabelle Bridges is the consummate professional. An author, model, and yogi, Isabelle is the founder and principal teacher at Cool Karma Kids. Isabelle began teaching children because she benefited herself from yoga as a child.  In her own practice, she has found yoga to be empowering, as she learned to manage stressful situations by using yoga breathing techniques.   Isabelle now teaches at multiple locations throughout the Bay Area, including Benicia Ballet Studio, Mt Diablo Region YMCA, and through private and public school programs. She lives in Benicia, CA with her husband Brandon, and their dog, Bacchus. SoFit: Your family has been in the entertainment industry for how many generations? IB: Three, going on four. My cousin has two kids that are very theatrical.


irst off, huge Congratulations to and your husband! IB: Yes, we are having a baby! We waited for awhile to tell everyone, but we are so excited! SoFit: We know how to keep a secret. Do you have a list of names? IB: Well, I have already picked the names … Brandon is a smart man so he’s going right along with it. I like Benjamin Lloyd for a boy. Lloyd was my grandfather’s name. If the baby is a girl, I like Grace Louise. Louise was my grandma’s middle name. SoFit: So can we look forward to seeing you teach some Pre-natal yoga classes? IB: Absolutely!


SoFit: Where did the acting bug begin? IB: Well my grandpa Lloyd Bridges was the first. Most people knew him from a TV show called Sea Hunt. But it was my Grandma who was responsible for our Broadway holiday traditions. We literally had to sing for our supper. We had to put on a little play that the older cousins would direct. We’d even make costumes. Few people know that my Uncle Beau and grandpa pushed my Dad into acting. He went in kicking and screaming, but eventually got on a roll. SoFit: Any actress ambitions for you? IB: No. I’ve seen how much fun my parents and grandparents have had, but I also see how difficult it is. SoFit: What do you mean by difficult? IB: Mostly the rejection. There is so much rejection in Hollywood, that if you don’t have the passion for it, you won’t withstand the pressure of keeping up your

,appearance all the time. Those things haven’t ever really interested me or my sisters. SoFit: So tell us about your sisters. IB: Our middle sister, Jessie lives in Rockridge, Oakland. She is a director’s assistant for a movie filming in San Francisco. She was also my Dad’s assistant in his last movie, True Grit. And Haley, the youngest, is an interior design student at UCLA. SoFit: What is a movie premier really like? Do your eyes hurt from all the flashing bulbs after walking down a red carpet?

w w w. s o l a n o f i t . c o m

IB: It’s exactly what you think. You literally can’t see anything. Whenever we go somewhere fancy, photographers are snapping away. It doesn’t hurt my eyes, though. What hurts is my face because I have to hold this smile for minutes on end. Heaven forbid if they get a shot of me not smiling! SoFit: Any Hollywood crushes? IB: Yes, I had a huge crush on Scott Wolf. He was in a TV show called Party of Five – he was so cute! My Dad did a movie with him called White Squall. We were in Malta for that movie. Once I went to visit my Dad on set, and I got to bring Scott Wolf ice cream. That was the best day of my life. Scott looked at me and he said…”Thank you.” I was 12 or 13. I was so excited! SoFit: Behind every good man is good woman. Can you tell us about your mom? IB: My mom is amazing! My Dad can do what he does because of my mom. She is tiny and itty bitty, only 5’2” on a good day. In all of our family pictures she is always standing on her tip toes, making all of us scrunch down. She always tells us to stand up straight,


but bend our knees! She is the one who got me into Yoga. SoFit: Is it weird to see people on screen that you know? IB: No. I think when you grow up with something, you never know anything else. So, to me, its always been normal. I know it’s not, but I can’t imagine it any other way. SoFit: What about your Dad’s on-film kissing scenes? IB: Those don’t bother me at all! What’s really hard for me to watch is when I see him playing with other kids, or putting other kids to bed on film. I want to scream, ‘No that’s sacred!’ That should be saved for my sisters and me. SoFit: Did you see the TRON movie trailer where your

SolanoFit Magazine

Dad is putting his son to bed? IB: Uh-oh. I haven’t seen it! I better not!

I think it’s so important for ❝ daughters to spend time with their

SoFit: Is TRON going to be a good movie? fathers. I feel so lucky to have that IB: I hope so! It looks good. I did relationship with my Dad. not care for the first one. I think it was kind of a guy’s movie. I think I IB: Yes, exactly. I don’t know if I chose to like that color will like the new one, though. They are using some cool technology to make my Dad or if it was forced on me, but even my Bridesmaids look younger. They used the same technology in the wore yellow dresses. Benjamin Button movie, but it looks like they have SoFit: Now why move out of LA? Isn’t LA the land of done an even better job in the new TRON. bright lights and… IB: Exactly! I didn’t like LA. I went to school there. Its SoFit: How did you meet your husband Brandon? all glitzy and glam. I don’t know, I didn’t like it. IB: Well…there are two stories…which story do you SoFit: You treasure the simpler things? want to hear? IB: Yeah SoFit: Uh…which one do you want to tell us? SoFit: How did you come to Benicia? Don’t worry we won’t print anything juicy *wink* IB: Oh it’s not even that juicy! While in college, my IB: Brandon is studying internal medicine at Touro roommate’s boyfriend was best friends with Brandon, University in Vallejo. so he came by one day and we were just SoFit: What do you like about living here in Benica? sitting down chatting. Brandon and I IB: People in Benicia are so down to earth and friendly. got into this deep conversation, one of But what I love is walking by the water, just like I used those conversations when you look up to do at home. Looking out at wide expanses of water and everyone else is gone. So he left, and is just comforting. I asked my roommate about him, and as it turned out he had asked her about me  SoFit: How did you meet Bacchus? IB: We found him at the Animal Rescue Foundation too. The rest is history! in Walnut Creek. We were walking through, and I saw SoFit: And then your wedding was him – the last puppy from his litter. I fell madly in love. featured in Inside Wedding magazine! He was so cute and pudgy. Was that expected or pretty normal? IB: Not expected at all, I thought it was SoFit: Who do you like better Bacchus or Brandon? really cool. Our photographer asked IB: Oh don’t ask me that…it depends on the day! me if it was ok to submit the pictures SoFit: What is your sign? to the magazine, and I said YES! Inside IB: I am a Leo. I guess we are supposed to be the Weddings contacted me and interviewed center of attention. me over the phone. SoFit: What’s Bacchus’s sign? SoFit: They took some really good shots! How is IB: He’s a Gemini! The stars must’ve have been aligned married life? over the Animal Rescue Foundation! Leos and Geminis IB: It’s so good. Its suits us both so well. are made for each other!

SoFit: What do you want for Christmas? IB: I want an Apple TV for Christmas, so I can watch Netflix and YouTube.

SoFit: What is the one food you hate to love? IB: My gosh…I don’t hate to love any food, I love food! I don’t have a sweet tooth, but I have a salt tooth. I

SoFit: What are you going to get for Brandon? IB: Uh…that’s a secret. SoFit: What is your favorite color? IB: Yellow. I have always loved yellow. My mother would dress me and my two younger sisters in the same outfit, just in different colors, and I was yellow. SoFit: So you all had the same outfit but in different colors like Huey, Duey, and Louie?


would take chips over cookies any day.

really helped me” – That feels so good to hear.

SoFit: Other than yoga, what other hobbies do you enjoy? IB: I love walking and going to the movies. I just like the ritual of getting my popcorn, finding my seat, and going with friends. And I like to travel. Brandon and I are driving to Sonoma next week, just to see where the road takes us. But I would like to go to New Zealand one day. SoFit: What is your favorite movie? IB: Shawshank Redemption. It’s a classic and I love it! I can watch it over and over again! SoFit: What is on your iPod?  IB: I listen to a lot of books on tape. Because I drive and walk a lot, I’ve created a moving university on my iPod. I listen to more books on tape than music so I don’t really know what’s popular right now. The music that I like tends to be old music: the Beetles, the Eagles and Toni Mitchell - stuff like that. SoFit: What are you listening to now? IB: “Getting Things Done” by David Allen .  SoFit: So how do you stay so fit? IB: Bacchus and I walk a lot. Benicia is great because I can walk anywhere, but I won’t call it “working out” or I won’t do it. Yoga is the same thing for me. I do yoga six days a week, but I would never say I “work out” six days a week. SoFit: That’s cool as long as you love it! IB: Yes, it makes me feel so good. It makes me feel whole and integrated. It brings all parts of my life into alignment. SoFit: What has Yoga taught you? IB: Yoga has taught me to recognize the power in my breath, and to fill my body with oxygen to relax

Yoga has ❝ taught me to recognize the power in my breath, and to fill my body with oxygen to relax and rejuvenate.


SoFit: I saw a video of you teaching on your website, picking up marbles with your feet? IB: Oh we were playing a game called Yoga Toes. We had to see how many

and rejuvenate. It teaches me to be grounded, literally binding me feet to my yoga mat. Whenever I bring my awareness to my breathing I instantly get more relaxed and grounded. SoFit: Your business Cool Karma Kids is thriving! How did you start? IB: I had been teaching yoga kids for a while, but I wanted to branch out and brand my program. I liked the idea of Karma – it means action. “Kids in action” is what I was thinking, and there are so many cool studies of how yoga is helping kids deal with stress in school – so I named it Cool Karma Kids. SoFit: What do you enjoy most about teaching children? IB: Kids just…it’s that sparkle in their eye. They are just bundles of wisdom. I feel like I am contributing to their growth. The kids tell me, “Isabelle, I did the breathing exercise before my test the other day and it

marbles we could pick up with our toes. In that class, I was raising funds for the children in Haiti, following that devastating earthquake. It was part of a large effort, by yoga kids teachers, to raise money to help the children there. SoFit: What’s next for Cool Karma Kids? IB: I would eventually love to hire and train new teachers. It’s exciting to think about how many communities we could access with more help. SoFit: IZ Biz Incorporated? IB: Exactly! Right now I teach everywhere. I do birthday parties, preschools, and daycares. Mostly with children three to twelve. SoFit: How can someone contact you about your program? IB: Go to my website to learn more. SoFit: Rumor has it you are working on some other projects as well? IB: Three actually. I am writing a book called Daddy Daughter Day. I think it’s so important for daughters to spend time with their fathers. I feel so lucky to have that relationship with my Dad. I am also working on project with my Dad to end world hunger. Please visit www. to learn more. I have just completed some initial concepts on a hush-hush project with a very popular talk-show host…so stay tuned! SoFit: We’ll be waiting!

w w w. s o l a n o f i t . c o m

body body

Research Shows

EXERCISE Keeps Money in Your Wallet By Curves

In today’s uncertain economy, families are looking to cut back on any expenses that seem like a luxury or even the slightest bit frivolous. One of the items receiving scrutiny in many households -- and in the media -- is gym memberships. Yet a growing body of evidence suggests that cutting that gym membership may be exactly the wrong move for even the most cash- strapped family.

exercise, and that staying fit and maintaining a healthy weight can contribute to significantly - reduced risks for various cancers (by as much as 60 percent!), diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and many other debilitating conditions. Here are some other great reasons to head to the gym: xercising with others can "greatly improve your exercise adherence." It's much easier to stick to an exercise program when, you have accountability -- from trainers and coaches, friends, or both. (University of Georgia Department of Kinesiology and Health)

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, inactive adults have significantly higher direct medical casts than active adults, and the costs associated with physical inactivity increase with age.



