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Painted sandstone figure (Cairo, Eyptian Museum, JE 89858 + 91169) of the early Dynasty XII Theban prince Intef. Initially he took the title 'supreme chief of Upper Egypt', but later in his reign he conquered the rival cities of Koptos, Dendra and Hierakonpolis, and adopted a royal name. (AKG-imagesl Adrea Jemolo).


7,000, large and small cattle, 200,000' (G. Steindorff, et aI., Urkunden des aegyptischen Altertums, I 236.10). So the Egyptians, even as early as Dynasty IV, had begun the exploitation of ubia in earnest. It was also during this period that a fort and small settlement were established on the island of Elephantine, which sits in the middle of the Nile just north of the First Cataract. To get around the cataract, which could not be navigated by boats, all goods had to be unloaded and carried along the riverbank. The island was the ideal location to protect and control the lucrative trade route into the heart of Mrica.

Osprey warrior 121 soldier of the pharaoh  
Osprey warrior 121 soldier of the pharaoh