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19th Annual

Festival Program April 24, 2012 Portland Community College Rock Creek Campus Portland, Oregon

Participating Schools Banks School District Banks Elementary Beaverton School District Springville K-8 Gresham-Barlow School District Hogan Cedars Elementary Hillsboro School District Free Orchards Elementary Minter Bridge Elementary North Plains Elementary Witch Hazel Elementary Newberg School District Ewing Young Elementary Oregon City School District Holcomb Elementary


Portland Public School District Beverly Cleary @ Fernwood Creston Elementary Duniway Elementary Reynolds School District Margaret Scott Elementary Sherwood school District Hopkins Elementary Silver Falls School District Scotts Mills Elementary Tigard-Tualatin School District Charles F. Tigard Elementary School West Linn-Wilsonville School District Three Rivers Charter School

Coalition of Clean Water Festival Partners This conference would not be possible without the organizing and planning services provided by the

Coalition of Clean Water Festival Partners The Clean Water Festival is a community supported event, organized by a group of public, private, and non-profit organizations, all committed to water and environment education in our region. This dedicated group of individuals and agencies work throughout the year to ensure the festival comes together. • City of Hillsboro • City of Portland Water Bureau • City of Tigard • Clackamas River Water Providers • Clean Water Services • Oregon Department of Environmental Quality • Regional Water Providers Consortium • Rockwood Water People’s Utility District • Tualatin Valley Water District • U.S. Geological Survey


Portland Community College - Rock Creek Campus

School Lunch Drop Off Area BUILDING 3: • School Bus Loading Class Guides meet buses here

• Exhibit Hall • Teacher Resource Center • Splashtastic Stage Show

(along outside wall of Building 3)

OGWA Drill Rig

• Exhibitor and Presenter unloading area


BUILDING 7, ROOM 121 / Lobby:

Check-in (Volunteers, Teachers, Exhibitors, Presenters)


Clean Water Supporters The Children’s Clean Water Festival would not be possible without the generous financial and in-kind support provided by our numerous partners. FINANCIAL SUPPORT • Bureau of Land Management

• Hands On Portland

• City of Hillsboro

• Johnson Creek Watershed Council

• City of Portland, Portland Water Bureau

• Metro

• City of Tigard

• Portland Community College

• Clackamas River Water Providers

• Starbucks

• Clean Water Services • East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District • Oak Lodge Sanitary District


Finally, thanks to all the organizations listed on the following pages that provide great presentations in the exhibit hall and classrooms.

• Regional Water Providers Consortium • Rockwood Water People’s Utility District • Tualatin Valley Water District

Thank you all from the Children’s Clean Water Festival!


26 Classroom Presentations


Water Quality Building 7 – Room 223 Students will have the opportunity to visit different stations in a lab to view organisms commonly found in pond water, river water and drinking water. 2. ASH CREEK ASSOCIATES

Recharge Your Aquifer Building 7 – Room 225 When rain reaches the ground, some of it soaks into the earth. This process “recharges” or “refills” the underground aquifers. We will experiment with different materials (rock, sand, etc.) to decide what makes the best aquifers. We will also discuss why this means that they can also become polluted. 3. CITY OF PORTLAND ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES

Water Cycle Journey Building 2 – Room 108 Follow the path of a water molecule in Project WET’s Incredible Journey lesson. Students track their journey and create a visual map with pipe cleaners and beads. 4. CITY OF TIGARD

Round File the Dog Pile Building 2 – Room 110 A detailed presentation about the impacts of dog poop on our local streams, complete with fake dog poop and tootsie roll treats! 5. CLACKAMAS COUNTY WATER ENVIRONMENT SERVICES

Wastewater Wonders! Building 2 – Room 111 Demystifying the wastewater treatment process with help from Wastewater Wonder Woman! 6. CLEAN WATER SERVICES

River Rangers Building 2 – Room 114 Follow the story of a water drop and learn about the amazing process of cleaning and recycling water after we use it. Discover what YOU can do to help protect water quality.