“To put it in perspective,” said Pamela Dennis, owner of the Curves women’s fitness center in Fairfield, “for every dollar you spend on wellness, you save as much as five dollars on illness.” Curves has partnered with major health Insurance and third party providers--including Healthways, SilverSneakers, AARP, and Blue Cross Blue Shield--who see huge financial benefits in wellness programs and offer reimbursements and incentives on Curves gym memberships to their plan to members. For example, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota recently completed a landmark study that found that people who went to the gym at least eight times a month had significantly lower healthcare costs than those who did not. These frequent gym attendees had: · 39 percent fewer visits to the Emergency Room · 41 percent fewer hospital admissions · 18 percent lower overall claims costs In an era where many have no health insurance at all and those who do have higher co pays, a gym membership may be the most affordable way to keep health care dollars in consumers' pockets. This will become even more important in the near future, according to researcher IBISWorld: As baby boomers pass through their 40s and 50s, healthcare costs are forecast to rise dramatically. Everyone knows that the human body thrives on regular

xercise is like Miracle-Gro for your brain and can make you smarter by releasing chemicals that cause neurons to branch and connect in new ways. New junctions between neurons are the basis of learning. (Kristin R. Wehner Keffeler,


xercise may make you a better worker - by as much as 15 percent, according to a study presented to the American College of Sports Medicine -- and enhances time-management skills, mental performance, ability to meet deadlines, mood, and interactions with co-workers. (


xercise directly reduces stress by decreasing the production of stress hormones and increasing the production of endorphins your brain's "feel good" neurotransmitters. (MayoClinic. com) Exercise pays you back double: Each hour of exercise adds two to your life. (Harvard Alumni Study)

"The research is clear: Exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weight can save not only your life but your money as well," said Pamela Dennis. "Your health is your most precious asset, and not taking care of it is going to cost you more in the long run."

“Your health is your most precious asset, and not taking care of it is going to cost you more in the long run.” SolanoFit Magazine


body body

Build a


better backside (Glutes and Hamstrings)


he major muscle in the buttocks is called the Gluteus Maximus. Its large size is one of the most characteristic features of the muscular system in humans. And while both sexes admire a developed derrière, a firm backside serves a much

greater purpose than just being the object of another’s adoration. The buttocks are structured with the power of maintaining the trunk in the erect posture. And like all muscles in the body, the backside is meant to be used. As the adage goes, use or lose it!

Don’t forget that the glutes aren’t the only muscles back there. Several other muscles work in concert with the glutes to perfect a powerful long lean line. Start these exercises to really kick your hiney and your hamstrings into high gear!

Ron Goss.....Before! November 24, 2009

Weight: 230 lbs Body Fat: 22% Muscle: 179 lb Height: 6’ 0”

Health Education & Training Center 424 Executive Court N. Suite C • Fairfield CA. 94534

(707) 863-9620

Located next to Solano Community College

Rons Goal : “He just wanted to get his Body Weight below 200 lbs.”

Personalized & Group Training Your Body Works Offers Sate of the Technology, Equipment and Personal Training to help you accomplish all of your Health & Fitness Goals TRX - Cybex - Startrac - Power Plate and MORE......

Therapeutic Massage If deep Tissue Therapies such as Sports, Accupressure or Neuromuscular work is what your looking for, then look no further. We have all your pain Management and injury prevention needs covered. Locker Rooms & Showers Provided!

Multi-sport Training & Coaching Still dreaming of finishing a Marathon, 10k, 5k, or maybe even a Triathlon. Your Body Works offers Certified Coaching combined with the support of our experienced staff & Athletes. FREE Clinics every week.!


Ron Goss....Today! Weight: 203 lbs Body Fat: 12% Muscle: 179 lbs Inches Lost: 13.25 “Ron never thought he could run more than 2 miles because of knee pain. On July 25, 2010 Ron completed his 1st Half Marathon and plans on completing the California International Marathon December 5, 2010.

w w w. s o l a n o f i t . c o m


body body Warning: Go light on the dumbbells (if you use them at all). These exercises can be “sleepers�. In other words, you may feel okay, at first until you go to sleep. These have been known to cause rude awakenings, so take these exercises slowly, drink plenty of water, and finish the workout off with a gentle and slow stretch.

Straight Leg DeadLift Grab the dumbbells and let them hang naturally with your arms at your side. Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Have a gentle bend in your knee just to take the tension off the knees, but not a full bend. Hinge at the hip, bend forward, and flatten out your back. Look up and come back, by pulling with the hamstrings, keeping the legs as straight as possible without locking the knees. You may get a little tension in the lower back, but you should primarily feel the work in your hamstrings. The key is performing the exercise properly, by pulling with the hamstrings, and keeping your chest up as high as possible. Repeat this exercise for up to 8 repetitions in one set, depending on your fitness level and personal goal.

Step Up Use a solid platform or step. Beginners should use a standard stairway-height step; more advanced athletes can use a platform just under knee-high. Step up onto your whole foot. Lift the body up with the first leg, rather than pressing off with the floor foot. With the first foot, step back down at a controlled speed, then follow with the other foot. Alternate feet from one step to the next (right up, left up, right down, left down; left up, right up, left down, right down). Use a steady pace you can maintain for the whole time. Pay close to attention to your knees as you step up and down. Ensure that your knee tracks directly over your toe (at times the weaker knee may try to shoot inward or outward). SolanoFit Magazine


Give Thanks

Give Back

P.O. Box 2016 Suisun City, CA 94585


Solano Hearts United

Give Thanks Heather HouseGive Back P.O. Box 2016 Suisun City, CA 94585

Children’s Nurturing Project

Meals on Wheels of Solano County

Executive Director: Debbie Davis (707) 422-0464Solano Hearts United Give Thanks Give Back

Executive Director: Michael S. Garver (707) 425-0638

CNP Provides the following services P.O. Box 2016 and programs Heather House for Solano County families: mental health (0Suisun City,Infant CA 94585 5), Home Visiting, Parenting support and education groups, developmental screening, support and resources for families with special needs children, homeless kids outreach, child development screening, school-based Child Assault Prevention workshops, and the upcoming Solano County “Baby Coach” mother mentoring program.


Our mission is to provide nutritious meals, daily contact from dedicated volunteers and to support independence while promoting the social, physical, Heather House and emotional well-being of seniors. We serve seniors age 60 and older. Our central kitchen prepares over 12,500 nutritious meals a month. We provide both meal services in the cities of Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun, Vacaville, and Vallejo in Solano County.

Heather House


Heather House of Solano County

Mission Solano Rescue Mission

Executive Director: Linda Mahoney (707) 425-0638

Executive Director: Ron Marlette (707) 422-1011

Heather House provides temporary shelter, food and case management to the homeless. The shelter has 24 beds for families and single women. Clients receive assistance in job searches and in locating permanent housing, as well as life skills training which includes budgeting, parenting and nutrition. Prospective clients 16-years and older are required to undergo drug testing and background checks before being admitted to the facility and must remain drug-free throughout their entire stay (maximum 60 days).

Mission SOLANO Rescue Mission has successfully met the basic necessities of the homeless and poverty stricken population since 1998. Its vision has been to provide long-term residential treatment for homeless addicted men, women and children in order to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty in Solano County.

w w w. s o l a n o f i t . c o m


Give Thanks

Proceeds to benefit: Heather House Mission Solano Children’s Nurturing Project Meals on Wheels of Solano County

Give Back

Solano Community College/ Suisun Valley Road Registration: 7am-8am 10k Run: 8:30am 5k Run: 8:40am 5k Walk: 8:50am

For Registration & Info visit: Thank You Sponsors


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body body


better backside (Shoulders, Back and More)


trength is sexy. But too often we neglect the group of muscles primarily responsible for the strength our bodies can generate. From the muscles in our shoulders to our calf muscles, we use our back muscles for everything from lifting

to sneezing. Studies show that 70%-85% people will experience back pain in their life. It is currently the fifth most common reason for physician visits in the United States. Don’t be a statistic. Fortify your back muscles with these simple exercises.

Standing Row Stand with both feet hip-width apart facing the machine or device. Choose a weight that you can comfortably pull towards your body for 8-12 repetitions. Begin by slowly and steadily pulling the cable towards your chest. Activate your core strength and try to limit any swaying as you conduct the exercises. As you pull the cable back, imagine pinching a nickel in between your shoulder blades, Hold that position for two seconds and return to the starting position. Remember to press down and retract your shoulder blades throughout the movement.

Seated Military Press Grab a weight that you can do 8-12 repetitions with at a minimum - if you’re a beginner go even lighter than that. Keep your back straight up and down. With the weights in hand, lift your arms up to your shoulders and rotate the palms away from the body. This will be the starting point of the movement to working the front, medial and rear head of the deltoid. Push the weights straight up and over your head. Slightly touch them together. Just as you exhale on the way up, its important that you inhale on the way down, focusing on your breathing and keeping your posture nice and tight.


Single Arm Cable Oblique Twist Got to add some core! With a soft bend in your knees, stand with both feet hip-width apart facing away from the machine or device. Choose a weight that can comfortably push with one arm. Begin by holding both cables at full arms extension in front of your body, under the tension of the weight selected. As you hold one arm fully extended, turn back toward the machine slowly and let the weight stack pull your elbow toward the machine. Feel the twist in your oblique. Keep your elbow parallel to the ground but just beneath your shoulder as it gives toward the machine. Return to the starting position by using your oblique to untwist you back to the starting position and then press your arm out to meet the other arm still facing forward. Repeat with the alternate arm. Be sure to retract your shoulder blade, and press your shoulder down to prevent it from rising when you get tired.

