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01.11 - 08.16

Selected Works Sofiahawa Abi Ashraf Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Design University of North Texas


04 - 07

21st Century Learning School of the Future

08 - 11

Alpine House Summer Break Design Project

12 - 15

Training Center Modeling

16 - 27

Healthcare Environments Professional Work Experience/Samples

28 - 41

Education Design Professional Work Samples

42 - 51

Beyond Studio

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21st Century Learning Who seriously believes that locking 25 students in a small room with one adult for several hours each day is the best way for them to be “educated”? In the 21st century, education is about project based learning, connections with peers around the world, service learning, independent research, design and creativity, and more than anything else, critical thinking and challenges to old assumptions. From research and case studies developed during my final year design project, Trimble Tech High School was a study model to answer some of the questions we individually had to come up with. “What does work require of school?, What is stimulus rich learning environment? and How can a cell and bell school system be transform into 21st century learning framework?.” The project pulls its many spaces together and formed a solution to create small learning communities within the school.



3 4 5



6 10 7


Ceiling Acoustic ceiling tiles Acoustic ceiling bulkhead Lockers Garage door

6: 7: 8: 9: 10:

Learning studio Storage / AV room Soft seatings Exit / Stairs Circulation




Living Room View






LEGEND. Kitchen View 1: 2: 3: 4:

Indoor/Outdoor Living Family Room Kitchen Master Bedroom

5: Guest Bedroom 6: Bathroom 7: Laudry Room 8: Mechanical closet

Alpine House Inspired from a road trip through Arizona, Alpine House is conceived on the idea of a perfect dwelling. What makes a home comfortable and practical? The house is special in the way it interacts with the outdoors. Integrated using basic geometric shapes, the center portion of the house serve as a connector between two private units. This center part of the house, an open and airy space is convertible; creating indoor and outdoor living spaces at the convenience of its occupants.

Determinant design factors are represented in this sequence of diagrams. Simple geometric shape combined together to create the Alpine House.

Site Analysis

Training Center The assignment was to create a structure for a training center on the site of a resort. We were given a program consisting of the number of rooms, purposes, occupancy levels, loose square footages, and brief furniture requirements. We individually choose our locations and the entire outcome of the project was fully designed on our own. This model was selected with two other student works to be showcase at Gensler’s Dallas office for an annual Gallery Talk of 2011.

Images © RTKL Associates, Inc.

Baylor Medical Center at Waxahachie Project Type:

New Medical Center


Waxahachie, TX


267,000 sf

Interior Design:

RTKL Associates, Inc.


Construction Administration, Submittal

Review, Art Selections and Coordination,

Exterior Furniture Specification,

Interior Plants Procurement

Images © RTKL Associates, Inc.

Images © RTKL Associates, Inc.

Images Š th+a architects, Inc.

Canine Companions for Independence Project Type:

New Medical Center


Irving, TX


18,743 sf


th+a architects


3D modeling, Rendering,

Furniture Selection and Procurement

Images Š th+a architects, Inc.

Images Š th+a architects, Inc.

Surgical Services & Health Center Project Type:

New Medical Center/ New Tenant Finish Out






th+a architects


Schematic Design, Space Planning,

3D modeling, Rendering, Furniture and Finish


Images Š th+a architects, Inc.

Little Free Library/Libros Libres is a Dallas literacy and community design initiative that uses free book exchanges to build community and promote a culture of reading. These small neighborhood book shelters operate under the guiding principle of “Take A Book, Leave A Book�. All libraries are 16 in.

publicly accessible and books are free. 24 in.

10 o

shelf depth 24 in.

16 in.

Conceptual study of the Turning and Learning LFL

6 in.

6 in. 24 in.

shelf module |

24 in.

36 in.

bench extrusion |

cap shelf |

Little Free Library Project Type:

Extra Curricular Activities


Classroom Setting/ Jerome McNeil Detention Center




RTKL Associates, Inc.



The steward for this LFL opportunity is looking for a way to naturally entice students to read and interact with books. The LFL needed to be dynamic and unique so that it captivates the student’s attention. The turning form and the accent color create a dynamic LFL that is fun to interact with but also be seen from all point of view in the classroom. The LFL was conceived as a variety of component that can be independently built, in order to later allow students and teachers to assemble it on site.

