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The University of New Mexico School of Engineering

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Right now, you’re hearing lots of big questions about your future. And you probably have many of your own. Choosing a college is an important time to consider your potential and explore all the possibilities — the programs, people and places — that can help you fulfill it. The right school will challenge you, expand your horizons, present exciting opportunities and give you a well-rounded preparation for whatever your future holds. (Oh, it will also have an awesome campus, diverse student body, tons of cool activities, and great food nearby!)

If that sounds like your kind of school and you see yourself in engineering or computer science, then you just might find that The

University of New Mexico School of Engineering is the perfect answer to all of your questions.

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Emil Kadlec Electrical Engineering Plasma and Fusion Sciences Lab

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UNM has the highest classification awarded by The Carnegie Foundation: (Research University—Very High research activity).

Accredited All School of Engineering undergraduate degree programs are accredited, assuring that our programs meet nationally recognized standards and that our graduates are well-prepared.

innovative Our innovative research, extensive collaborations, and location in a high-tech area of the southwest create numerous opportunities for hands-on learning.

11:1 The School of Engineering’s undergraduate student-to-faculty ratio surpasses many private universities

Affordable With tuition rates lower than many flagship universities and numerous scholarship opportunities, UNM is a great value.


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jor? Students fly experiments on the “Weightless Wonder� in the NASA Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program.

All SOE degree programs offer excellent opportunities for undergraduate research and internships at national labs.

$55K-$66K Starting median salary ranges for employees with engineering or computer


science undergraduate degrees

Chemical engineering Nuclear Engineering Chemical and nuclear engineering are rapidly evolving fields that require an understanding of physical processes and the ability to think creatively and apply problem-solving skills to real-world problems. The UNM Chemical Engineering program is at the forefront of nanomaterials research and a major player in biomedical engineering. Students can choose from a variety of areas of study, including process engineering, bioengineering, energy, materials or environmental engineering. The UNM Nuclear Engineering program, the only one in the southwest, has a 5-watt nuclear reactor for students to safely conduct experiments and prepare for careers in the nuclear renaissance. Six research centers affiliated with the department offer opportunities for cutting edge research.

CIVIL ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT Civil engineers plan, design and develop communities, roads, bridges, buildings, and transit systems while solving problems associated with water resources, energy, and pollution. Construction engineers plan and design construction projects, coordinate labor and equipment, and manage field operations. Construction managers are high level managers who focus on coordinating the different needs of a project on a large scale. At UNM, our focus is on sustainability and sustainable infrastructure. You’ll learn from the best — all classes are taught by professors who are licensed professional engineers and have extensive experience outside academia. In 2010 the Civil Engineering Department won a prestigious national award for engaging students in collaborative real-world projects with industry mentors. Projects range from designing roundabouts at busy metropolitan intersections to various water treatment systems.

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Computer Science Computer science studies how information is stored, transmitted and processed in systems ranging from single processors to networked computer systems to living cells, brains, and social organizations. At UNM, students learn computing from all perspectives — programming, algorithms, data structures, networking, and architecture — while developing the analytical skills required for computation-based problem solving. That foundation is complemented by a required minor and a series of interdisciplinary electives, including animation, computer security, digital media, computational biology, graphics, networks, complex systems, and artificial intelligence.



SOE undergraduate lecture courses taught by faculty, not grad students Mechanical Engineering Build a car. Create new solar technologies. Design better orthopedic implants. And that’s just the start. A mechanical engineering degree from UNM gives you comprehensive knowledge and a broad set of engineering skills — from machines and tooling to computer-aided design — that will take you anywhere you want to go.

Electrical engineering Computer Engineering The latest computing strategies, systems, hardware and software, the worldwide system of electronic communication, and the expanding array of hot new technology gadgets are all designed by electrical and computer engineers. The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department offers students forward-looking curricula, low student-to-faculty ratio, and highly talented professors and instructors. ECE has 12 teaching labs and 20 research labs, and expertise in robotics, green energy, communications, optoelectronics, biomedical imaging, and computer graphics.


ECE's video game development program, ranked in the top 50, provides realworld production experience.

SOE mechanical engineering students work in state-of-the-art labs, take a unique five-semester design sequence involving advanced computer simulations, and participate in a senior design project to produce and present an original material, product or process.

Students in the 3-semester Formula SAE class design and build a race car, then compete against teams worldwide.