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Build a

mind body


are a variety of resources in Solano County that you can explore to widen your friendship base. Don’t think that a good friend has to be a carbon copy of your interests. A good mix of similarities and differences makes a friendship interesting. Just think about activities or hobbies that a friend showed you, that you now enjoy.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Remember that developing good friendships does take some work, but with so many health benefits to our well-being, it is well worth the effort. Just recall the old saying: to make good friends, be a good friend. Now go find yourself a balcony and cheer on a friend!

By Colleen Hutchinson


ou probably know that good friendships are good for your health. But did you know that good friendships can save your life? It’s true. With a little help from your friends you can live longer. New research from a ten-year Australian study found that older people with a large circle of friends were 22% less likely to die during the study period than those with fewer friends. In a similar study of 3,000 women with breast cancer, researchers discovered that women without close friends were four times more likely to die from the disease than women with 10 or more friends.



people in a balcony constantly



A circle of close friends and strong family ties can boost a person’s health just as much as exercise, losing weight, or quitting cigarettes and alcohol psychologists say. Tasha R. Howe, PhD, associate professor of psychology at Humboldt State University, agrees.  “People with social support have fewer cardiovascular problems and immune problems, and lower levels of cortisol -- a stress hormone.  People with social connections feel more relaxed and at peace, which in turn produces greater health.”

Colleen Hutchinson is a good friend. She is also a full time teacher at Rolling Hills in Fairfield, California. Amongst other talents she currently serves as executive director and founder of Solano Young Professionals Group, a professional networking group that focuses on relationship building and career development. Contact her at 

Moreover, having good friends significantly reduces the chances of depression and anxiety disorders. How do you know you have a good friend? Good friends are like people in a balcony constantly cheering you on. They are those that offer support and encourage you to break through tough times. They provide an emotional bond, interdependence, and a relationship that thrives on its own. Good friends encourage you to take better care of yourself,” says Sheldon Cohen, PhD, a psychology professor at Carnegie Mellon University. “People with wider social networks report higher self-esteem, and more control over their lives.” Need to make more friends? Join a community group that supports a cause that interests you. From volunteer activities to networking groups, and from church groups to walking clubs, there

SolanoFit Magazine


mind body

The Holidays are coming… the HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!

creating all the foods you remember from childhood, but with zero calories. Or when you savor tasty delights, make a commitment to take a walk. Let Mindful Eating be your mantra for holiday meals. What aromas do you want around the house? I love the smell of pine, but don’t buy cut trees anymore, so a soy pine scented candle can be my substitute. How about you? Think about soothing visuals that are connected to positive experiences. Perhaps, it’s a White Christmas with snow, remembering gift opening rituals, baking cookies, or the beautiful holiday decorations.

By Linda Lawless

What does the Holiday Season mean to you? As children we participate in all the rituals and events. If we focus on making this Holiday Season the best, we might help one another rise to the occasion, like flying geese that buoy one another with the strength of their individual wings. So how do you start?

Start with Yourself

The first step to a happy holiday is to envision what it would be for YOU. With the stress of the holiday season, I often entertain the idea of a world cruise that takes me away from it all…but most likely I’ll stay home with family and friends. Since the only person I can change is me, I’ll bring ALL of me to this season, body, mind, and spirit. If I am in a good place, I can bring that to others.


Ask yourself, what would create a sensually happy holiday? That might be a problem if you want to enjoy the special food and drink of the season and not pile on 20 pounds. The key here is quality, not quantity. Pour over cookbooks and fantasize about

How about music? Does anyone sing “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” better than Bing Crosby? Create a holiday music collection you can play at home, in the car or anywhere you might want some soothing sounds.


It’s time to reframe old memories that don’t make you smile. Reframing is a mental technique that is much like reframing a picture. Using the power of your mind imagine new holiday ideas. Maybe this is the year the adults make donations to charities instead of exchanging gifts.


You probably have your own spiritual traditions. Now is the time to embrace them.

Set Limits

Make a list of for whom you want to buy a gift. Think creatively, assign a budget, and start early. Head to the second-hand store to see what treasures you can find. Search the Internet or take a trip to an artist gallery. Homemade cookies, candy, jam, or other treats can be an excellent gift. It is critical that you maintain an open dialogue with everyone in your holiday world about your plans. Be as open and honest as you can about your limits and desires. Yes, the world cruise still calls, but I would prefer to take it with family, friends, and my dogs. So until there is a cruise line that allows dogs, I’ll be at home keeping the light in the window for others to warm themselves. Linda Lawless LMFT LMHC is a psychotherapist in private practice in Vallejo and Benicia CA. For more information on Reframing or how psychotherapy can help you, visit Linda at


w w w. s o l a n o f i t . c o m

mind body

WINTER got you By Debra Milinsky

S A D?

When those hot, sultry, end of summer, dog day blahs morph into mood indigo, winter blues… could it be “SAD” (Seasonal Affective Disorder)?


ome September, do you find yourself feeling a bit depressed and tired with less energy as daylight hours shorten? As days of diminishing sunlight begin, marking monthly October, November, December and January holidays, do you feel increasingly hopeless and notice your mood darken with each passing day? Do you find you just can’t concentrate, can’t finish required tasks, can’t get a restful night’s sleep? Maybe you feel more anxious and irritable these days. As year-end pressures build to get everything done at home and at work, do you find yourself in a hurry-up-and-collapse riptide? All you want to do is withdraw, sleep all day and surrender to that urge to hibernate until spring. Has your resolve to take regular aerobic walks and get over to the gym fallen off your schedule? To stay alert, you snack on carbs and candy for quick energy, and are shocked to see you have regained that layer of unwelcome winter weight it took all summer to lose! If you notice these emotional and behavioral changes arrive as summer fades to winter, and this trend lasts for at least four weeks with a predictable pattern for at least two years running, you might be experiencing SAD. It has been reported that 14% of people living in northern climates are affected by “winter blues,” and estimated that 6% of the US population experiences a more intense, protracted “Seasonal Affective Disorder” or “SAD” (Rosenthal, 2006.) Less common but just as disturbing are seasonal mood symptoms in the spring when increasing sunlight brings debilitating anxiety, “over-exposure” and need to withdraw. Sensitivity to seasonal changes and biological cycles are fundamental facts of nature that affect all organisms large and small, animal and human. Adapting to environmental change is essential for survival. Animals appear to respond more predictably with distinct seasonal rituals for mating, migration, food gathering and storing, and hibernation. Demands of modern life with advancing technology have dramatically changed the way we live and work, undermining circadian rhythms and psychosocial needs for attunement

SolanoFit Magazine

You ain’t been blue, no, no, no;

You ain’t been blue ‘til you’ve had that mood indigo. That feelin’ goes stealin’ down, down to my shoes While I sit and sigh, “So long, blues.” Mood Indigo Lyrics by Mitchell Parish Music by Duke Ellington and Barney Bigard

and regulation in favor of “24-7” schedules that wreak havoc on personal health and family life. Environmental effects and particularly the loss of natural sunlight, was immediately brought home when Dr. Norman Rosenthal, moved from his native South Africa in 1979, and discovered that his own seasonal mood symptoms intensified during his first northern hemisphere winter. Along with colleagues at the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland, he began a several decades-long study of how brain chemistry varies with mood, developing the Seasonal Pattern Assessment Questionnaire (SPAQ), to diagnose adults with this form of mood disorder.

3% of US children ages 9-17... suffer from seasonal depression This seasonal mood screening tool differentiates winter blues from SAD based on subjective responses in six areas: length of sleep, social activity, mood, weight, appetite and energy level. Research indicates that people living in the northern hemisphere are much more likely to suffer from winter blues and more severe SAD symptoms. Studies also show that women are more likely to have SAD than men, which may be linked to hormonal changes between menarche and menopause and other psycho-social factors that show women are twice as likely to be diagnosed with depression than are men. Children and teens also experience SAD. It is estimated that 3% of US children ages 9-17, or approximately one million children and adolescents, suffer from seasonal depression, making this more subtle symptom as common as ADD/ADHD (Rosenthal, 2006; Carskadon and Acebo, 1993.) If you notice that your child or teen has a pattern of beginning each fall semester with great promise until attitude and performance take a nose dive by Halloween, then seasonal mood and behavioral consequences may be the culprit!

What you can do if you think that you or a family member may have seasonal depression? There are a number of options ranging from “do-it-yourself” life-style changes to seeking professional consultation. Anticipating the impact of seasonal changes and stepping up self-care with greater attention to sleep, healthy diet and exercise, is always a good place to start. Prescribed light therapy to augment decreased hours of natural light during winter months and cognitivebehavior therapy (CBT) offer significant relief for many SAD sufferers. Anti-depressant medications to regulate serotonin and dopamine levels can make a difference. A combination of light therapy and routine exercise to prevent seasonal symptoms and improve mood was also an effective combination for many study participants (Leppamaki, 2006.) When it comes to diet, exercise, medication and psychotherapy, one size does not fit all. Many of life’s problems are managed and resolved within a supportive and resourceful community of family and friends, personal resilience, and with the “tincture of time.” When distress is seasonal, lasts for a number of weeks and months, and when symptoms emerge that disrupt work, school and family life, professional consultation can offer new perspectives, resources and skills that quicken the healing process bringing relief from uninvited symptoms and suffering. REFERENCES: Carskadon, Mary A., PhD, and Acebo, Christine, PhD, Parental Reports of Seasonal Mood and Behavioral Changes in Children. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 32:2, March, 1993. Leppamaki, Sami, The Effect of Exercise and Light on Mood, Academic Dissertation. Helsinki, FINLAND: National Public Health Institute, Department of Mental Health and Alcohol Research, University of Helsinki, Department of Psychiatry, 2006. Rosenthal, Norman E., MD, Winter Blues: Everything You Need To Know to Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder. New York: Guilford Press, 2006. Smith, Laura L., PhD, and Elliott, Charles H., PhD, Seasonal Affective Disorder for Dummies. Indianapolis, Indiana: Wiley Publishing, Inc., 2007. ON-LINE RESOURCES: Depression and Related Affective Disorders Association website (Maryland, USA) Seasonal Affective Disorder Association website (Steyning, ENGLAND) Online resource for current medical and health research and information. MDJunction, an information and social networking site


Debra Milinsky, MSW, LCSW, is a licensed Couple and Family Psychotherapist in private practice in Berkeley and Vallejo. She has worked extensively with adults, teens and children from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and sexual and gender identities. Email her at © Copyright 2010 Debra Milinsky, LCSW


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By Terry Jacobsen


ifty years ago, a simple novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, made its debut.

