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Nicolaus Copernicus My first visit in Athens,Greece

I was welcomed in Athens! • The pupils of 94th Primary School of Athens studied my life and my work and prepared this poster about me.

Workshop on “Olympic Truce” • When I arrived in Athens,the pupils of 94th primary school of Athens invited me to attend a workshop on the Olympic Truce with them.We put on “PEACE” T-shirts, we sang,we danced,we met a Greek Olympic Champion,we carried the Olympic torches of London and Beijing and we finally got our diplomas.

Making ‘koulouri’ with my new friends. • Considered classic Greek street food, koulouri are the perfect on-the-go breakfast. They're round breads which are sometimes plaited, with lots of sesame seeds on top. People rushing to work often buy one of these for breakfast with a cup of Greek coffee or a frappe.

We read about the origin of Koulouri and wrote the recipe.

Some of my new friends coloured my portrait for me.

Museum of Ancient Agora • I “visited” the Museum of Ancient Agora with the pupils. • Τhe Agora museum is housed in the Stoa of Attalos, a reconstructed building of around 150 B.C. The characteristic feature of the museum is that the exhibits are all closely connected with the Athenian Democracy, as the Agora was the focus of the city's public life.

Museum Brochure •

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Before our ‘visit’ we made a brochure with all the important information about the museum.We included things like: Opening Times Tickets Access Photos

These are the brochures we’ve made.

Look at me in front of the Museum of Ancient Agora in Athens

You can see how happy I am here!

I will never forget my new special friends at 94th primary school of Athens.I had such a great time with them! Goodbye!

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