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Industrial design and product development engineer Specialized in sustainability

Sofía Garín Martínez



Service design


Product design






aphic design +45 50106773

Philosophy Design is not only a discipline. It is a passion. My mission: to bring together technology and creativity in order to create solutions and make users lives easier. My goal: to address social and environmental issues while creating value in the market through innovation.

Creative Technical Analytical User centered design Cross-diciplinary Team worker Problem solving - solution oriented

My dream job? Be part of impactful projects where the main drivers are innovation, agile strategies and technology.

Focused on: Design thinking


Creativity Co-design Prototyping

Product development

3D modeling Communication and rendering and presentation

Sustainable development


Collaborative approach



keh Sta o

Analysis and research to rephrase problems

p me ro

m ble

User-centered design

Protot y

eptualis c n

ion at


ati Ide on


h & an c r a

sis aly




Participatory methods with

rs e d l


g pin

ct de u d

Concept development

Come up with new Insights studies ideas in collaboration Observations and with users interviews Users and stakeholders Design games build up demands and Participatory design criteria

Developme multi-disciplina Testing proto



An holistic approach that includes socio-technological aspects. A combination of analytical and technological tools with dynamic conceptualization methods and participatory design approach.


pment elo

ent in ary team otypes

As a designer, building up prototypes

As an engineer, observing and exploring new solutions

As a facilitator, developing workshops with various stakeholders

MOBILITY SERVICE DESIGN for Umeå, Sweden How to tackle a sustainable issue attached to people´s practices and behaviour.

Project for the clean energy hackaton, organized by:

Experience and learnings Users´needs and behaviour Communication and branding attached to a well established brand Involve different stakeholders in the project for future development

Challenge Reduce the number of car users in the city. Encrease awareness.


How can we decrease the number of car users in the city? Increase awareness Change people´s behaviour

50% car users 7% bus users 27% bikes

PROBLEMS WITH AIR QUALITY specially in winter!

The city

The target group

Hard winter Good infrastructures for cars Big companies providing car parking slots

Workers / Family members They live in the city (max 20min ride) Money is not an issue

A project for UmeĂĽ government and UmeĂĽ citizens.

Engage powerful companies and institutions

Companies that provide parking slots to workers and have big amount of workers - Hospital - University - Public spaces

Develop infrastructures

Improve public transport services

Take parking slots for public use - Bigger and more comfortable bus stops Car users will pay their bills also in the machine placed inside the bus stop, in this way they will be aware of the new facilities.

Create a warm space where users can get information about public transport and spend the waiting time with other activities. Reading, listening music, getting light therapy... light therapy interactive screen

solar pannel rockwool modules

paying machine

warm space

MODULAR OUTDOOR FURNITURE Modular pieces made out of waste building materials. Increase awareness and creativity and adjust the design to user and environment demands.

Challenge by:

Experience and learnings Innovation and circular economy Product development

Challenge How to upcycle waste building materials,

Linking problems Huge amount of waste in temporary events

Business model based on Product Service System (PSS) Long lasting modular products for renting /leasing and substitute one-use objects The idea

路 Cut pieces of wood in different sizes to get modules 路 Be able to build new objects with the modules 路 Use small pieces and moulds to create new modules 路 Extra assembly material will be needed (i.e. nails, screws, glue...)

Processed clay from bricks and roof tails Recycled wood cutted in modular blocks Processed recycled wood

Combine row pieces with cut ones. For example: temporary workshop for kids, create tables for groups.

A wa incre mod spac differ differ

4 “raw� wood blocks

3 clay modules

5 wooden modules

ay to promote creativity, ease awareness and bring dular solutions that allow flexible ces for temporary events and rent occasions that demand rent kinds of furniture.

Where and when? Beside temporary events, it can be used as a game for kids and adults. Create workshops that increase awareness about the environmental impact with recycled material, and increases creativity.

For example: music festival.

Assembly modules to create: Bench, table, rubbish bin, refrigerator.

Rockwool It could be used to create a cooler

Refrigerator 6 x PieceA Rockwool / Insulation

Rubish bin 6 x PieceA Plastic rubish bag

Table 7 x PieceA+ 12 x PieceB

Bench 7 x PieceA 8 x PieceB


Inspired by circular economy and focused on: design for assembly and disassembly & product service system.




