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By. Sofia Orellana lifestyle/celebrity-fashion-trendsto-follow-in-2018/


All fashion trends are generated from an influence exposed by a certain stereotype of people. However, the clothing began to change from the necessities, if they were cold they had to create something to be able to withstand the extreme temperatures and to be able to adapt to the environment in which they lived. Radical changes have taken place around the last few years and that is what we will discuss in today's article. ena12/quincena12_contenidos_3.htm

In the twentieth century, fashion began to evolve and materials began to vary as much as the styles of clothing. We also create the different sizes that we know today in order to facilitate the vidad is each consumer and generate more income to the company that produces them

For the twenty-first century the companies dedicated to manufacturing and creating new fashions have no new ideas for production and the solution that they put to this problem is to renew and modernize old fashions to do something both new and classic. lias-romanas-altasnegras-contachuelas-deoasis_11407415

Today we can see how fashion adapts elements from so many cultures around the world, cultures that probably existed more than a thousand years ago, but even so the designs they made have prevailed until today. An example of this could be the Roman sandals, although the Roman Empire has fallen so long ago they continue to be worn as part of a casual and common dress, an element that every woman should have in her closet

The biggest changes have occurred in women's clothing, The skirts have become shorter and light, shoes with different types of heels, more daring, short shirts or cleavage, we even get to wear pants just like men.

Conclusion We come to the conclusion that the fashions can vary however they are not completely behind, always although a minimum element of a few years ago will come back to make a rebirth to the fashion that according to many had already died. Well, this is my opinion, what is yours? tell us at

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