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Contests List of contests: 9 Poetry 9Short Story 9Origami 9CDA Idol 9Journalism 9Photography 9Declamation 9Assemblies

Poetry y This contest is for those who want to exprexx their

feelings through writing. Students from every grade should write a poem of any theme and free verse, if want to. 6 poems would be chosen from every grade. Be creative!

y This contest is based on writing a narrative essay

fiction or non-fiction of any theme the students wants to.

Origami y In this contest, students would be given a specific

figure which they should do. Different colors and imprewssionable foldables would dominate the day. Start practicing!!

CDA Idol y This is the time to

express your feelings through the best song ever. You should pick up a song and enter the auditions. Get inspiration!


y This contest is for students who would want to be on TV. You

should make a report about any issue on school and present it to the judges. Choose your best camera and assistant!!!

Phothography y Is the moment to catch the

best episode of the day and take a picture of it! This contest consists of taking various pictures and choose the best one to give it to the judges. Be creative!

Assemblies y This are pictures of the various assemblies that have


Web page y y Here, you can find the different contests for the year

and how to wake up the artist inside‌