By urban mining and using materials that are already extracted and processed we reduce the amount of ressources and energy that these processes require (from resource extraction, production, manufacturing and transporting). Job creation. Inclusion of local community and citizens in social exclusion. New business opportunity that created capital out of assets whose value was nearly zero.

Carlsberg, draughtmaster system Implement new methods to satisfied user needs and demands.

Project collaboration MASTER THESIS

Experience and learnings Analysis and research for re-design Gather different stakeholders with workshops and games Packaging engineering Design & manufacturing Communication and branding attached to a well established brand 3D printers and prototyping

Challenge Improve the use of the DraughtMaster System (draught beer)

Co-design process Facilitate workshops with different stakeholders.

A new methodology for Carlsberg



Bar owner


Beer customer

Technical service

Sales representative






Analysing the root of the problem made me find out that the key issue was that the end users were not part of the DraughtMaster design process. This allowed me to develop and apply methods that were new for Carlsberg and that promote a solution based on participatory design. PLEMENT IM

Benefi ts about des gin in g WI TH and FOR u ser s


Cost saving

Brand fidelity

Avoid last minute modifications. Develop based on feedback from different actors.

Providing followups and showing interest for users´ opinions creates attachment to the brand & products


FIELD WORK Make models / prototypes



Observations Prioritization game

1 2 3

Deman mands and criteria ria

Gain feedback Make different activities p to generate ideas“Reshape” Assess 1

Users and customers believe in technology and quality


2 3

Participatory design Define

Prioritization game Prototypes as boundary objects Interdisciplinary workshops Feedback from different actors

New packaging

PET / HDPE belt

Prototyping Short term solution with prototypes that were tested by users.

USER-CENTERED DESIGN A recyclable solution that provides a user-friendly interaction. Faster to change keg More comfortable body positions Faster to dispose Possibility to pull the keg out Optimized prices.

Bar owner

Provide 24h service with an App that allows users to keep track of the kegs and the Draughtmaster System. It also provides communication with the technical service.

More than a product, providing a service


Technical support


Beer customer




Quantity indicator

Clean in 2d

40 20 5

Time indicator 10 days



Design clean cooking stoves Improve people´s lives in rural areas. Co-design together with users and empower women by including them in the design process.

Project in collaboration with:

Experience and learnings Use of local materials and prototyping Gather different stakeholders with workshops and games Empower woman by co-designing

Challenge Improve live conditions in rural areas in Nepal.

Co-design process Facilitate workshops and empower women.

Participatory research

Observations and interviews with users of the old stove, were carried out.

Co-design workshops

Gain inputs and opinions from different stakeholders. Use of “boundary objects� such as design games to facilitate communication.

Feedback from experts

Gathering experts from different fields to improve the concepts.

co-op coordinator designers

co-op member co-op president

Entrepreneur Project manager

Successful experience We managed to encourage entrepreneurs and local NGOs to invest time and resources to make a prototype in a small community.


A new design that improves usability, fuel efficiency and smoke reduction.

Chimney cap Chimney Sliding door

Filter tray

Clay base

Fulfilling user´s demands

Redesigning by considering user´s experiences, and opinions.

“Users are happy with the system, it is easy to clean and has a good fuel efficiency. It was also a good idea to place it there because kids and adults can be aware the health and cleaning benefits” Practical Action


Keeping food warm and safe


Cast iron cylinders Combustion chamber Ash drawer Air entrance

Designed for transport. Flat pack for efficiency. A design made for the difficult access in rural areas in Nepal.

See more about the project by clicking here:

Refugee shelter Project collaboration. more than a product Addressing an humanitarian and sustainable issue in a period of war refugee crisis.

Master group project in collaboration with:

Experience and learnings Analysis and research for re-design Gather different stakeholders with workshops and games Materials and manufacturing processes Law and regulations with UN and Danish Refugee Council

Challenge Improve liveability in the refugee camps by redesigning Rockwool shelter.

Co-design process Facilitate workshops with experts in order to share knowledge and co-create

Approach & methodology

Since having access to refugee camps was not possible, we opted instead for gaining information from refugee camp experts such Danish Refugee Council, making dynamic interview with design games in order to gain the maximum information as possible.