Students assembling Turning and Learning LFL

Traditional LFL is highly susceptible to topple-over if pushed.

LFL is brought down as a square for stability.

LFL is divided into bookshelves, which are typically associated with books.

Multiple shelfs are introduced so that the LFL can be used beyond books.

The LFL turns 10 degrees at a time to allow viewing from all sides of the classroom.

Color accentuates the form and adds much needed vibrancy to the current Classroom.

Process of Turning and Learning LFL

Images © Huckabee, Inc.

Tippit M.S Project Type:

School Addition & Modernization


Georgetown, TX


40,846 sq


Huckabee, Inc


Designer - Schematic Design, Scope to

Budget, Space Planning, 3D modeling,

Rendering, Finish Selections

With the goal of modernizing the learning environment and updating the 1980s campus, Georgetown School District sought for a forward thinking approach to 21st century learning. Academic and collaboration areas within the school will provide students with a flexible space where they can work as a class, as a group or independently. Learning space will be adaptable, with the ability to be reconfigured from day-to-day depending on curriculum. Building addition includes a new fine arts wings, new administrative suite and new library with a learning stair.

Images © Huckabee, Inc.

Images © Huckabee, Inc.

Images Š th+a architects, Inc.

Cabell E.S Project Type:

Personalized Learning/ Renovation


Dallas, TX


40,846 sq


th+a architects


Designer - Schematic Design, Scope to

Budget, Space Planning, 3D modeling,

Rendering, Finish Selections

Dallas ISD are implementing several of its schools a Personalized Learning (PL) concept; a one-size-fits-one approach to instruction that (1) taps into each student’s strengths, needs, and interests to customize learning and (2) supports student voice and choice in what, how, when, and where they learn to ensure that all students achieve at their greatest potential. At Cabell Elementary, learning environments include more technology and open classroom areas for better flow, movement, and interaction utilizing a blended learning model.

Images Š th+a architects, Inc.

Elevation @ Collaborative Corridor

Flooring Pattern Study @ Collaborative Corridor

Nathan Adams E.S Project Type:

Addition/ Renovations


Dallas, TX


50,000 sq


th+a architects


Designer - Design Development, Finish

Selections, Construction Documentation

Beyond Studio A few things I enjoy outside of work and studio include sketching, travel, cooking, nature and photography.

Seashell Form Study

Marker Rendering

Big Bend, Texas 2015

New York City, NY 2014



AutoCAD | Revit | Sketchup | Podium |

Honors + Awards


College of Visual Arts and Design Scholarship


Charn Uswachoke Design Grant

Lumion | Illustrator | InDesign | Photoshop | Newforma

The grant provided airfares, housing, and ground


transportation for two interior design majors to attend

hand drafting | sketching with pen, marker

the 2013 Group for International Design Education

and colored pencil | modeling by hand |

Conference (GIDE) in Ljubljana, Slovenia and a chance


to participate in annual charrette attended by design students from 7 European Universities.


Recipient of the Ray & Georgia Gough Fund Scholarship


Gensler Gallery Talk One out of 3 students among 50 other from University of North Texas Design Program selected to showcase architectural model at Gensler’s Dallas Office.

Contact 979-248-6698 Thank you for your consideration!


12.15 - 08.16

Huckabee, Inc.

05.14 - 11.14

RTKL Associates

Produced construction drawings, design

Participate in the construction administration of

alternatives, 3D modeling using Revit and

projects and review of submittals and samples

SketchUp, collaborate with interior design lead

using Newforma, perform routine checking and

and architects from schematic design through

verification tasks, maintains resource materials

construction documentation, research furniture,

library. Primary project was Baylor Medical Center

fixture, equipment and architectural finish materials

at Waxahachie.

based on design and functional criteria.

11.14 - 12.15

th+a architects Produced design development packages, construction drawings, design alternatives, 3D renderings, furniture and finish selections, and revised sheet sets. Involved in collaborative design within house. Primary project involved DISD School Bond projects and Health Clinics for a private client.

10.13 - 05.14

Dement Designs Assist project designers with development of design solutions, perform routine checking and/ or verification tasks, researches and selects colors/finishes/materials, create 2D and 3D presentation renderings, perform site survey and documentation and participate in client coordination meetings.

Interior Design Portfolio  

Selected works from studies at University of North Texas and professional experience.