This story about speaking up for what’s right caught the imagination of the American public. It became a modern classic, transforming the way generations of people think about justice and redemption. Across the globe and 40 years later, Dai Sijie’s novel Balzac and the Little These are just three examples of reading’s power, which can be echoed a Chinese Seamstress captivated readers with his descriptions of 1970’s China, a thousand times over by people reminiscing about country gripped by Mao’s “re-education” process. The their favorite Dr. Seuss book, a searing memoir like story’s heroes, two young boys living under extreme “ a few books can completely Dave Pelzer’s A Child Called “It”, or the pure escape of adversity, find inspiration in old French books hidden change the lives of individuals. The Harry Potter’s world. away in a suitcase. Dai has said that his intent was to “show how a few books can completely change the Cultural Revolution is merely the The Solano County Library is ready for your lives of individuals. The Cultural Revolution is merely transformation, be it for your own escape, or for your backdrop of this story.” the backdrop of this story.” child, your parent, or best friend. Will it be cookbooks How can books make such a difference to people? International literacy expert and renowned children’s author Mem Fox says it all starts with reading aloud to our babies. Research confirms young children who are read to enter school more prepared for learning to read on their own, with enhanced vocabularies, and imaginations larger than their own small world. In her preface to Reading Magic, Fox states ‘Now let’s get on and change the world, one page at a time.”

that take you to Tuscany or craft books that bring out your inner artist? Or do you want to stop by the Literacy Department and volunteer to help someone just learning to read? We have tickets for just about any destination you might choose. Welcome aboard! Terry Jacobsen is the supervising librarian for training and virtual services at Solano County Library. 

Feel good. Volunteer.


Change a life through reading by becoming a Solano County Library Literacy volunteer. The Library’s literacy program is looking for volunteers to teach reading and English-speaking skills to adults.Volunteers who read to children in clinic waiting rooms are also needed. If you have a couple of hours a week to help make Solano a more literate community, please call 784-1526 or go to for details.

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If nothing soothes your stress better than a pint of ice cream, you’re not alone. Emotional eating is one habit than can calm your nerves, but harm your health. Others include smoking, excessive use of alcohol, overspending and compulsive gambling. Even excess caffeine contributes to health problems.

When Soothing Your STRESS Harms Your Health By NorthBay

“All addictions work on the pleasure center of the brain,” explains Lara Charneco, MD, an internal medicine physician at the NorthBay Center for Primary Care in Green Valley. “Your body releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that provides temporary feelings of enjoyment.” While you may understand the longterm harm excess eating does to your health, when you’re stressed, you just don’t care. “It’s hard to see the possible harm that’s a long way off when you’re seeking an immediate, short-term benefit,” Dr. Charneco says. “And when you’re going through a stressful period in your life, it can be very hard to break a bad habit.” Here are some of the unhealthy ways people deal with stress, and suggestions on how to lessen their impact: Emotional eating: Using food as a crutch is very common and creates a vicious cycle of gaining weight and struggling with a negative self-image. Obesity is linked to diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease, back and knee pain, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. To battle emotional eating, change your food choices. If you tend to grab a box of cookies at the end of a stressful work day, try eating an apple instead. Go to a “green” diet of fruits and vegetables, which will give you an immediate lift while reducing your calorie intake. Avoid drastic crash diets and diet pills. You didn’t gain weight overnight and you don’t need to lose it overnight. Smoking: Reaching for a cigarette and the immediate hit of relaxation that follows is another all-too-common stress reliever. Over the long term, smoking is linked to multiple cancers, cardiovascular disease, emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). “Smoking is a strong, physical addiction that is incredibly difficult to stop,” Dr. Charneco says. “Even though the longterm health damage is clear, I often advise my patients not to try to quit smoking during a time of high emotional stress. Try to work through the problem at hand, and then redirect your energies toward Lara Charneco, MD

SolanoFit Magazine

quitting when things have improved.” Instead, try to cut back on the number of cigarettes you smoke or limit the times that you smoke. Drinking alcohol: Having one glass of red wine may be just what the doctor ordered, but when one becomes several, you are heading for trouble. Alcohol has an immediate relaxing effect on the body, but it’s actually a depressant. It increases your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol, memory loss and impaired decision-making.

Drinking caffeine: Spending time at the coffee house is a popular, relaxing pastime. A few cups are even beneficial to your health. However, caffeine is a drug, and it’s possible to become addicted to it. Many people use caffeine to energize the start of a new day, and then return to it throughout the day to avoid a “caffeine crash.” Too much can impair your sleep cycle and actually increase your stress. It can increase your heart rate and blood pressure. The best advice: Drink in moderation. Compulsive spending: We’re all familiar with “retail therapy” – the joy of the purchase that replaces stressful feelings. But shopping can be another shortterm stress buster. When the bill comes, the financial stress of paying the bill far outweighs the thrill of the hunt.

“Just wanting to stop a behavior is not enough...”

Compulsive gambling: For some, gambling is an addiction that ruins personal relationships and leads to financial catastrophe. Like compulsive spending, stress tends to increase compulsive gambling, as the gambler gets into the “zone” and becomes numb to outside influences. Gambling is an impulse-control disorder, and the gambler can’t stop without professional help. How can you get help for harmful habits? You may know you have a bad habit. The scale doesn’t lie, nor does your monthly bank statement. But “knowing” is not enough. “Just wanting to stop a behavior is not enough,” Dr. Charneco says. “You have to be motivated to take that first step.” Many people are not sure what that first step is, or, they may be afraid of failure. And sometimes they have to admit that they can’t handle their problem alone. That’s when their physician can help them make a plan or lead them to a useful community resource. Some addictions are so strong that professional help is necessary to quit. Organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous and Gamblers Anonymous are very successful in guiding their participants out of addiction. Joining a diet group like Weight Watchers can offer inspiration for someone struggling with excess weight. “The goal is to make permanent, healthy changes in your life, one small step at a time.” 


food body

Go RAW this By Angie McKinsey

should be truly thankful to live in Solano County. The diverse farmland provides a healthy variety of local food for your great holiday meal. Suggestions and recipes in this article will guide you to a healthy, fresh, local, and partly raw holiday meal. 32

For the past few years, my husband and I have been exploring raw recipes and incorporating them into our lifestyle. This holiday season will be no exception. You don’t need to live on a farm to grow your own produce - a small yard for a garden will do.

Free-Range Poultry as Main Meal Chickens were introduced to our farm five years ago mainly because we were yearning to have our very own homegrown eggs. Then we began incubating eggs and, one thing lead to another, and we became a self sustaining poultry farm eating and selling our own chicken meat and eggs. Two years later, we decided to try raising heritage turkeys. We purchased a dozen Bourbon Reds, a rare heritage breed named after Bourbon County, Kentucky

in the early 1800’s. The Bourbon Red, like other mostly abandoned breeds, was threatened with extinction because no one was breeding it. Now, as a breeder of Bourbon Reds we are helping to sustain the breed. If you purchase a heritage turkey this year, most of which are free-ranged, you will be helping to preserve the nation’s history as well.

Fresh Cranberries Instead of Canned Try not opening a can of cranberry sauce this season. Making it from scratch is fast and easy. Boil water, add a package of raw cranberries and sugar. Cook about 10min. Serve hot or chilled. (Consider a no-sugar substitute by adding grated orange peels and chunks of orange)

A Tasty Local Pesto With so many walnut and olive trees in Solano County, you can make a walnut pesto with local fresh ingredients. It is so

w w w. s o l a n o f i t . c o m

food body easy! Put two bunches of basil, walnuts and olive oil in a food processor and blend to desired consistency and taste. (For a tasty variation, try adding a pinch of salt, fresh lemon juice and garlic cloves. This is excellent tossed with squash pasta.)

Raw Squash Pasta Instead of the traditional squash this holiday make raw pasta. Use a spiralizer with butternut squash or zucchini. Your guests may not believe you when you tell them the “pasta” is uncooked squash. Place the spiralized squash pasta in a large bowl and toss with homemade raw walnut pesto (recipe above). Add sliced tomatoes, olives, onions and other favorite veggies for a completely raw and delicious dish.

Cooking Local Squash

Greens: Making a salad from fresh local produce is the ultimate in enjoying some raw food. For color and variety sprinkle pomegranate seeds or walnuts into the greens. You can also steam some chard, asparagus, spinach or other local greens.

Pomegranates: Grown in Solano County, these are a true fresh fruit for the holidays. It is no easy task to retrieve the seeds but here is a secret. Break pomegranates open over a bowl of water and let the seeds fall into the water. The seeds will sink and the pith (the white material that holds the pomegranate and its seeds together) will float to the top. Freeze leftover seeds in plastic bags. The seeds are a good source of fresh vitamin C and anti-oxidants.

Dessert! – Raw Pies How about a raw dessert? This raw apple pie will be devoured by all. Many of the ingredients are grown locally.

It is easy to prepare. You may want to make two, because this one will bring tasters back for more. For those who are staying away from gluten, sugar, or are diabetics, this recipe lets them enjoy a piece of apple pie and not feel guilty.

What about beverages? Solano County has a variety of local wine to choose from and fresh juice is always good in a cocktail. The house specialty at our home is a fresh pomegranate martini with no sugar added. We often serve water with lemon slices or mint leaves…both grown in our yard. Solano County is a “land-o-plenty.” You will find many farms throughout Solano County that grow vegetables, fruit, poultry, pumpkins, nuts, squash, and much more. Happy holidays and good health! Angie & John McKinsey, Solano County farmers

Butternut squash, zucchini, and pumpkins are grown throughout Solano County. Make a pie, pasta, and even soup! We just love the butternut squash soup recipe recommended by our neighbor, Silveyville Pumpkin and Christmas Tree Farm.

Veggies…so many to choose from in Solano County! Cauliflower: Instead of traditional mashed potatoes, you can make a delicious dish with local cauliflower similar in texture to mashed potatoes. Steam cauliflower until tender and blend in a food processor with a small amount of milk to give it a creamy texture. Butter and salt to taste.

