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Ads and TV-commercials

Defining an advertisement 

Read pages 7-8 in the compendium


Do the tasks (in pairs)

Target groups, logos and branding 

In groups – explain the three words.

Read copies

Work with the Cult Commercials

Do the tasks in the compendium

Influencers 

Watch the first 5 minutes of the video on Youtube

Answer the questions in the compendium

Product placement 

Watch ”The greatest movie ever sold”.

Write down 5 new words you´ve learned by working with the movie.

Lady Gaga and product placement 

Work with the two music videos ”Bad Romance” and ”Telephone”. Answer the questions in the compendium.

Create your own commercial 

Read the pages in your compendium before you begin.

Your commercial must last maximum 60 seconds.

In class, we decide which commercial is the best.

Written assignment

Ads and tv commercials  
Ads and tv commercials  

Working with ads and tv-commercials in and grade.