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CALL FOR APPLICATIONS Dear all, The SOFIMUN Foundation is kindly inviting you to join the second edition of the student conference Sofia International Model United Nations 2009! The Sofia International Model United Nations conference will once again gather more than 100 participants from all over the world in the beautiful city of Sofia, Bulgaria! The conference is open for participants from all over the world, aged between 18 and 30.

What is SOFIMUN? SOFIMUN is a conference for students, interested in international relations, politics, social and cultural sciences, economics, journalism and similar. SOFIMUN is a realistic simulation of the work of the United Nations Organization. The SOFIMUN Conference gives students the opportunity to discuss global issues with participants from all over the world.

Why to participate? y y y y y

Gaining academic experience and knowledge on how the UN and the international politics actually work Improve your debating and negotiating skills Offer your vision and solution on global issues Expanding your international network Participate in various social and cultural activities in a multicultural surrounding

What SOFIMUN offers you? y

5 United Nations bodies to participate in – UN Security Council, UN Human Rights Council, UN Peacebuilding Commission, Disarmament and International Security Committee, UN Development Program, International Journalism Body (10 world medias in 7 languages)


Fully covered - hotel accommodation for the conference days, 2 gala dinners and lunches during the session days; conference materials


Lots of additional activities - “Carnival of nations” (presentation of your country of origin), receptions, guests and lectures on UN; active social program

Meet the world on SOFIMUN 2009 – The Sofia International Model United Nations conference!

REGISTER NOW! WWW.SOFIMUN.ORG Deadline for applicants who require visa- April 30th 2009. Deadline for applicants who do not require visa – May 15th 2009.


Join SOFIMUN- meet the world !