SolanoFit Magazine


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RAW recipes John’s Heritage Turkey recipe 1) Rub turkey with a light coating of olive oil. Sprinkle rosemary, sage, thyme, pepper and salt liberally over the bird, rubbing it into the gaps and folds. If desired, sprinkle some minced garlic and rub that in as well. 2) Place bird in pan upright. You can put bird on a rack to keep it out of the juice that will form in the bottom of pan or set it on a bed of your favorite hard vegetable like potatoes, carrots, or turnips

3) Put something moist in the chest cavity. Wine works great. Quartered oranges or sliced apples work as well. Add some water to chest cavity and a bit in bottom of pan.

Vito’s Apple Pie (Raw)

(from Raw Inspiration: Living Dynamically with Raw Food by Lisa Montgomery, ©Martin Pearl Publishing, reprinted with permission) Crust: 1 1/2 cups sunflower seeds 3/4 cup raisins 1 tablespoon raw carob powder Process all the crust ingredients in a food processor then pat in a 9” pie plate. Filling: 5- 6 medium size apples peeled and cored 3/4 cup raw honey with bee pollen 1 tablespoon cinnamon Juice from 1/2 lemon Dash of clove 1 small banana Handful of raisins Pinch of sea salt Optional: Shredded coconut Put all the filling ingredients in a food processor and blend until small chunks form. Scoop the mixture into the pie plate over the crust. Optional: Sprinkle shredded coconut on top of the pie.

4) Place in pre-warmed at 325-350 degrees. 5) Baste it every now and then. Cover wings and legs with foil if they start to get dark brown too early. Cook until thermometers read 180 degrees.** **A heritage turkey will cook differently than the modern, commercial birds. Put the thermometer in the breast instead of the thigh, or use two thermometers.

SILVEYVILLE PUMPKIN FARM’S SAVORY BUTTERNUT SOUP 1 med. butternut squash    peeled and cubed (4 cups)   1/4 med yellow onion sliced   2 stalks celery chopped   1 T. Butter   1 lg. clove garlic peeled    1 t. sea salt (optional)  


1/4 t. white pepper 1/4 t. ground ginger 4 cups chicken broth 1/4 lb. bacon cut (1/2 in. pieces) 1 green onion (chopped) sour cream & roasted pumpkin

In saucepan sauté onion, garlic and celery in butter until soft. Add butternut squash and 2 cups chicken broth.  Cook until squash is tender.  Add salt, pepper and ginger.  Pour into blender or food processor and blend to puree consistency.  Fry bacon in saucepan then add green onion and sauté until tender, drain grease.  Add squash puree and remaining two cups of chicken broth.  Cook on low for 25 minutes.  Serve warm. Optional: Garnish with roasted pumpkin seeds and a spot of sour cream.

w w w. s o l a n o f i t . c o m

food body Trust your mouth, it’s your key to good tastes and good times.

In 1991

wine sales shot up 44 percent after a 60 Minutes story about the “French Paradox,” suggesting that despite a diet loaded with saturated fat, the French escaped heart disease and by drinking wine, lots of it.

Food Fits By Ann Miller


Local Wine

French paradox aside, the most healthful aspect of wine may be that it encourages us to slow down, gather family and friends, and cook real food, not processed shortcuts. A little vino can inspire us to get out the pots and pans and leave the takeout menus in the drawer. Don’t let anyone tell you that your favorite wine doesn’t “go” with your favorite food - if it works for you, then that’s a good match. However, there are a few guidelines that can help you cut through the overwhelming variety of choices.


Balance the flavor intensity of the food with the intensity of the wine. A delicate fillet of sole works with a bright Sauvignon Blanc, like the one from Wooden Valley Winery, but a Greek stifado stew needs a wine with some backbone to stand up to its meat and spice. Rock Creek Vineyard’s Zinfandel is a good, gutsy choice.

Scan Me A QR Code Up Scotty


Look for flavor notes in the wine that echo those of the food. A creamy Chardonnay will bring out the rich flavors of cracked crab with lemon and drawn butter. Winterhawk Chardonnay, with its hint of late summer pears, is the perfect mate for a shellfish splurge.


Robust meats, like lamb and beef, love the chewy tannins in wines like the Petite Sirahs grown in Suisun Valley. You’ll say “P.S. I love you” to a Mangels Petite Sirah paired with strips of grilled steak over romaine and radishes.


Spicy and fragrant, Asian food needs wine that is fruity and slightly sweet to make it sing. The heat in a Thai salad with red peppers, basil, and mint, pairs well with the honey and peach in the King Andrews Albarino.


Finish a delicious meal with some sliced fruit, a gooey slice of cheese, and a small glass of dessert wine. The folks at Sunset Cellars leave the grapes on the vine till they’re shriveled and sweet for a spicy explosion of late harvest Barbera. Trust your mouth, it’s your key to good tastes and good times. Whatever way you choose to pair, one thing is for sure, wine and food taste best when shared. Ann Miller shares stories about the people who make wine on her blog at 

Is a quick response two-dimensional code readable by QR scanners, mobile phones with cameras, and smartphones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background.

In an instant the QR codes link you to text, video, or product information. Dozens of free QR code applications exist. All the rage in Japan, tech experts believe that the wave has already hit American shores. Microsoft, Google, and several other companies have already adopted the technology, and will soon launch upgrades. If you haven’t seen them yet, you soon will! Sound complicated? If you can take a picture using your cell phone, you can scan a QR code. If your phone doesn’t already have Google Goggles installed, google Goggles and follow the instructions to download it to your smartphone. Each issue of SolanoFit will offer prizes, videos, and useful tips through QR codes. Join the age, and get scanning to WIN! No Smartphone? No worries! Just go to to enter contests!

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Looks at By Shihan Mary Bolz



estern nutrition describes food as containing certain amounts of protein, fat, minerals, vitamins, etc. This information is obtained in a laboratory by analyzing foods, separating them into the component parts and constituents. Nutritional value of a food is a statement of the total chemical compounds before they enter the body. This may not tell you what its effect is once it is metabolized and used by the body. In the East, food is looked at as having certain qualities such as a warming or cooling nature, possessing certain flavors

Another important aspect in traditional Eastern nutrition and cooking is the flavor of a food, utilizing five basic flavors: salty, sour, bitter, sweet and pungent. People often ask, “If I crave a certain food does that mean it

is good for me?” The real answer is yes and no. When a person is out of balance they develop a craving. That craving is a message stimulating us to rebalance. While a moderate quantity of one flavor benefits its related organ, too much of that flavor will overwhelm and damage it. A little salt, for example, benefits the kidneys, but too much will inhibit its action.

Salty: Water element, enters the kidney… flavor moves inward and downward in the body, draining excess moisture



Metal element, enters the lungs…flavor promotes circulation of energy and blood in the body. A balanced diet includes the use of all flavors, with the sweet flavor occupying a central position. Some foods also have a specific therapeutic action. A food may either supplement a particular bodily substance or function or it may reduce the influence of a pathological condition. It is important to know much more about the Eastern way of viewing nature and food, which is based on the theory of Yin and Yang. Since Thanksgiving is coming up, I would like to share a recipe for a fabulous “pumpkin” pie without the use of any white refined sugar, flavorings, or chemicals. It is very delicious. Even the diehard “sugar lovers” say

“If I crave a certain food does that mean it is good for me?”

The five main flavors are as follows:

or acting on the human body in a certain way, describing the effect of what it does to the body once it is eaten. This information has been and is obtained by observing the behavior of the body after a food has been eaten. Nutritional value is stated as a set of energetic properties which describe the actions a food has in the human body. In Oriental medicine, the most important category is the energetic temperature of a food. According to Oriental medicine, a food may be hot, warm, neutral, cool or cold. Temperature of a food in Eastern thinking is a measure of its effect on the body after it is digested. Simply speaking, does it warm us up or cool us down?

Sweet: Earth element, enters the spleen… flavor harmonizes all other flavors


Wood element, enters the liver… flavor stimulates contraction and absorption counteracting fatty foods effect

it is good! Check it out on page 46. Remember to always eat in moderation and get enough exercise, even after that Thanksgiving meal! Chewing your food until it tastes sweet will keep you from overindulging. The Japanese have a saying “Hara hachi-bume.” “Fill stomach 80%.” Have a very wonderful and healthy Thanksgiving! Shihan Mary Bolz is a licensed acupuncturist Master of Science Oriental Medicine Doctoral Fellow, FBU Sixth Degree Black Belt Okinawan Karate and Kobudou 

Bitter: Fire element, enters the heart... flavor drains and dries, improving appetite Creating Wellness

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buybody guide

Murano Glass Jewelry >

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Cute Baggage > If your New Year’s Resolution is to get organized and you like cute bags, then these organizers, luggage pieces, purses, and thermal totes are for you. Choose from multiple designs and personalize any item! Thermal Tote $14, Zipper Pouch $12, Large Utility Tote $30 and Wristlet Wallet $22

Matching necklace and earring are authentic pieces from Venice, Italy. Made in the traditional way for hundreds of years, it is both unique and beautiful! Every item is hand-crafted with passion and care using a time-tested glassblowing technique that has made Murano glass makers worldfamous since the VIII century AD. Now you don’t need to make a trip to Murano to be able to own an authentic piece of art as beautiful as Venice itself. $35 Stop by Bliss to view pieces 117 East F St Benicia 94510 (707) 746-8983

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The perfect stocking stuffer for your Starbucks lover. These awesome “green sleeves” can be thrown in your purse or kept in your car. They come in many different prints, so you will never have to wonder which cup is yours. Great price--$7

Bring ultimate fashion and superior comfort to your wardrobe with organic apparel. Dream Sacks holds the highest standards in organic bamboo growing and manufacturing. Their Uma Cowl Tunic looks glamorous in any color and paired with leggings is perfect holiday outfit. Getting Christmas pajamas? Dream Sacks does organic bamboo pajamas too! The Cleo Gown is comfortable and sexy without leaving you over-exposed. Men’s pajamas, baby clothing, bath and bedding also available. Photos Uma-$86 and Cleo $52 To Purchase go to

Peptide Line Smoothing Serum > Money can’t buy laugh lines, but it can by something to remove frown lines,2C Creation’s #1 seller! Combines peptides with hyaluronic acid and botanicals for the ultimate line smoothing and firming effect. Recommended as an anti-aging product for clients that don’t want invasive procedures such as Botox. 20% off (good through Dec. 31, 2010) >


<Thornton & Sons Jewelers If you know a collector of all things Christmas, this is the perfect charm bracelet. Celebrate the unforgettable moments this season with charms from Pandora in sterling silver, starting at just $25. Available from Thornton & Sons Jewelers in Dixon, Vacaville and Fairfield.