Ice Age Floods of the Great Northwest Building 2 – Room 115 Ice glacier demonstration, glacial erratic rocks, story of the Missoula Floods and Bonne Floods. Soils created by the floodwaters and discussion on water we don’t think about on our blue planet. Presentation will have a bone from a stegosaurus from the Jurassic Period. 8. JOHN INSKEEP ENVIRONMENTAL LEARNING CENTER AT CLACKAMAS COMMUNITY COLLEGE

Clean Water/Healthy Fish Building 2 – Room 119 How do we know if water is healthy or unhealthy for salmon? Students become scientists as they learn to run simple water quality tests and what makes good water quality. 9. METRO

Bugged by Pesticides Building 2 – Room 120 Students play a lively game to see how pesticides from homes and farms impact water quality and accumulate in food chains. Natural gardening techniques will be discussed as a way to reduce the use of pesticides. 10. METRO

Composting: Nature’s Way of Recycling Building 2 – Room 121 A hands-on look at life in a worm bin helps students see how composting helps reduce the amount of garbage sent to landfills and how finished compost is great for gardens! 11. NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE

How Rain Cleans Your Water Building 2 – Room 122 A quick introduction to meteorology and the hydrologic cycle. A hands on approach to cleansing. 12. OMSI

The Wonders of Water Building 2 – Room 123 Students will be shown the basic properties of water, i.e. liquid, solid and gas; acidity and basicity and other salient information to help them understand more about water 13. OREGON AGRICULTURE IN THE CLASSROOM

Source Relay Building 2 – Room 101 Students form two teams and compete to see who is the fastest and smartest about the SOURCE of their food and fiber. The relay helps students understand that before any produce gets to the store, it begins as a resource or product of the natural world.



Water Bingo Building 2 – Room 128 In the fashion of a bingo game, students will identify the watershed related hints presented on the screen and mark them on their bingo chart. This is not a number bingo, but rather pictures/items depicting day-to-day actions we do that affect the health of our watershed. 15. OREGON DEQ

The Living Stream Building 7 – Room 227 Discover how stream macro-invertebrates are indicators of stream water quality and habitat condition. Students then hunt for live macro-invertebrates in a large shallow aquarium and examine them under microscopes. 16. OREGON GROUNDWATER ASSOCIATION (OGWA)

Groundwater & Water Wells 101 Building 5 – Room 115B Interactive presentation with questions and games. How groundwater supplies are acquired and tapped, water well drilling, water facts and then students check out the Big Rig and Pump Truck. 17. OREGON HEALTH AUTHORITY

Where Does Your Drinking Water Come From? Building 2 – Room 223 Students will learn where drinking water comes from, how it can become contaminated and how they can help protect it. 18. OREGON STATE PARKS

Sneaker Waves and Seagull Poop Building 2 – Room 226 An interactive and humorous look at beach safety. 19. PORTLAND WATER BUREAU

Build a Better Water Main Building 2 – Room 243 Student teams will work together to design and build a small scale water main that avoids conflicting utilities at the best price 20. PORTLAND WATER BUREAU

Groundwater Rocks Building 3 – Room 225 Students will learn about the characteristics of groundwater and aquifers using a three-dimensional groundwater model. In addition, students will explore ways to protect groundwater. 21. PORTLAND WATER BUREAU

The Water Cycle Building 3 – Room 227 Students will journey through the water cycle as a drop of water and discuss the details of water movement around the planet. 8


What is a Watershed? Building 3 – Room 228 This is a hands-on interactive presentation in which the students will assist in building a watershed model while we discuss what a watershed is and the components of a health watershed and the human impacts. 23. TUALATIN VALLEY WATER DISTRICT

The Different Characteristics of Groundwater & Surface Water Building 2 – Room 245 This presentation will cover the different characteristics of groundwater and surface water through a variety of hands-on media. 24. US ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS

Water Safety Building 2 – Room 246 Be safe around the water! Learn water rescue and cold-water survival techniques. Practice wearing a life jacket that fits correctly. 25. US COAST GUARD AUXILIARY

Water Safety & Lifejackets Building 2 – Room 124 Lifejackets, hypothermia, throw don’t go, invasive species. 26. US FOREST SERVICE – MT. HOOD NATIONAL FOREST

Salmon Life Cycle Game Building 3 – Room 229 Board game explores the life cycle of Pacific Salmon. Students learn trails and tribulations that these important fish experience in streams, rivers and the ocean. Watershed and ecology concepts are introduced in a fun game.


