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SEDIF= Social Investment no financial return


below market return

market return

Program-related investment Recoverable Investment plus grants

advancing charitable purposes

H Anheier: from Philanthropy to Social Investment


expected range

Mainstream investments

The objectives of SEDIF are to build social investment capacity in Australia Short Term Objectives

Longer Term Objectives

•Provide access to capital for social enterprises;

•Build a marketplace for new social investment opportunities;

•Support innovative approaches to achieving social change;

•Develop a greater understanding of the market for social investors in social enterprise and stimulate new entrants

•Demonstrate the potential for funds which target blended returns; •Demonstrate the capacity for greater leverage from investment.

•Support strategic capacity building and, over time, stimulate mainstream finance for social enterprises.

Social Enterprise Development & Investing in the early Investment Fund (SEDIF) High

Finance for early ideas: small development grants, In-kind support, modest equity

Investment/ seed capital: social investor loans, foundation grants, social venture funds

Investment Risk

growth phase of the lifecycle of social enterprise with aim of converting the pipeline of new innovation and supporting emerging enterprises to grow into viable businesses

Investment funds for growth: grants, social loans, govt loans, foundations, commercial finance

Low Seed

Start Up

Early Maturity Expansion/growth

Social Enterprise Life Cycle

Consultation Framework: Evidence of Equity gap

Performance Targets

Investment Supply


Impact Areas for investment

Consultation Framework

Fund Objectives

Business Support

Timing Overhead Costs

Portfolio Approach

Requisite Scale

Involvement in the Consultation Process: 1. Utilise OnIMPACT, the Australian Social Innovation Forum to participate in online discussions, information sharing and responses to targeted questions. 2. Respond to the consultation paper via email or hardcopy. 3. LiveMeet sessions can be conducted if demand indicates this is necessary. Contact us via email.

Main Areas we are seeking feedback on: Questions on social enterprise and social investment. Questions on the objectives, functions and design parameters for the SEDIF. Questions on management, governance and performance.



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