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Late fall is all about

Anti-Aging by

D R A M A De-Stressing By Jennifer Carrasco

Make your eyes really pop out with individual false lashes. Long lashes add volume and length. Sculpt your eyebrows to the T. When you define your eyebrows it gives your face a really sculpted look. Makeup trends will emphasize either eyes or lips, leaving the other neutral. Keep a light clean lip with plush pink, or a light glossy finish. SMOKEY EYES

Getting your eyes ready:

Apply a small amount of concealer under and on the lids of your eyes. Your mineral foundation will set over the concealer for a great primer. Your eye makeup will go on nicer and cleaner, and it won’t smudge.

Lining the lid: Line top and bottom of the entire eye with an eye pencil. Keep the line close to the lash line. If you have a larger eye area, definitely outline from corner to corner of eyes. If your eyes are on the smaller side, line from the middle to the outer edge on your bottom lashes. Shadow time: With a smaller eye shader brush, blend in the pencil line to soften and smudge. Apply a darker shadow on top of the outlined eye and smudge and blend with the shader brush. The shadow will help set the liner and enhance the look of your smoky eyes. To encircle the entire eye area with a natural tone shadow, use a large shader brush and blend outward for a perfect blended eye.

Mascara magic: Always do a nice coat evenly with your favorite mascara. If you want lashes this is the time to apply. Always apply your lashes after your mascara.

HAVE FUN!!! 38

By Karen Layton


hat’s worse for your skin stress or age? You guessed it, its stress! Stress can trigger skin conditions like acne, hives, and eczema. Stress can cause a thinning of the skin and even cold sores. Stress puts the whole body in a state of imbalance, and your skin tells the story. Follow these tips this Holiday Season to avoid premature wrinkling. 1. Commit to positive thinking> The physiological benefits of positive thinking are numerous. Give yourself a head start at beautiful skin, with a positive frame of mind. 2. Don’t Worry Be Happy> Worrying about troubles outside of your control won’t change them. No matter what, focus on solutions and not on troubles. Ask when you need help. 3. Exercise> Walk, run, bike, skip, dip, or hike. A few extra minutes of exercise a day benefits your mind and your body! Park a little further away from the front door of the mall. The walk will get your blood flowing. 4. Eat less fat and sugar> This is hard with all the yummy holiday goodies, but eating nutritious food will give your immune system a boost. 5. Get Some Shut Eye> Stop and rest! Try to get eight hours of sleep each day, or take a cat-nap before the big evening out. 6. De-stress with a facial and a massage> Your skin will glow! Increased circulation will supply a fresh flow of oxygen throughout your body that will last for days ahead! (See the Skin Indulgence coupon for holiday stress buster special!)

w w w. s o l a n o f i t . c o m

looks body

Bliss Salon and Spa

, owned by Cheryl Nielson and Ruben Rivera, is located in downtown Benicia right off busy First Street. Cheryl has been designing hair for over 32 years and specializes in wedding designs. This 1871 Gothic Victorian houses a full service salon and spa. Recently added Tai Chi classes are conducted in the quaint and well manicured backyard garden. The team at Bliss works hard to leave each client with a smile and an impression that will bring them back. Working in the main house is nail technician Donna Piona, a certified master with Creative Products, and stylist Jessie Longren, a master with the Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by Coppola. Esthetician Katie Morrison works out of the cottages and uses Methode Physiodermie Products. Bliss has a resident massage therapist, Cindy Mulks, who specializes in pregnancy massage. A recent addition to the Bliss team is Aaron Irons, who is a well versed massage therapist and is leading the Tai Chi Qigong classes. Bliss does a fabulous job keeping involved in the community. Owner, Cheryl, has invited local artists to hang their work throughout Bliss to help them showcase their art. The lobby of Bliss is home to homemade jewelry by Cheryl, Murano glass jewelry from Italy, and other gift giving items. Bliss is both economical and eco-friendly. Just bring in your empty bottles and fill up on shampoo, conditioner, and styling gel for a low cost. Tuesday-Friday 10:00am-5:30pm and Saturday 10:00am-4:00pm 707-746-8983 |

Skin Indulgence


Karen Layton, owner and esthetician, of Skin Indulgence has been in the beauty industry for 26 years and carries a load of experience. Since childhood she has had a passion for beauty and make-up. Although she has had success in treating teen and adult acne, her niche is anti-aging treatment. Recently, she purchased a Collagen Infused Treatment system and the results will leave you breathless. Karen is an expert in helping you understand your skin needs and find a treatment package for you. Laura Wilcox is a nationally certified massage therapist and has been with Skin Indulgence for the past four years. Her passion for the human body moved her to learn many modalities of massage, such as Thai massage and Shiatsu. Clients do not share the same body stresses, and Lauraâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s extensive knowledge, helps find a treatment package specific for them.

her signature line called, 2C Creations. Also, available at Skin Indulgence is Aromafloria shower gels and body scrubs, Biofreeze Gel, and Essential oils from Aromaland. Handmade herbal wraps are designed and sold by Laura. On Thursdays, between 11:00am5:00pm, come by for shopping and a free paraffin hand dip, 5 minute neck massage, or 5 minute make-over.

This duo work in sync to bring smiles and relaxation to their clients. Often when you arrive at Skin Indulgence you are met with a cup of tea and a friendly smile. When your service begins you are given an opportunity to discuss your needs and expectations, no service given is the same.

Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday by appointment. (707) 425-6511 |

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European Skin Care Clinic and Day Spa has been in the Fairfield community for over 24 years. New owner, Jennifer Carrasco, has kept the same philosophy as original owner Rosina Brown: help clients feel more comfortable and self-confident in expressing their beauty. Rosina’s offers a wide array of services, from full spa treatments to hypnotherapy sessions. The center operates as a wellness center, nurturing and caring for the whole body. Jennifer brings her passions for beauty and makeup to the business by being mindful of her clients and the treatments they receive. Many clients come away from their treatments rejuvenated by Jennifer’s touch, knowledge, and skill. Most of Rosina’s staff has been trained in different European skin treatment methods. They are proud to own The Beauty Defect Repair equipment from Germany. This method succeeds in treating fine lines, pigmentation, acne scaring, and signs of aging. While Rosina’s product line includes their proprietary formulas for skin care and treatment, they also carry spa caliber products lines Clarosonic and Revitalash. They also distribute Jane Iredale, the newest mineral makeup. A spa day at Rosina’s is like no other. You can begin with a massage and facial, add in a hypnotherapy session, and end with a haircut and nail treatments. This is a full service spa with a very professional and kind staff. You will leave Rosina’s with new found energy and appreciation for YOUR beauty. Monday-Saturday 8:30am-8:00pm and Sunday per request 707-428-3444 |

Talk of the Town

Salon is a beautiful establishment located in Historic Downtown Vacaville. Jackie Vassalo, owner and creator, started from the ground up and created a beautiful salon in three short weeks, and now they are celebrating their 3rd anniversary. It has met all expectations and has experienced much success. This flourishing business houses the most talented and experienced group of friendly and committed professionals in the field of hair and makeup. “We truly are a family here. I am so blessed to have such great friends who share the same passion as I do. We get to work together and have fun at the same time” says Jackie Vassalo. All of TOTT’s crew work very well together and all share the same common goal, which is to provide you with 100% excellent customer service and superior quality work in a fun and uplifting environment.


The Professional Haircare products include Enjoy, Alterna Caviar, Morroccanoil, DermaOrganics, Eufora, and more. Services available are top notch cutting, color, perms, event styling, makeup application, facial waxing, extensions, keratin straightening system, men’s haircare needs, Softap permanent makeup, and Airbrush Spray Tanning.  Visit and sign up for their monthly email newsletter to keep up to date with what’s happening at Talk of the Town.   The crew includes: Jackie Vassalo, Rosana Lopez, Jessica Berumen, Jon Pardini, Ginger Norman, Ellen Lippolis, Cathy Gagnon, and Lisa Becker Stop by today and check them out! Sign the guest book and say hi! Don’t miss out on TOTT’s  upcoming event of the year: Workshop Saturday November 6th, in conjunction with Downtown Vacaville’s annual Holly Days Craft & Gift Fair. 707-453-0588 |


Haircare • Brazilian Blowout Straightening System Hair Extensions • Event Styling Facial Waxing SolTap Permanent Makeup Makeup Applications

358 Merchant Street • 453-0588

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Welcome to “Your Financial Fitness,” a column designed to provide a platform for questions on finance and retirement. Each column will address topical questions submitted by readers and generalized for all. See below for submission information. Questions will be selected based on their suitability for this column.

Holiday Financial Stress – Give Yourself a Gift


he holidays are coming. What would you rather be doing right now – leafing through the Hammacher Schlemmer catalogue and planning your wish list, or getting down to planning for a stress free financial future? Duh. Who wouldn’t? But how many years of pleasure are you likely to derive from a weed whacking golf driver or a set of resistant weights underwear? (Check it out – new this season!) No, I’m talking about giving yourself a real gift that surpasses anything on your wish list – peace of mind.

so on and so on. I just don’t have the time right now.” This is indeed a common refrain, but it’s completely inaccurate. What time does it actually take to pick up the phone and dial the referral number for a recommended planning professional? Next- to-no time. This is all you need to do. Make the appointment. Then keep the appointment.

