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Floor Cleaning Machines Fuel Types - Floor Cleaner Machine _______________________________________ By Camilla Alice - With countless brands and models available on the market, the search for a new floor cleaning machine may seem endless. Choose between a walk behind model or a ride on; opt for a battery powered unit rather than propane; purchase a new or used model. Through careful analysis and research, weighing all of your options will prove to be beneficial and ensure that you purchase the absolute best machine for your facility. To Learn More About Floor Cleaner Machine One option that takes a lot of careful consideration is the fuel type you will invest in. Some types can run for hours on end, while others need time to charge but do not cost as much in fuel maintenance. Some are freestanding and can go anywhere, while others must be constantly connected to a power source. When choosing your machine's fuel type, think about whether you will use the machine indoors or outdoors, how much money you are willing to invest in fuel, and how often and readily the machine will need to be used.

Most commonly found in smaller machines like floor buffers, propane is a more expensive fuel option compared to other choices, though it is less expensive than traditional gasoline. Propane buffers can be maneuvered much easier than electric ones tied down by a power cord, and can run for an unlimited

amount of time, unlike battery powered machines that must recharge in between uses. While propane, also known as LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is considered a clean-burning fossil fuel, it does emit some harmful toxins. To stay safe, only use propane-powered machines outdoors or in well-ventilated areas. Battery-powered engines are quickly becoming the way of the future, as evidenced with new car models produced in mass numbers with this powering option, along with the increasing number of batterypowered fueling stations in larger cities. Battery-powered engines ride on sweeper scrubber combos and some walk behind machines do not emit any harmful toxins, so they are safe to use in any environment. Battery fueling options are also much cheaper over time, because they draw on electricity rather while charging rather than buying fuel. However, it is important to take note of how long a battery engine will last before it needs charging, and how long it will take to charge. If the battery life is not long enough, you may have to leave your cleaning job unfinished.

Designed mainly for commercial use, electric engines (requiring a power cord during use) are common in models of the walk behind floor scrubber, walk behind floor sweeper, floor buffer and walk behind sweeper scrubber combo. Because they need to be constantly attached to a power source, they do not maneuver as easily as freestanding machines. However, they can be used whenever and wherever they are needed for an unlimited amount of time. They also do not require full tank of fuel or constantly watching the amount of battery power. Because natural gas emits fewer toxins than Diesel, this fuel choice is catching on as a popular option for internal combustion engines. Although it is still made from fossil fuels and emits some greenhouse gasses, it is cleaner burning than other fossil fuel options.

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