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5 Easy ways to grow

If you´re a housewife and you ´re preparing the dinner and you need some vegetables, but you realized you don´t have them and you need to continue cooking, and you don´t have time to go to the supermarket to buy some.. you don´t have to freak out because, well my eassy can help you to avoid this kind of situations, that probably had happened you more than once. Hello! I am Ms. Veggie Veggie Vegetable, I am a proffesional home vegetable farmer, so below I will give you some information, details or an advice for how you can grow your own vegetables in an easy way from your home. You know there are a lot of vegetables, that some of them required specific type of soil and weather, so we need to detemined the area we will use. You can grow vegetables in the graden, in tha kitchen or in a specific are of your hosue. We can start talking about the potted vegetables. These ones don´t need a lot of space and they can be such as tomatoes, lettuce or peppers. You just need a pot, prepare a soil mix with organic material that you can buy them in a garden shop. Once you have all this, you just have to make sure it recieves 5 or 5 ours of sunlight each day and water your pots frequently. The rule is “the bigger the better”. Also easy way to grow vegetables is the method named hydroponics or soilless culture. This process allows plants to grow and produce without using the soil. For example, in a glass of water you disolved the





needs( that you can buy in a garden shop), and you leave the glass with the seed. After a short time you can see it grew a little and has the root so you pass the plant to the land, and then you will have your vegetable.

In addition there´s the traditional garden plot. This one deals with your yard, depending, of course, in the amount yo wish to plant. You might remove trees or another plants and prepare the area with compost. After that you just need to add the seeds and take the plantation with the necessary care. If you live in an apartment or in a condominium you also have the opportunitty to grow vegetables. This type of vegetables is called Windowsill Vegetables. For this ones you need to buy planting spots, potting soil and seeds. Fill the pots with the potting soil and leave the space to addthe seeds. Put the pots in the windowsill and the water according to the instructions of the seeds. Finally, after all the methods above, this will be an example of how you can grow beans. Anyone can plant beans because they are very popular and easy to grow, you just need to know that it doesn´t like cold, you have to feed them with organic fertilizer and at first you have to make a hold, drop the seed and cover them with compost, and leave them until they grow and for sure you are going to get a lot. If you know how to grow vegetables, it totally would be a good advantege. Why? Because buying vegetables in the supermarkest, most of the time isn´t cheap so if you know how to do it, you will save money at month, as well as you will garantee that you and your family are going to eat very healthy. Besides that it also can be a good agriculture buisness and can be a good activity that you can share with your family all together. So put in practice all this methods and obtain thousands of vegetables and resolve that emergency situacions in an easy way. I hope my article can help you! Thank you for reading it. Says goodbye: Ms. Veggie Veggie


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