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Sofia G. Gutierrez Romero. Portfolio.



One of the sources of my inspiration are every day objects and their forms. I like to make representations that are feminine and minimalistic. Through my sketches I try to investigate such possibilities. Also, I like to explore and use clothing designs from different periods of fashion history. I like to sketch with different materials and techniques, such as, watercolor, china inks, digital illustration and markers.

China ink.

China ink

Watercolor and china ink

Watercolor and china ink

Watercolor and china ink

Edward VII 1901-1910 dress.

Origami dress. Watercolor and china ink.

40’s styled shoe. Marker on paper sketch. Digital illustration



I like to experiment with pattern-making, materials and forms. I choose this dresses carefully, in order to represent my interests and passion for always trying different techniques and push me to discover new possibilites.

Origami dress

This dress is made out of origami moths and hummingbirds. I used them because of the opposite meanings they represent in Mexico. The moth represents bad luck. It’s believed that if a moth goes into your house, a relative will die. On the other hand, the hummingbirds stands for good luck. If you see one near your home, be sure good news will come.

Jacquard coat

Rattle dress

This dress is inspired by a rattle. It is part of a collection of sound based clothing that will be futurelly presented on a runway.

Green Velvet dress

Sta. Sra. De las cosas perdidas Saint Lady of the lost things.

My theoretical research of ‘Pattern Magic’ by Tomoko Nakamichi lead me to design this dress.Along with the dress I created a character that represented a Saint that helped people find lost objects. I includedtoys, lamps, and other found objects.

Geometrical top This top is part of a geometrical design collection that will be part of a runway. The pattern was based and developped from fractal forms.

Dos Lobos Workshop

To acquire experience within administrative work and to support local culture and arts, I opened a workshop called Dos Lobos. I organized different classes like screen-printing, bookbinding and others. I also manufactured screen-printed t-shirts, ballet skirts for BUAP University and uniforms for the roller derby local team upon request. Besides I organized music concerts and art exhibits.

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