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Can Hamilton Beach Deliver On Its Food Processing Promises? ____________________________________________________ By Jessica Rose -

Most appliance manufacturers produce food processors for sale, and often each brand produces a variety of machines that have been tailored to address the desires of a particular type of customer. Hamilton Beach is one of these companies, and their assortment of food processors is varied enough to address the desires of nearly any cook. A nice model to look into is the Hamilton Beach 52654 Blender Food Processor.

Learn More About Hamilton Beach Food Processor The top-selling Hamilton Beach 70670 Chef Prep 525-watt residential food processor is highlighted for sturdiness and user-friendliness. This processor includes a 10-cup chopping bowl, rendering food processing tasks rapid and effortless, no matter what the size. This machine uses two reversible discs for shredding, slicing, crinkle cutting and fine shredding. An additional spindle-mounted stainless-steel blade is also used. An additional feature is the internal cord compartment to maintain counters clean and organized. Its cutting attachments are also dishwasher safe, and therefore easy to clean.

Hamilton Beach also offers a more compact, 6-cup 70450 food processor. The product features in-bowl blade storage, a 300-watt motor, a space-saving shape and attachments which are dishwasher compatible. The device comes with an on-and-off pulse dial that will be easier for cooks who want a manual option to control their processing speed while they combine additional ingredients.The central benefit of this appliance is its safety feature. The device will not turn on unless the lid is on and turned

so it is locked. This is vital for making sure that debris can't enter and food can't leave the food bowl during processing. Another great option is the Hamilton Beach 52654 Blender Food Processor. The one problem said concerning this model is the awkwardness encountered when sanitizing the machine. The motor shaft attachment is put together in a way that it goes through the blade, consequently, when that coupling is gummed up with food, it may prove especially hard to remove. Wiping the blade shaft with the help of a sponge could likewise probably cause soap residue which could be present in your next bunch of cucumbers.

The Hamilton Beach 70590 Big Mouth 14-cup food processor is another model which comes with its own individual features which support a particular type of task. The unique quality of this device is that it will ingest larger foods including entire bell peppers, potatoes and other large fruits and vegetables. The device's modifiable feed tube is really big, which means it is ideal for odd-shaped chunks of food, which of course means that your job would be speedier and simpler to do. The model uses a 450 watt motor. More practical features include; a four position locking bowl, which can accomodate 14-cups of food, and also the stainless steel chopper, shredder and slicer blades which you'll find simple to sanitize.

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