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MATERADIO EUROPE 2012 Matera ECOC 2019 Candidate city

Materadio 2011 • Last year, we organised the first edition of Materadio, the festival of

Rai Radio 3 • Radio 3 is the radio channel of RAI, specifically dedicated to culture, giving this term an heuristic acception In the unique venues of Matera specifically restored for cultural fruition (caves, parks and arenas), the 3 day programme included: • Classical, Jazz, world music, popular and lyrical concerts • Theatre events involving highly popular artists (Battiato, Petrella, Toni Servillo) and artists from Basilicata • Conversations about Matera and the South of Italy, its identity, its uniqueness and importance for the Italian and EU culture under different angles: religion, visual arts, cinema, literature, philosophy, social innovation, urbanism, science

Materadio Europe 2012 • In 2012, we are extending this festival at European scale • The aim : to speak about European culture and to produce jointly the

European culture

• In order to give an idea and a flavour of the richness and diversity of

the EU culture, we have involved the EU cultural radios and the relevant ECOC and ECOC candidate from the 4 cardinal viewpoints: • • • •

the North (Turku 2011), the East (Sofia candidate 2019), the West (Guimaraes 2012) the South (Marseille-Provence 2013 with its focus on the Mediterranean).

Materadio Europe 2012- the ECOC • The 4 ECOC have been invited along with artists that

have produced or are producing performances for ECOC. • Artists and cultural products that can give the flavour of what happened in the ECOC or what can happen in the candidate. • Artists that will perform and are hosted also for 1 stagein order to confront and interact with the creative community of Matera and its region-. • According to Materadio’s objective: to speak about Europe –

confronting different approaches and cultures on common themes- and produce Europe

Materadio Europe 2012 • When: Materadio Europe will be held from 21 to 23

september 2012 • Where: Materadio will be organised in Matera, involving also Creative centres from the North, the East, the South and the West of Basilicata

Materadio Europe 2012 • Materadio Europe 2012 is based on a rich and dense programme,

including events for all audiences and combining different disciplines (i.e. puppets and research, theatre and lyrical music, world music and dj sessions) and conversations about EU identity and richness (with radio, media and press journalists from UK, France, Germany,Bulgaria, Portugal as well as with policy makers, such as Mr Pittella, vicepresident of the EU Parliament)

• The programme will be implemented in Matera (from 21 to 23) and

in 4 creative centres in 4 cardinal points of Basilicata

Programme On 21, each Ecoc artists will perform in one of the creative centres in Basilicata: • Turku in La Stazione Piccola in Rionero (North) • Guimaraes in the creative centre of Pisticci (East- toward the sea) • Sofia in the creative centre of San Paolo (South, in the National Park of Pollino) • Marseille Provence in Cecilia (the creative centre of Tito/close to Potenza-capital of Basilicata) On 22 all the ECOC artists will come to Matera.

The 21 september • In each creative centre, the programme includes the

performance of the EU artists+ plus the performance of the local artists • All the concerts will be registered and broadcast by RADIO 3 in the next weeks • We hope that also the ECOC radio can broadcast the concerts via streaming or subsequentely • At the same time, the radio can interview the local artists or narrate their impressions of Europe seen from here. Both on 21 and 22.

The 22 september • All the artists and radio journalists are invited to Matera. In Matera, the artists will have a brief session performance. • In cooperation with Representation of the EU in Italy, the director of Radio 3 will interview the directors of ECOC and the journalists on the theme: Culture: is it the best way to build and strenghten Europe?” • In addition, a special radio programme will be dedicated to Turku 2011, Guimaraes 2012, Marseille 2013, Sofia and Matera candidate cities 2019. A phone interview will be made to the ECOC Director and the journalists of the relevant radio.

Materadio 2012  


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