13 Exhibitors 1. BUBBLE ACTIVITY

Experience life in a giant bubble! 2. CLACKAMAS RIVER BASIN COUNCIL

Watershed Model Explore the watershed concept with this three-dimensional watershed model. 3. CLEAN WATER SERVICES

Passport for Clean Water Students learn about water conservation, watersheds and pollution prevention and by taking a short quiz. 4. COLUMBIA RIVER INTER-TRIBAL FISH COMMISSION

CRITFC Explore tribal science surrounding salmon, lamprey and sturgeon in the Columbia River Basin. 5. FRIENDS OF TREES

Trees = Clean Water Friends of Trees’ mission is to bring people in the Portland-Vancouver and Eugene-Springfield metro areas together to plant and care for city trees and green spaces. 6. MULTNOMAH COUNTY

Watershed Model Working watershed model to demonstrate the hydrologic cycle using real water to simulate rain on natural and man-made features which drain into catch basins and streams. 7. OAK LODGE SANITARY DISTRICT

Treat it Right! Wastewater model, video of sewer lines, microscope viewing of wastewater bugs. 8. PRIDE DISPOSAL COMPANY

Recycle with Pride! Recycling education.



Are You a Water Conservation Hero? Students will decorate their own water conservation hero back pack tag and learn about easy thing can do to conserve water everyday. 10. TUALATIN RIVER NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE

Wetland Bingo Students will spin a Bingo Wheel which offers questions about wetland wildlife. They will learn about the behaviors and characteristics of wetland wildlife while playing a Bingo card game. 11. US COAST GUARD AUXILARY

Water Safety and Life Jackets Teaching safety on and around the water. Teaching and demonstrating different lifejackets and proper fit. 12. US GEOLOGICAL SURVEY

Water Under Your Feet Groundwater is withdrawn from aquifers beneath our feet for many uses. See the earth through a model that shows the movement of water among the layers of rock and earth you walk upon.


Mosquitoes in Water See mosquito larvae in water before the hatch to flying insects. Learn areas around your home where mosquitoes may produce.


Stage Shows “Splashtastic!”

Join magician Khevin Barnes as “Dr. Wilderness” for a fun-filled stage show featuring music, magic and mystery. This award-winning program salutes “Earth—the water planet” as it dazzles you with amazing science and “natural re-sorcery”!

Snail People

Snail People is good, green, family-folk fun! This multi-instrumental and multi-hairstyle music duo of Mindy Dillard and Eric McEuen, welcome singing and dancing along as they tell an interactive musical story of the journey of a water droplet. Kids leave with more knowledge in their noggins and a tune on their lips!

Water Rock

Musician, Mo Phillips, facilitates an interactive performance that incorporates water and music in a toe-tapping beat. Students are invited to help create music and songs about clean water issues and Mo puts the lyrics to music of whatever genre they choose. Students are guaranteed to leave the auditorium humming an original and memorable water tune.

Khevin Barnes a.k.a. “Dr. Wilderness” 12




Teacher’s Resource Center Located in Building 3 Mall Area adjacent to the Exhibit Hall Resources Available: • Classroom Tools & Props •

Community Resources (to assist you and your class)

Monitoring Programs & Equipment

Field Trip Sites (you and your class can visit)

Trainings on Curriculum & Community Programs

TEACHERS: Be sure to register for door prizes for the classroom!

... And many more resources to help you get started or continue teaching your students about the importance of water both in and out of the classroom.


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Children's Clean Water Festival 2012  

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