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ANA SOFIA SILVA GEITOSO GRAPHIC AND MULTIMEDIA DESIGNER Address: 169 Banbury Road OX2 7AW Oxford | Mobile: 07931382570 Email: | Portfolio:

PROFILE Multimedia and graphic designer with three years of experience, capable of delivering effective and creative work in print and digital. Great interest in interface design, usability and web graphics. Experienced in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Freehand. Good understanding of HTML, CSS and Flash animation. Highly dedicated, motivated and responsible person. Easy learner of new tasks and tools. Looking forward to develop thoughtful, beautiful and creative projects.

EDUCATION MSc in Multimedia Communication at Universidade de Aveiro (Aveiro, Portugal) Sep 2008 to Dec 2010 - Development of web and digital communication projects, applied to different fields: education, organizations, art and entertainment, e.g.: - Project “i-garden”: new web portal focused on web 2.0 technologies. The i-garden aimed to alert to environmental problems through a fun gardening game and great community and social tools; - Project “Tão Balalão”: integrated project to recover and promote traditional games to the children of today. The main point was to integrate physical computing devices (sensors and arduino) into traditional games and toys, making them interactive and connected with the computer; this would allow new and fun ways of playing the old games. - Final thesis subject: Developing the interface of a new e-learning website for PT Inovação (major Portuguese telecommunications company). This final project included theory and research about user interface design, usability and interaction. The practical work included organizing the information and defining the structure of navigation followed by the development of the actual interface and all its graphical elements (wireframes, buttons and icons design, colour study, typography). A prototype was built and user tests were applied, discovering the faults and strengths of the interface. - Average grade: 16 (in a 1 to 20 scale). First degree in Design (4 years degree) at Universidade de Aveiro (Aveiro, Portugal) Sep 2002 to Jul 2006 - Conceptual and global approach to project development with great emphasis on teamwork. - Development of global design projects, including concept, naming, branding, product and all communicational supports required to present the idea, e.g.: - Project “XS”: new concept for a city transportation; XS would be a really small car/motorcycle, suited to travel inside the city without parking problems. The project included the development of concept, name, brand, tagline, leaflet and animation to present the idea. - Project “Maisqueperfeito”: development of concept for a new business opportunity that consisted in recovering and creating vector drawings of traditional Portuguese patterns (from tiles, embroideries, ceramics) and bring them to life with new interpretations and designs. The patterns were to be sold online to apply in all kinds of surfaces. The project included the



development of concept, name, brand, new patterns and website interface. Average grade: 14 (in a 1 to 20 scale).

Erasmus Study Program at Università IUAV di Venezia (Venice, Italy) Sep 2004 to Mar 2005 - Development of several projects, both graphic and industry design related. Interior Architecture Degree (first year) at Universidade Técnica de Lisboa (Lisboa, Portugal) Sep 2000 to Mar 2002 - Main disciplines: Geometry, Drawing, Statics and Analytical Architecture. High school Degree at Externato Irene Lisboa (Arruda dos Vinhos, Portugal) Sep 1997 to Jul 2000 - General Course in Arts; - Drawing, Geometry, Design Theory, Art Workshop, Art History; - Final grade: 18 (in a 1 to 20 scale).

WORK HISTORY Freelance Designer at Pearson Education – Education Publisher Feb 2011 (ongoing) Main duties and responsibilities: - Book and cover design for all education levels (from Primary to Higher Nationals); - Page layout and typesetting; - Close work with other designers and editors; - Illustration and image editing.

Designer at Oliveira & Irmão S.A. – Construction materials retail and producer (Aveiro, Portugal) May 2008 to Sep 2010 Main duties and responsibilities: - Development of all printed and digital media, from concept to production: catalogues, brochures, leaflets, packaging, advertising, interactive catalogue, banners, animations, website update. - Close work with Sales and Marketing departments. Designer at Opção Luminosa,- Digital printing and advertising gifts (Venda do Pinheiro, Portugal) Fev 2008 to Apr 2008 Main duties and responsibilities: - Development of images and graphic work for posters, banners, flags, t-shirts, badges. - Experience with digital printing. Junior Designer at Rodi- bicycles wheels and rims production (Aveiro, Portugal) May 2007 to Oct 2007 Main duties and responsibilities: - Development of printed media: catalogue, product decoration, advertising and packaging.


Trainee Designer at LCA Design – Design and Communication Agency (Aveiro, Portugal) Oct 2006 to Jan 2007 Main duties and responsibilities: - Graphic and communication projects. - Collaboration at commercial level and close contact with the customer.


Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and Flash);


Macromedia Freehand


Dreamweaver, HTML and CSS (basic level)


Autocad, 3d Studio Viz (basic level)


Microsoft Office


Mac and Windows operating systems;


Digital / Publishing layout Branding development Interface design Photo retouching & exporting Frame-by-frame animation Vector drawing Image research Pre-printing Fast learner of new tools.


Native Portuguese. Speak, read and write good English. Speak, read and write medium Italian Speak and understand basic Spanish.


Freehand Drawing and illustration. Participation and transition to Phase 2 in the Competition "Lights of the Future 2006 - European Design Competition" - 2006; Participation in regional painting competitions and exhibitions.



Ability to follow directions and work in a very professional and responsible manner. Cooperative and positive attitude, understanding the benefits of a good work environment to meet team objectives.



Proactive and dedicated. Creative and fast learner. Good visual culture Interest in web trends and new technologies Ability to work under pressure Ability to prioritize and manage workload in an efficient manner High attention to detail.

Personal taste for illustration, drawing and arts & crafts.

REFERENCES Rui Palaio – Marketing Manager at Oliveira & Irmão, S.A. Alexandra Pereira – Sales Manager at Oliveira & Irmão, S.A. Luís Pedro - Professor at Departamento de Comunicação e Arte, Universidade de Aveiro Arnaldo Santos – E-learning Department Chief Engineer at PT Inovação Contacts available on request.

PUBLISHED ACADEMIC WORK Article publication "Tão Balalão - Jogos Tradicionais Reinventados", Prisma Magazine, Nº 10 - Special Videojogos2009. Link: .html Final Master Thesis “Desenvolvimento de Interface para Portal de Learning Objects”, Universidade de Aveiro, 2010. Link:


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