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Over-The-Counter Yeast Infection Treatment ____________________________________________________ By Evelyn Jane -

These days you can certainly find many different dosages of yeast infection treatments over-the-counter in your nearest grocery store or drugstore. You can choose from dosages that include a one-day dose, a two-day dose, a three-day dose, or even a seven-day dose. The formulas application are pretty much the same except that the strength of the dose is certainly more in the dose to take fewer days to cure. These are essentially the same as a prescription would be except the dosage in the stores are lower dosage. Learn More About Antifungal Cream for Babies One option to treat yeast infection is yeast infections vaginal creams. These creams are typically placed inside the vagina with an application kind of tool to kill off the yeast that cause these infections. These are called antifungal creams and are usually packaged with new applicators and the product. These vaginal creams are sometimes called antifungal creams which is just another popular name for the product.

Here are some common examples of brand-name vaginal creams. Femstat, Mycelex, Monistat, Vagisil. These are some of the common products that you'll see over-the-counter when it comes to vaginal creams fight yeast infection. Make sure that you read the label on the package to ensure that you are following the directions properly.

You'll find some vaginal infection creams are designed to be used at bedtime because they leak and can cause a mass during the day would be a very big source of embarrassment for some people. In addition you can find some creams or topical creams that are designed to be placed on the surface, in an area called the vulva, which will help relieve the itching.

The topical cream that is used to be placed on the outside on the vulva may help to relieve itching while the antifungal cream will attack the yeast infection itself. One precaution is that if you're using a vaginal cream to treat yeast infections you should consider abstaining from sexual activity if you're using a condom or diaphragm for birth control because these vaginal creams are oil-based creams and they can damage the latex in the condom.

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