So, my friend Bob says to me, “I’m going to relax and enjoy the holidays this year. Then right after New Years I’ll get serious and take Most of us already have 90% of our financial information in our stock of my financial outlook.” Wrong. Waiting until after the holidays, heads. A seasoned financial professional, who’s logged hundreds if not thousands of hours of interviews with with their promise of sugar plums, overextended individuals in your situation will know exactly schedules, bulging waist lines and credit balances, what information they need and how to go about sets you up for a stressful situation with regard to giving yourself money planning and your future. The time is now. that surpasses anything on your getting it just by talking with you. Make clear to them that you’re ready to make a start, to talk wish list – with them what you’d like to be doing when you Then Bob will say, “I know I should get right on this stop punching a clock. They’ll take it from there. and find out where I stand financially, but I’ve got to get organized before I can even think about a review of it all. It’s a It’s legitimately the first step towards a peace of mind you can’t put a huge hassle. At the very least I’ve got to get my bank and investment price on. And it’s as simple as picking up the phone. statements together; gather my recent tax returns; request my 401K data from the workplace; dig out that old life insurance policy; and But Bob tells me that he’s more inclined to evaluate his own financial what about the coin collection I inherited from Uncle Stymie? And picture. That’s fine, but the strategy can remain the same. If you are your own financial planner, pick a date in the near future when you (and your significant other) are free to meet. Make an appointment. Sit down without distraction and jot down all your questions and concerns. Practical steps of planning can proceed easily from there. Sometimes your tax preparer, or your minister, can be good resources. But to retain peace of mind, avoid consulting co-workers, friends, and family with these sensitive, individual money matters. If you’ll get going on this, you’ll have gifted yourself a truly blissful holiday. Happy Holidays.

a real gift

peace of mind

Jim Riley, a principal of Napa Wealth Management, has an extensive background in wealth management with particular expertise in retirement planning, tax preparation, insurance and accounting matters. Send submissions to 

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Good News About

cervical cancer By J. Linn Daudel, M.D., OB/GYN, on-staff at Sutter Solano Medical Center in Vallejo, CA


dvancements in cervical cancer screening, including improved Pap smears and testing for the human papillomavirus (HPV), have had a marked effect on reducing cervical cancer mortality rates. The message from this is clear: There’s an excellent chance that abnormal cervical cells will be caught early, probably before cancer develops, if you get screened regularly. Most women who have cervical cancer today haven’t had adequate preventive care. All women should start having Pap smears at age 21 and testing should continue until age 65. Pap smears are recommended every 2 years from age 21 to 30. Women over 30 should be screened for HPV. With a normal Pap smear and negative HPV, women 30 and older only need testing every three years. All women should still have annual pelvic exams with breast cancer screening. Depending on the situation, management of abnormal Pap smears includes HPV testing, short-interval Pap smears every six months, colposcopy (examination of the cervix with a magnifying device) and cervical biopsies. Anyone positive for HPV or with a history of an abnormal Pap smear should also get screened annually. Depending on the level of abnormality, annual screening may be needed for 10 to 20 years.

Fortunately, cervical cancer takes a long time to develop; after abnormal cells appear, it’s often 10 years before cancer is diagnosed. With appropriate followup and removal of persistent, high-grade abnormal cervical cells (dysplasia), cervical cancer is preventable. In the event that cancer is discovered, treatment will vary depending on its stage. Treatment in advanced stages may involve hysterectomy followed by chemotherapy given concurrently with radiation. Two-thirds of early-stage patients will be cancer survivors.

Make an Appointment The more you know, the more proactive you can be. For more information on cervical cancer and other topics, visit To make an appointment with Dr. Daudel who practices at 1100 Rose Dr., Ste. 140 in Benicia, call 707-745-3700.

About HPV HPV is transmitted through sexual activity. People who have more sexual partners also have a greater chance of being exposed to HPV. Unlike sexually transmitted diseases, there isn’t a treatment for it, but the body’s immune system can clear the virus to undetectable levels. HPV is strongly linked to the development of abnormal cells on the cervix called dysplasia, which left u n t re a t e d can develop into cancer cells. HPV vaccinations exist for girls and women from ages 8 to 26. These vaccines provide protection against the two strains of HPV most associated with cervical cancer. Vaccination provides the best coverage when given prior to becoming sexually active.


Screening and Treatment It’s important to get vaccinated and begin screening early because cervical cancer is most often found between age 30 and 50. When a Pap smear is abnormal, it doesn’t mean a woman has cervical cancer.

J. Linn Daudel, M.D., OB/GYN


Let the fit experts at Fleet Feet Sports help your sore feet. Fleet Feet Sports Vacaville 354 Merchant Street Vacaville, CA 95688 707.449.9266

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On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: 4 exercises for shoulders (4 reps of each:

standing military press, front raises, lateral raises, rear delts)

3 sets of dead rows 2 sets of pushups (8 reps each) 1 30-second set of lunges


On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: 5 plie squat jumps (stand in wide plie position,

pulse down for 4 counts, jump up and click heels, come right back down for pulses, repeat)

4 exercises for shoulders 3 sets of dead rows 2 sets of pushups (8 reps each) 1 30-second set of lunges


ry this on for size. Pop in your favorite Christmas music jingle and work out to this cheerful routine! Choose the level below that best fits, then see if you can do the exercises just twice a week for starters. If this is your first time working out in a long time, consult a personal trainer for proper technique. Just ask your local gym for a 30-minute consult with a personal trainer. As usual, speak with your doctor before beginning any


On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: 6 bench dips 5 plie squat jumps 4 exercises for shoulders 3 sets of dead rows 2 sets of pushups (8 reps each) 1 30-second set of lunges

to front, side, reverse)

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: 2 sets of pushups (8 reps each) 1 30-second set of lunges On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: 3 sets of dead rows (hinge forward, shoulders

down and retracted, bring dumbbells to navel x8, stand, repeat twice) 2 sets of pushups (8 reps each)

1 30-second set of lunges

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On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: 10 biceps curls 9 triceps extensions 8 hamstring curls 7 single arm rows, switch arms 6 bench dips 5 plie squat jumps 4 exercises for shoulders 3 sets of dead rows 2 sets of pushups (8 reps each) 1 30-second set of lunges

bring left leg up so knee is parallel to right knee, then touch floor behind bench--donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t put any weight on lifting leg-good isolation workout! switch)

10 biceps curls 9 triceps extensions 8 hamstring curls 7 single arm rows, switch arms 6 bench dips 5 plie squat jumps 4 exercises for shoulders 3 sets of dead rows 2 sets of pushups ( (8 reps each) 1 30-second set of lunges

Intermediate: Complete exercises Day 1 through Day 6. Ensure proper form throughout each movement.

1 2 3

8 hamstring curls 7 single arm rows, switch arms 6 bench dips 5 plie squat jumps 4 exercises for shoulders 3 sets of dead rows 2 sets of pushups (8 reps each) 1 30-second set of lunges


Beginner: Complete exercises Day 1 through Day 3. Be sure to give yourself plenty of rest in between exercises.

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: 1 30-second set of lunges (you can vary these

single weight overhead with both hands, elbows pointing front)

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: 11 static leg presses (stand with right leg on bench,

fitness routine.

Advanced: Complete all twelve days in one workout. If you can sing the song at the same time, you are a superhero!


On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: 9 triceps extensions (seated on bench, holding


On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: 7 single arm rows, switch arms 6 bench dips 5 plie squat jumps 4 exercises for shoulders 3 sets of dead rows 2 sets of pushups (8 reps each) 1 30-second set of lunges


On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: 8 hamstring curls using stability ball (lie flat

on floor, legs outstretched with heels on ball, lift hips and roll ball in/out x8 )

7 single arm rows, switch arms 6 bench dips 5 plie squat jumps 4 exercises for shoulders 3 sets of dead rows 2 sets of pushups (8 reps each) 1 30-second set of lunges


On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: 12 medicine ball oblique twists: (sit on floor, legs outstretch with slight bend in knee, lean back 45 degrees, holding med ball, twist from side to side, touching elbows to floor behind you, do 12 on each side; to make more difficult, lift legs up)

11 static leg presses 10 biceps curls 9 triceps extensions 8 hamstring curls 7 single arm rows, switch arms 6 bench dips 5 plie squat jumps 4 exercises for shoulders 3 sets of dead rows 2 sets of pushups (8 reps each) 1 30-second set of lunges


health watch

Gastric Bypass By Valerie Oszu MSN CNM NP Pro-Eft Practitioner

Thirty years ago gastric bypass surgeries numbered a few thousand. Today over 150,000 people go through this procedure each year. Since 2003, there has been an upsurge in these potentially life threatening and life altering procedures. The actual procedure has changed over time, and over the past 3 years more and more parents are putting their children under the dietary knife. Recently, a mother was reported seeking this surgical procedure for her 8- year-old. With a 1% death rate at the time of surgery and 3% rate within the first 14 years, especially for those under 40 years old, it makes one wonder why people are resorting to these extreme decisions?

The question remains why are so many parents looking for a surgical procedure to take care of a problem that could be reversed by lifestyle changes? Is this the “quick and easy” mind set adopted from false health information? Will products loaded with empty calories


Start your own adventure today! Take my 4 week class.

Mon/Wed/Fri at 4:45 a.m. ($199) Or Tues and Thurs at 9:00 a.m. ($135)


CA Licensed PT Assistant, Certified Pilates Instructor

Learn more about this dynamic program Contact us at or (707) 290-3131

and chemicals fill the void of insatiable appetites or a person’s need for belonging? Media MD’s and clever Wall Street ads fuel the desire for quick and easy food. These non-foods actually increase the desire to eat more. Preservatives, dyes, and sugar are just a few of the toxins added to these products. Contrary to current TV ads, the body can tell the difference between cane sugar and corn syrup. Cheap sweetened fruit drinks and snacks are contributing to the obesity, health problems (and emotional problems) in our children.  Lack of exercise, excessive video game time, and toxic vaccines add to decreasing health. Children now receive over 30 injections by the age of 15. Studies show that the cycle of obesity in preschoolers has increased from 8.5% in 2000 to 15% in 2008. At home, little Johnny might dictate what the family eats by throwing a tantrum and demanding to eat his favorite fast food complete with

Recently, a mother was reported seeking this surgical procedure for her 8 year-old.

cookies, soda, and ice cream, while playing video games or watching TV. Guilty parents give in, wanting to make sure their children feel loved. After an exhausting work day with no energy to prepare a healthy meal, parents eat the fast food too. With a lack of exercise at school and home, little Johnny is soon 12 years old and on his way to 200 lbs. Pediatricians warn parents of the risks of diabetes, hypertension, and death, but parents choose the easy way to “fix” the problem and opt for gastric bypass. Differing types of bypass surgeries carry higher risks than others, but permanent nutritional deficiencies are the same across the board including: calcium, iron, vitamin B12, and protein deficiencies. The worst side effect is that gastric bypass robs children of the nutritional foundation that their bodies require. It’s bad enough to see the lifetime of nutritional deficiencies in adults, let alone seeing them relived in our children. Commitment in choosing to be parents means setting a good example for our children by fostering healthy habits. It means eating vegetables, fruits, and organic meats, while getting exercise and proper amounts of sleep to help the immune system fight off disease. We can teach our children about nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction. We owe it to ourselves and the next generation to stay off the operating table so that we can all be healthy members of our society.

