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Invited guest: Imperial College (UK)

MONDAY novembER 11 afternoon 12:00

Registration desk open


Training conferences Orthopaedics

 Disc prostheses: Jean-Marc Vital (Bordeaux)  Posttrauma osteoarthritis of the elbow joint: Michel Chammas (Montpellier)  Surgical treatment of unstable total hip arthroplasty: Jean-Louis Charissoux (Limoges) Patellofemoral prostheses: Sébastien Lustig (Lyon)


 osttraumatic carpal instability: P Christophe Chantelot (Lille) Distal fractures of the humerus with joint involvement: Thierry Bégué (Clamart) Complete tibial pilon fractures: Franck Dujardin (Rouen) Treatment of recent trochanter fractures in adults: Philippe Adam (Strasbourg)

General topics

 Neurological risk in spinal surgery: Christian Garreau de Loubresse (Garches)  Obesity and traumatology orthopaedics: Sébastien Parratte (Marseille)  Coding and financing of orthopaedics-traumatology activity: Sophie Baron (Bobigny) Cell therapy for bone repair: Philippe Rosset (Tours)

Paediatrics  Evaluation methods in paediatric orthopaedics: Elke Viehweger (Paris) Patellar instability: Franck Chotel (Lyon)  Osteosynthesis in paediatric orthopaedics: Benoît de Billy (Besançon) Fractures of the scapular girdle and the proximal humerus: Yan Lefevre (Bordeaux)

Surgical techniques

 Kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty: Pierre Pries (Poitiers)  Surgery of the upper femoral epiphysis in adolescents: Saad Abu Amara (Rouen) Technique for first-intention reversed total shoulder arthroplasty: Cécile Nérot (Reims) Percutaneous surgery of the forefoot: Thomas Bauer (Boulogne)


Inaugural session

TUESDAY novembER 12 morning 08:0012:30 Oral presentations  08:00 12:30  Nicolas Andry Circle lectures Frédéric Dubrana (Brest), Alain-Charles Masquelet (Paris)

08:30 10:00  Round table Aseptic loosening of anatomic total shoulder prostheses 

Gilles Walch (Lyon)

08:3010:00 08:3012:30

Case discussion: Paediatrics Specialty Society: SOFROT (French society for orthopaedic and traumatology research)


Specialty Society: GSF-GETO (French sarcoma group / Bone tumour study group)

10:3012:30  EFORT forum: Fractures of the tibial pilon Thierry Bégué (Clamart)

10:3012:00  Round table Total knee arthroplasty - making the right choice Denis Huten (Rennes)

afternoon 12:3014:00  General Assembly: SNCO General Assembly: CFCOT 13:0014:00  Oral presentations 14:0018:00  SICOT/SOFCOT forum 14:00 15:30  Trapeziometacarpal osteoarthritis Christian Fontaine (Lille), Frédéric Schuind (Bruxelles)


Specialty Society (con’t): SOFROT Best science theses

14:0015:30 Case discussion: Shoulder / Elbow  Case discussion: Tumours 14:00 15:30 Professional session / CNP 14:0016:00 Round table 14:0015:30  Computer-assisted orthopaedic surgery Jocelyne Troccaz (Grenoble), Philippe Merloz (Grenoble)

16:0017:30  Symposium Treatment of displaced supra-, inter- and unicondylar fractures of the distal femur Guy Piétu (Nantes), Eric Vandenbussche (Paris) = translation = speakers

16:0017:30 16:3018:00 16:0017:30

Case discussion: Traumatology / Hand Evaluation of professional practices / CNP CJO, CFCOT and SOFCOT : DESC laureates


WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 13 morning Specialties day AFCP (French association of foot surgery) GETRAUM (Study group in traumatology) SFCR (French society of spinal surgery) SFHG (French society of the hip and knee) SOFEC (French society of the shoulder and elbow)  08:00 10:00  Medical writing OTSR / RCOT / Training conferences 08:0012:30

Director: Philippe Beaufils (Le Chesnay)

10:0013:00  Programme for operative theatre nurses  Programme for physical therapists 10:30 12:30 

afternoon 14:0016:30 Specialties day (con’t) Programme for operative theatre nurses (con’t) 16:3017:30  Programme for physical therapists (con’t) 14:0017:00

THURSDAY NOVEMBER 14 morning 08:0012:00 Oral presentations  Specialty societies 08:00 12:30  SOFOP (French society of paediatric orthopaedics) CAOS (French society for the development of computer-assisted orthopaedic surgery)


