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Detailed Fee Structure For the MCAT Exams MCAT which is also popularly known as Medical College admission test is conducted to assess the problem-solving skills critical thinking skills as well as the practical and theoretical knowledge of the students of medical background. There are various zones according to AAMC for the MCAT fee. Each zone has a different time period and a different deadline before which the candidates are supposed to get the registration is done and paid their due fee for the registration. These zones are classified into 3 categories: 1. Gold Zone: If you are applying for the gold zone then you have to pay your fees approximately a month or more before the exam. Step 1: At the time of initial registration the fees required is 310 US dollars. Step 2: Incase due to some Emergency you wish to get your date on your test centre reschedules** then you will have to pay a fee of 85 US dollars. Step 3: If you wish to cancel your registration of MCAT fee for the MCAT exam then the cancellation refund will be for 155 US dollars. Step 4: The international fee** for the candidate is 100 US dollars. 2. Silver Zone: In case of the silver zone, the due amount of MCAT fee should be cleared three to four weeks prior to the date of exam. Step 1: For initial registration, candidates are due for 310 US dollars. Step 2: If the candidate wishes to get their date of the exam for the centre of the exam rescheduled then MCAT fee of 145 US dollars is to be paid. Step 3: Please note that there is no cancellation refund. Step 4: The international fee** of Silver Zone is 100 US Dollars. 3. Bronze Zone: The registration MCAT fee structure of bronze zone is quite different from that of gold and silver zones. Kindly note that the payment of the fee in bronze zone should be made one to two weeks prior the date allotted for the exam. Step 1: The initial registration fee for bronze zone will be 365 US dollars. Step 2: It is very important for the candidates to know that there is no option of getting your exam centre for the date of the exam rescheduled. Step 3: In case the candidate wants to get their registration for MCAT bronze zone, cancelled then no refund will be made. Step 4: The international MCAT fee ** for the bronze zone will be also 100 U S dollars.

The amount due for the MCAT fee is not included in the initial registration fee charges and no refund will be made at the time of cancellation. It is very important that you should keep a check on the deadline dates of your registration according to your zones at regular intervals. The international size will not include Canada, the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Guam. Rest all of the provinces, countries and territories will be included in international sites.

Detailed Fee Structure For the MCAT Exams  

The MCAT fee structure for the academic year 2017 according to the three zones is discussed here. Gold zone, silver zone, bronze zone and th...

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