Your Life, Your Body, Your Adventure! 44

w w w. s o l a n o f i t . c o m

We Don’t Just Treat Patients—We Care for People It’s important to know that your Sutter clinician is part of a larger team... ...a team that includes clinicians from across Northern California with access to specialty care services that lie beyond our community. A continuum of care that begins close to home is one of the things that make your doctor unique. And while we hope that you and your family never require hospital or specialty care, it’s reassuring to know you have access to those services should you ever need them. 501510A

To find a clinician who will partner with you to provide the unique, personalized care you deserve, visit or call 1-800-4SUTTER.

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Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Basic pie crust: 1 cup of organic whole wheat flour 1 cup of organic brown rice flour 1 cup of organic, unbleached pastry flour Cold water 1/2 tsp. real sea salt 1 tsp. of organic toasted sesame seed oil, optional (You don’t need any oil, but if you like the extra flavor of the seeds and a little good quality fat, go ahead.)

Mix the salt and flours. Sprinkle the water on the flour mixture gradually to moisten it until the dough can be kneaded and rolled out. Bake the crust for 10 minutes at 350 Degrees F. “Pumpkin” mixture: 1 or 2 (depends on the size) Hokkaido Kabocha (Japanese squashpumpkin) cut with seeds and skin removed. Cut in cubes. Cook the kabocha in a stainless steel pan with a pinch of sea salt and enough water to cover, until tender. Add 1 cup of brown rice syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg to taste. Using a mixer or blender beat until soft like pumpkin pie filling. Add kuzu as a thickener and cook another 10 minutes. Cool the filling about 10 minutes and pour into the pie shell. Bake at 375 degrees until the crust is light brown. You may put on sliced walnuts or almonds on top the last 10 minutes. Kabocha is naturally sweet and has a flavor comparable to pumpkins. Don’t be afraid to try this recipe and work with the quantities of ingredients.

f: to s e l No te adm i l l re add t s t m a s i to Chr t l is

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


CALORIE Cowabunga! Don’t mean to ruin the festivities, but take a look at how many calories are packed in these holiday favorites!

Roasted Turkey - 6 oz mixed meat, untrimmed: 1 cup stuffing: 3/4 cup turkey gravy: 1 cup mashed potatoes: 3/4 cup candied sweet potatoes: 1 cup green bean casserole: 1/2 cup cranberry sauce: 1 roll with butter: 2 glasses wine, punch or cider: 1 slice pumpkin pie with whipped cream: 1 slice pecan pie: 1 cup Egg Nog: 1 serving (3.5 oz) peanut brittle: Lindt chocolate truffle ball: 2 shots (3 fl oz) liqueur: 2 small shortbread cookies (1.2 oz): 2 small pieces fudge (1.2 oz):

350 calories 340 calories 375 calories 240 calories 365 calories 180 calories 210 calories 120 calories 200-250 calories 500 calories 500 calories 400 calories 485 calories 80-90 calories 300 calories 120 calories 140 calories

HO HO HEAVY! How to avoid Holiday Weight Gain

‘Tis the season to be feeding! It’s that time of year when delectable treats, and everything sweet tickles your fancy. With so many parties and plates shoved in your face, how can you possibly manage to avoid the Santa sack? Check out these party favors below to avoid the bulge.

1. Aim for seven-a-day

So often we focus on subtracting things out of our diet rather than adding and replacing. Try to eat seven more servings of fruit and vegetables each day. Pledge to eat at least five before you snack on anything sweet. These low calorie treats will ensure that you are less hungry more often.

2. Never go to a party hungry

If it’s good for grocery shopping, it’s good at this year’s Christmas party. If you find that your mouth starts to water just thinking about going to the big bash, slow your roll and grab some raw cabbage. Just kidding, unless you like cabbage. Grab three fruits or veggies of your choice to eat on your way to the holiday party, and curb that appetite before it crashes.

5. Talk more

Conversation is calorie free. Focus on socializing and spend the evening having good conversation. Just make sure all the celery is out of your front teeth…and bring Listerine strips.

6. Only One

If you get tired of people asking you, “to eat something,” choose the smallest plate and decorate it with only one treat per hour. Be careful! Small plates can be deceptive. Building food castles on tiny plates is a party foul for your tummy. w w w. s o l a n o f i t . c o m


Excellent Care with a Unique Approach By Jesús Mena

Babak Mokari, D.O. TUMC Medical Director


first glance, Touro University Medical Center seems like a relatively small clinic in the Glen Cove neighborhood of Vallejo. Yet, unlike many clinics, the doctors here are state-of-the-art practitioners. They have dual roles as practicing doctors as well as professors at Touro University California’s College of Osteopathic Medicine on Mare Island. Touro University Medical Center (TUMC) is a teaching clinic where Touro physician-professors work with third- and fourth-year Touro University medical students to deliver the best care current medical practice has to offer. “In many ways, we are a step above many private practices,” said TUMC Medical Director Babak Mokari, DO. “We have to be. Our doctors are teaching future doctors. All of us have to be well versed in the most current medical practices.” Dr. Mokari takes special pride in the fact that clinic staff and doctors take the time to listen in detail to their patients’ complaints. “These details can provide vital clues in a more holistic assessment of the patient,” he said. The result is that patients do not feel rushed through the more typical 10-minute session they often experience at many doctors’ offices. Instead they walk away with a greater understanding of their problems and how best to treat them. The medical center offers a wide range of services including family practice, internal medicine, pediatrics and osteopathic manipulation therapy. The practice of osteopathic manipulation therapy, or OMT, is a treatment modality that distinguishes TUMC from most other primary care clinics in the Bay Area. OMT involves hands-on assessment and treatment of patients’ various organ systems, predominantly musculoskeletal, as part of an overall evaluation to address certain types of ailments. These treatments can be used to treat neck and back pains, migraines, sinus infections and a variety of

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other maladies whose underlying cause might be a misalignment of the body’s many systems. “Many patients come to our clinic to deal with these kinds of pains and find our treatments to be very effective,” said Dr. Mokari. Odilon Lopez, a Benicia resident, is one such patient who speaks highly of the OMT treatments he has received at the facility.

“In many ways, we are a step above many private practices,” said TUMC Medical Director Babak Mokari, DO.

“We have to be. Our doctors are teaching future doctors. All of us have to be well versed in the most current medical practices.” “I have severe arthritis in my back that is very, very painful, especially in the winter,” said Lopez. Lopez said he had been going to other doctors who mainly prescribed painkillers. The medications helped control the pain, he said, but he found himself uncomfortable with consuming so many pain killers. He heard about the medical center and its unique treatments and decided to try it.

addition to providing ample time for discussion. They also instruct patients in exercises and lifestyle modification to avoid making an existing condition worse. Such preventive care advice is an integral part of how medical providers here address the ailments of all patients. Working together with the community, TUMC health care providers have also participated in the H1N1 vaccination campaign to prevent the spread of this potentially deadly infection. TUMC Director of Pediatrics James Foy, D.O., spearheaded the H1N1 campaign, which vaccinated approximately 4,000 Solano County residents. TUMC is now at the forefront of efforts to immunize babies against pertussis, commonly known as whooping cough, with DTaP injections. “We are one of the first primary care provider practices in the area to adopt the accelerated DTaP schedule, which immunizes vulnerable infants at a younger age,” said Dr. Foy. “The standard immunization schedule calls for completion of the primary pertussis immunizations at six months of age. The accelerated schedule completes the primary series at 14 weeks of age. This difference is predicted to significantly reduce the number of cases, deaths and hospitalizations due to pertussis in infants.” Dr. Foy said he is also preparing to partner with the Solano County Health Department to deliver booster immunizations to adults in the community. Some public officials have warned that California could be in the midst of the worst whooping cough epidemic since 1958. Dr. Mokari said this kind of preventive care and public service is integral to the medical center’s philosophy, which focuses on fostering better health in the community as a whole. “By training our students early on about the benefits of preventive medicine, we strive to create a population of future physicians who believe in and are dedicated to promoting preventive medicine in our communities,” he said.

For more information contact Touro University Medical Center (707) 638-5700  James Foy, D.O., TUMC Director of Pediatrics

“The treatments have been very helpful,” he said. “The doctors here are excellent. Now I am no longer on pain killers. I just have to come back every three or four months for a treatment. It’s a great clinic and very convenient.” Dr. Mokari said doctors here not only treat patients who come with acute and chronic ailments, but also strive to optimize their health to prevent future disease. They try to achieve this goal in multiple ways, which include providing patients written information on their condition in


SoFit Success

Congratulations to Marie Tang


It’s never too late to make a decision for a healthier lifestyle.

ose Big, also known as the Biggest Loser

>WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED ABOUT Weight Loss Challenge, has given many Solano YOURSELF “I do care about myself and I take care of my whole body inside and out. I County residents a reason to lose weight and stay love to share my story and the success I healthy, HARD COLD CASH. As a repeat champion, have found with Lose Big, in hopes I can Marie Tang has lost over 100lbs help one person.”

and is still counting.

She has changed her life and owes much of her success to the support she receives from her coach and support group. As her wallet expands, her body is shrinking…an amazing 69 inches. Marie shares with us some of her tips, tools, and reasons for her dramatic decision.

>BIGGEST LIFE CHANGE “I was able to avoid medications and I’m able to use the nutritional information I’ve learned at Lose Big to inspire others. Exercise has also become a way of life for me.”

>WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING “Friends, family, >YOUR CHALLENGE “Getting motivated and believing and co-workers who knew me when I was I could really do this. Coach Dee and my friend Anna obese have complimented on how much have helped me stay on track and they believe in me.” healthier and younger I look.” >KEEPING MOTIVATED “I remember hearing a fellow >ADVICE FOR OTHERS STRUGGLING “You are participant talk about her 180lb weight loss and I knew not alone, we all need help.” I could do it.”


SportRehab Physical Therapy using Pilates for Rehab

If you are interested in learning more about the Lose Big Weight Loss Challenge go to or call 1-877-82-SHAPE.

AFTER 81 Cernon Street Vacaville


Pilates Studio 48

To share your inspirational story or be featured as a weight loss success contact w w w. s o l a n o f i t . c o m

EASY AND AFFORDABLE [ Medical Weight Loss [ Hormonal Therapy

[ Nutritional Guidelines [ Fitness & Training

Lose Weight NOW! New Body Health & Weight Loss 124 Lincoln Road East | Vallejo, CA 94591

Call 707-557-BODY (2639) Take The First Step To A New You!

I Love MY New Body!

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