What’s new in orthopaedics-traumatology imaging? Hervé Bard (Paris)

08:3010:00 Case discussion: Ankle-foot / Hip Round table 10:3012:00  Tendon disease around hip implants Eric Vandenbussche (Paris), Philippe Chiron (Toulouse)

10:3012:00  Round table Disc prosthesis or lumbar fusion? Respective indications Jean-Charles Le Huec (Bordeaux), Pierre Guigui (Clichy)

12:0013:30  General assemblies: SOFCOT and AOT



afternoon 14:0017:30 Oral presentations  Case discussions: Knee / Spine 14:00 15:30  Round table: Total hip arthroplasty tribology 14:0015:30  Pascal Bizot (Angers), Moussa Hamadouche (Paris)

13:0016:00  Specialty societies (con’t): SOFOP - CAOS Awards ceremony 15:5016:00  Symposium 16:00 17:30  Femoro-acetabular impingement in children and adults Nicolas Bonin (Lyon), Philippe Gicquel (Strasbourg)


Physician accreditation day


Open only for Orthorisq members

Free for Orthorisq members

Registration required

  Mandatory training for accreditation   National training day for risk management in orthopaedic and traumatology surgery

Grand Amphithéâtre – Palais des Congrès de Paris


Abstract submission deadline: Abstract acceptance notification:  Society fees + congress registration:  Final programme:  Reduced registration fees deadline:  On-site Registration: 

= translation = speakers

March 15, 2013 (Web site) June 15, 2013 (Web site) Until June 1st, 2013 (Web site) octobre 2013 (Web site) September 15, 2013 From October 30, 2013

w w w. s o f c o t . f r

Scientific Contribution 2013 Oral presentations - e-Posters For oral presentations and e-Posters from French teams, at least one author must be a SOFCOT member) Abstract submission EXCLUSIVELY via the SOFCOT web site: Extracts from the SOFCOT house rules « Work that has been published or presented at another learned society (other than a SOFCOT partner society) cannot be presented at the congress. » « All oral presentations or e-posters accepted for the congress must be presented personally by the main author or one of the co-authors. The penalty for a no-show is two years exclusion. » Submission implies agreement that if accepted the abstract will be published in the Orthopaedics Proceedings of the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (British), and on the JBJS web site. Consequently, abstracts must be submitted in compliance with the following rules: 1) The text is 400 words or less, typewritten (single spaced, preferably 10 point Courier typeface), without figures or tables. Submissions not meeting these requirements will be refused. 2) Reporting results of clinical or experimental research, the submission will be structured as follows: a) Purpose of the study: to recall pertinent facts and explain the purpose of the work. b) Material: to describe the material used for the clinical or experimental work and the population or sample studied. c) Methods: to describe operative techniques, measurements, clinical assessments, experimental methods, etc. d) Results: given alone without comments or discussion. e) Discussion: comments relative to the purpose of the work, the methods used, the reported information as related to previous publications. f) Conclusion: prospective deductions, clinical impact of experimental work. Submissions are examined anonymously. The title or the text of the abstract must not contain information which could be used to identify the origin of the work or study. All co-authors must agree to publication of the submitted text. Failure to comply with the above rules will compromise evaluation and thus acceptance of the submission. Accepted submissions will be accessible via the Congress smartphone application.



Registration Exclusively on-line at

Congress prizes  SOFCOT Prize*: 2000 e for the best abstract.  

 OT Prize: 2500 e for the best DESC work. One candidate will be designaA ted for each inter-region.


Best e-Poster Prize: 1000 e.


 lsevier Masson Prize (Special electronic prize): : subscriptions to e-only E RCOT and EMC.


Sham Prize: 2500 e for a risk management publication.


FHP Prize for clinical science research*: 1500 e for research work by a young surgeon in training.

* Submission accepted for the congress and presented by an author less than 35 years old.

The jury will examine submitted documents (print-out or electronic files) including the PowerPoint presentation and a detailed text. The complete document should be submitted to the SOFCOT secretarial office at least one month before the Congress.

Continuing medical education The 88th SOFCOT meeting is eligible for Continuing Medical Education funding. SOFCOT is registered with the Commissaire de la République d’Îlede-France: n° 11753509975. Congress registration is mandatory to validate Continuing Medical Education credits. EACCME (European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education): An application has been made to the EACCME for CME accreditation of the 88th SOFCOT Congress.