Get to know more about the project by clicking here:

Modular design

- It can be built according with the users´ needs - It encourage to use local materials - It keeps privacity

Translucid local material

Sunshade Sunshade, Local materials

Possibility to add an extra module to create an outside shade area. Local materials Straps with hoocks

Door, Local materials.


A structure based on modules that can be chosen by the camp planers. Some of the modules are plain and others have windows in order to bring more light but still, keep the privacy. There are also simple frame modules that allow users to create a canopy with local materials.

AVOID FOOD WASTE How to create new business opportunities for Nordal (Danish furniture company) by tackling an environmental and social issue.

Real case study. Master project collaboration

Experience and learnings User experience research & co-design Food packaging research & design How to introduce a product in the market under a brand´s name 3D printers and prototyping

Problem Too much food waste in Denmark. People do not use to-go bags for leftovers in restaurants.

Co-design process Carrying out workshops with prioritization and sketching games

How to increase the value of to-go food containers? Studying and analysing people´s´ practices and habits. Design of a product that is attached to the user and encourage users to use them in restaurants and therefore, avoid food waste. Inspired by Nordal products. Following the same aesthetics.

Full fill clients demands (Restaurants & cafes).

Vacuum closing system Easy to carry Waterproof Sustainable Resistant Light

Carrying out workshops with prioritization and sketching games

Coffee mug.

Light, resistant and waterproof.

Snack box to go.

Made out of two containers. Main one + Top with extra lid. You can carry, for instance, yogurt separately of muesli.

You can see the full project by clicking here:

VOLKSWAGEN TOASTER Brand image and communication through product design

Experience and learnings Modeling and mock-ups Brand image Renderings Presentations

Challenge How to communicate branding image through design and aesthetics.

Materials Crome Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

Control panel.



LED Status toaster

Crumb tray.

¡ Easy to remove ¡ Easy to clean

Find more by clicking here:

AVOID FOOD WASTE How to create new business opportunities for Nordal (Danish furniture company) by tackling an environmental and social issue.

Project collaboration BACHELOR THESIS

Experience and learnings Analysis and research for re-design Gather different stakeholders with workshops and games Packaging engineering Design & manufacturing

Problem Miljรถ Center want to increase number of users and provide a more ergonomic product.

A green product

A product designed for users. Dimensions made for every member of the family. The components are light and easy to assembly.

Small lid

Top lid


Development of a shape that takes up little space when transporting it.


A good compost.

In order to get a good compost it is necessary to have a good insulation and ventilation.

Discover more of the project by clicking here:

BALANCE LAMP A versatile design that can be used in different situations depending on the light conditions

Tools & skills 3D modeling and rendering - Inventor - Keyshot - Photoshop

Problem Lack of space. Need to use the same lamp on the desk than near the bed.

A personal object.

Structure made with wood and fabric. Possibility to customize it. Wood Simple shape with articulated arm. Fabric The fabric covers the light and transforms the cold light into a warm light.

See more about the project by clicking here:

Mood light

Warm and diffuse light.

Study light

Cold and intense light.

Renewable energy in small communities in rural Peru Engage, empower and create awareness with wind turbines and communication.

Working at:

Experience and learnings Graphic design Photography Video editing Communication & fundings Manufacturing & Co-design

Challenge Increase awareness in rural areas where life is very challenging.

Social media & website

As part of the communication campaign, I also created some graphic resources to be posted in social media and in the website. I tired to involve the various members in the images to give a closer view to the followers. You can see some of the videos I made here: See more about the project by clicking here:


As a result of the social impact project carried by another intern, I decided to show and share these results with some infographics.

ECO-COFFEE, BRAND COMMUNICATION Contribute with a coffee start-up to create more attractive packaging and branding image.

Collaboration with:

Challenge Communicate the importance of the impact of a bag of coffee, and where does it come from.

More projects

Curious about more projects? You can visit

Or you can click here:

Logo design

During my studies I have developed freelance graphic design projects including logos and branding. Design of a personal logo that represents the initials of my first and last name as well as my personality. A mixture of round and sharp shapes that represents dynamism, movement and future direction.

Volunteering collaboration with a music producer. Design of the logo playing with negative spaces and colourful backgrounds.

