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Bioengineering in animals KATHERINE MAYORGA 5TH ACCOUNTING

Transparent Frog

What is the Bioengineering? The use of artificial tissues, organs, or organ components to replace damaged or absent body parts.

What the Bioengineering in animals? Is when the genes of two different animal species are taken and a new or modified species is created.

The transparent Frog A research group led by Masayuki Sumida, a professor at the Institute of Amphibian Biology at the University of Hiroshima, created a "transparent frog", whose internal organs are visible through his skin, which prevents vivisection in experiments. It is from a type of Japanese frog called (Xenopus Tropicalis).

It can be seen through the skin's organ growth or the way a cancer appears and develops, researchers can also see how toxins affect the bones, liver and other organs.

implication Genetic manipulation: From rare specimens of amphibians of brown frogs, transparent frogs could be created. They are injected with a fluorescent protein which serves to locate which organs are damaged and perceive their evolution.

Which were the reasons why the transparent frog was created? to detect the study of diseases such as cancer in a faster way and to visualize more easily the changes that occur in the organs when you have a disease such as cancer.

Transparent frogs offer a more economical method to perform different studies of various diseases and it is not necessary to dissect them.

The pros and cons Pros: -Your internal organs are visible through the skin allowing you to track them during your entire life cycle. - Help visually study some diseases and the effect of certain medications without having to dissect them. - You can see through the skin the way in which a cancer appears and develops. - You can also see how toxins affect the bones, liver and other organs making it simpler and cheaper. - It is possible to include a fluorescent protein to study its genes in more detail.

Cons: -They have not achieved that the ability to be transparent is inherited by their descendants. - Their eggs develop poorly, so it is difficult to maintain them for many generations.

My personal opinion These transparent frogs are very useful and interesting because of their type of translucent skin that can perceive their organs without the need of a dissection and can see how diseases are evolving in the frog. But the bad thing is that few survive the experiments through the injection that allows them to be like that.

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The Transparent Frog  

The Transparent Frog