Important Payment of registration fees is mandatory to receive the final programme at the Congress. The electronic version will be accessible for downloading and printing at on October 1, 2013.


Philippe Merloz

(Grenoble), AOT President

Year after year, our profession of Orthopaedic Surgery must adapt to a number of restrictions affecting daily practice. The Academy of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (AOT) participates actively in these developments which are presented at each of our congresses. In 2013, our 88th Congress will focus on two themes. The first theme is a clinical topic affecting our daily activities which will be discussed in two symposia, one on femoro-acetabular impingement in children and adults and another on treatment of displaced supra-, inter-, and unicondylar fractures of the distal femur. Eight round tables will be proposed. Topics will focus on debated issues such as total knee arthroplasty – making the right choice or fusion versus prosthesis in the lumbar region, or on real-life diagnostic and therapeutic problems such as aseptic loosening of the anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty or tendon disease around hip implants. The second theme is transversal, focusing on implant bioengineering (hip implant tribology), medical imaging, and information and communication sciences and technologies (training and computer-assisted surgery).


Bernard Augereau

In 2013, the official creation of the national professional council, CNP (Conseil national professionnel), and the organisation for continuing professional development, ODPC (Organisme de développement professionnel continu), will undoubtedly be marking events in our specialty. While SOFCOT cannot be limited to a CNP – due to the presence of other structures within SOFCOT itself such as the foundation for innovation in orthopaedic and traumatology surgery, FICOT (Fondation pour l’innovation en chirurgie orthopédique et traumatologique), the constitution of our professional society implicitly implies its commitment to the CNP with an active participation of its vital forces: Academy, College, Orthorisq, Syndicat, associated Societies and partners working in both private and public practice. 2013 will also see the creation of e-learning facilities developed in partnership with the College and designed for junior and senior surgeons, as well as hyper-specialists. This service will not be limited to France alone and one of the important aims will be interactivity, requiring a complete restructuration of our SOFCOT site. In 2013 the Academy will be reinforced by an expansion of the domains covered by its scientific commission. Thus, collaboration with the SOFCOT research society, SOFROT (Societé française de recherché en chirurgie orthopédique et traumatologique), will rapi-

Pr Bernard Augereau Scientific Secretary SOFCOT 56 rue Boissonade 75014 PARIS Phone: +33 (0)1 43 22 47 54 E-mail:

A leading British institution, the Imperial College of London, distinguished in both science and medicine, will be our international guest. Participants can of course count on the gold standards: the training conferences, the Nicolas Andry Forum, the Wednesday specialist day, case discussions, and oral presentations, with a special focus on geriatric orthopaedics and ageing. Research with be a central theme with a session headed by the SOFROT. International societies will also be present with the EFORT forum (tibial pilon fractures) and the SOFCOT-SICOT round table (trapeziometacarpal osteoarthritis). Our 2013 programme reflects the orientations determined by the AOF-SOFCOT scientific committee favouring the promotion and support of research activities. I hope that this programme will incite you to actively participate in the scientific meeting of our community and am pleased to welcome you to Paris. Welcome to the 88th annual SOFCOT meeting.

(Paris), SOFCOT President dly lead to the constitution of an ethics commission which will launch programmes to evaluate innovative techniques in volunteer private and public institutions. In 2013, SOFCOT will work in close collaboration with the ORTHORISQ material-watch commission and device registries, reinforcing efficient collaboration with the French drug safety agency, ANSM (Agence nationale de sécurité des medicaments), and the superior health authority, HAS (Haute Autorité de Santé), in order to alert members of device failures. To do this, data collection for the registries must be exhaustive and mandatory, just like the current rules for materialwatch. In 2013 the FICOT will offer grants to promote innovation within the specialty while widening its lobbying network. 2013 will also undoubtedly see a strong progression of the impact factor for OTSR due to the publication of issues devoted to training conference and associated societies. Finally, in 2013 I hope we will see the inauguration of the Maison de l’orthopédie et de la traumatologie in Paris, 56 rue Boissonade. To achieve all of this, SOFCOT will need active and effective participation of its many members.

(Paris), Président de laOrganization SOFCOT Congress COLLOQUIUM-88th SOFCOT 13-15 rue de Nancy 75010 PARIS Phone: +33 (0)1 44 64 15 15 Fax: +33 (0)1 44 64 15 16 E-mail:

Sofcot 13 prog preliminaire uk 4  
Sofcot 13 prog preliminaire uk 4