Several logo proposals for a coffee company based in Bogotรก and aiming to expand to Copenhagen.

Redesign of the WindAid Institute logo. Keeping the corporative colours and changing the style. Three different concepts - Young and lively - Corporative - Dynamic

Photography and video

Passionate about photography, especially in nature and street photography.

See more on:

Take a look to my videos on:

Recomendations Klaus Laybourn Equipment development manager at Carlsberg Group

Søsser Brodersen Participatory Design teacher Phd. Aalborg University


I know her as a very social, competent and engaged person. She has always shown to be a good team member in the different groups and projects. [...] she has been working on social developing projects, using user-centered design and co-design methods enabling her to be excellent in co-designing with different stakeholders [...]

Sofia is very engaged and is not afraid of asking question to be sure she understand the design brief correctly but also taking the questions further to question if the design brief is covering everything that is needed or if there is anything that was not thought true, I experienced this during our many brainstorming sessions with Sofia where she showed her analytical and problem-solving skills together with her creativity. [...] //Find more here:

I would definitely recommend working with her due to her proactive, engaged and hard-working attitude on top of her good designing skills that also provide a creative mindset. //Find more here:

Stuart Llewellyn Electrical Engineer and project manager at WindAid Institute

David Rodriguez Covos Head of project management at HMY Yudigar


[...]. During her work in our company, Sofia became in one of the most dynamic and creative designer I know, being able of developing plenty of new and fresh ideas into designs. Sofia was what we need for this new projects.

What impressed me the most, was her ability to influence my thought process on how I designed and implemented a new component for our wind turbine systems. Along

with another colleague she led us through a user design exercise, which led us to jointly running a community workshop together.[...] Without Sofia’s guidance, it’s unlikely I would have conducted such a process, and arranged an engagement session. [...]

//Find more here:

She has leadership character. In just few months she was able to be an important key members of the team, showing a huge involvement in all these projects. [...]

CV- Resume Work experience

Computer skills 3D modeling

Sep. - Dec 2017. WindAid Institute. Internship. PerĂş.

Design Image editing

Autodesk Inventor Autocad RhinoCeros Solid works Alias Adobe Indesign Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Sketchbook Sony Vegas Keyshot

Developing small wind turbines for rural areas.

Excel Word Power point Outlook One note

Languages Spanish - native English - advanced Danish - module 3 German - beginner

Jan-Jun 2017. Carlsberg. Master Thesis. Copenhagen, Denmark. Redesign and product development of the Draughtmaster System

Sep-Dec 2016. Practical Action. International volunteering project. Nepal. Redesign and optimization of cooking stoves in rural areas in Nepal reducing indoor air pollution.

Jan-Jul 2015. HMY Yudigar. Internship in Technical Office department. Zaragoza, Spain Management, suppliers, office tools (Microsoft) Technical documentation, CAD, 3D modeling.

Aug-Oct 2014. Gretel y Jacinto CAD engineer. Zaragoza, Spain.

Interest Volunteering Spanish tutoring UNYA Copenhagen

3D modeling and 3D printing. Technical drawings.

References, full CV and diplomas available upon request.

Studies 2015 - 2017. Master in engineering in Sustainable Design. Aalborg University Copenhagen. Copenhagen (DK)

2013 - 2014. Erasmus exchange program and Bachelor Thesis. JTH Jรถnkรถping University. Jรถnkรถping (SW) 2010 - 2014. Bachelor in engineering in Industrial Design and Product Development. EINA Zaragoza University. Zaragoza (SP)

Project collaborations Jan-Jun 2014. MiljรถCenter Graphic design Jan-Jun 2016. Rockwool. Sep-Dec 2015. Nordal. collaborations. Master semestre project. Tesis collaboration. Master project. Refugee shelter redesign. Analysis and collaborative design with stakeholders.

Design of a composter. Logistics, branding, and product development.

Design of a composter. Logistics, branding, and product development.

Volunteer associations Music producers


Say Hi! Contact me! +45 81942766

Portfolio Sofia Garin Martinez 2018  

Some of the projects and the methodology I have been developing during the last year and during my masters in Sustainable Design.

Portfolio Sofia Garin Martinez 2018  

Some of the projects and the methodology I have been developing during the last year and during my masters in Sustainable Design.