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This is the St. Louis Galleria Mall.

Every day, people roam its floors, stopping in store after store, spending dollar after dollar.

The shopper feels overwhelming desires to purchase a 500 dollar leather bag, a cashmere scarf, a fur vest.

She breezes through the stores, sipping on an iced mocha latte while shifting shopping bags onto her shoulders, chiding her children to keep pace.

She pauses as she walks and looks at the store window. It is a masterpiece. It’s no surprise people stop in their tracks and feel this overwhelming need to purchase that scarf, that dress.

The Shopper is never going to embody the perfection that these stores create. She is never to going to look as good in that dress as the size zero mannequin posing on the pedestal.

And yet, she goes back to the mall again and again, and falls for the same trick every time.

People of the Mall