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With a UNM engineering or computer science degree, your future is wide open. Work for a large corporation or a small firm. Join a start-up, start your own, or go to graduate school. Conduct research at a government lab or teach the next generation of engineers. You’ll be well prepared for whatever career you want to pursue. You’ll find SOE graduates working locally and at top organizations around the world: Apple, Air Force Research Laboratory, Boeing, Bohannan Huston, Inc., Energy Control, Inc., Ford Motor Company, Google, Idaho National Laboratory, Jaynes Corporation, Intel Corporation, Lockheed Martin, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Microsoft, New Mexico Department of Transportation, Sandia National Laboratories, SCHOTT Solar, Texas Instruments, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and many more.

Computer Science , design and develop next generation software , develop films and games with state-of-the-art animation , improve computer security and electronic privacy , conduct research in computational medicine, physics, and biology

Electrical or Computer Engineering Chemical or Nuclear Engineering , conduct research to diagnose and treat disease , create energy from biomass, solar power, wind or nuclear power , use nanotechnology to design new high-tech materials , develop next-generation nuclear power sources

Civil or Construction Engineering; Construction Management , plan and build sustainable communities , solve environmental problems , create stronger, lighter, greener building materials and methods , design and build high-tech structures and transportation systems

, design “green” photovoltaic technology , launch new personal digital devices , enhance the design and performance of a computer system , work in gaming, filmmaking and computer visualization

Mechanical Engineering , work in robotics, manufacturing, aerospace, biotech, and more , develop alternative energy resources , design vehicles, including rockets and aircraft , conduct atmospheric research


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Research projects Students are an integral part of the SOE’s innovative research. As an undergraduate, you can get involved in the research underway in every department by helping professors, working in the labs, or starting your own project. Our research partners include: , UNM schools, colleges and research centers , Sandia National Laboratories , Los Alamos National Laboratory , Idaho National Laboratory , Kirtland Air Force Base and the Air Force Research Laboratory , Other universities worldwide

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What can we learn from the land? Civil engineering students use land along the Rio Grande in Albuquerque to study both natural and man-made systems. This unique outdoor lab helps students learn civil engineering techniques associated with land restoration, water conservation and more. How do we impart life-like functions into man-made materials? Jeff Brinker, Distinguished Professor of Chemical and Nuclear Engineering and member of the National Academy of Engineers, is internationally known for his work in advanced materials. He emulates biological designs with robust engineering materials, using nanoscale self-assembly processes invented in his lab. His goal is that these nano particles will deliver drugs to fight any type of cancer.

How do you turn ones and zeros into hope and then patent your idea? UNM students working with Assistant Professor of Computer Science Sean Luan developed a novel way of automatically positioning radiation beams to improve cancer treatment. Now they are seeking a patent through STC.UNM, which commercializes intellectual property resulting from UNM research.

Can a building power itself? More than a place to study, the Mechanical Engineering building is a giant lab with a unique heating and cooling system and “smart grid� technology that students help manage as part of ongoing research. Undergraduate students installed state-of-the-art solar vacuum tube collectors on the roof reduce the peak electric power demand and efficiently use solar energy.

What's the best way to check a disaster area for hazardous materials? Let robots do the dangerous work! Students working in the fully-integrated robotics lab in Electrical and Computer Engineering have developed teams of allterrain robots equipped with cameras, environmental sensors, embedded computers as well as communication systems that relay critical, real-time information about a disaster site.


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Every student has a different reason for becoming a Lobo, but access to world-class scholars, state-of-the-art labs, support services, abundant opportunities and a great value usually are at the top of everyone’s list.

UNM has a strong nuclear engineering program. My classes are small and I know my professors — it’s a nice community feeling. Now I’m the president of our American Nuclear Society chapter and attend national conferences. It’s a great opportunity for networking and learning what’s out there.

Margie Root Nuclear Engineering Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque Academy

Margie’s Tips: , Find a hobby to help relieve stress. I rock climb. , Get to know your professors and ask them questions. , Find a comfortable place to study with no distractions.


I am the first person in my family to go to college. I thought I needed to get away from Albuquerque and go to a really prestigious school, but UNM has so much to offer. The School of Engineering has a lot of really great professors. Their wide range of backgrounds allows students to see the many opportunities that engineering provides. Being at UNM has given me a stronger understanding of why I want to become an engineer. I’m glad I stayed in Albuquerque and am proud to be a Lobo!

Debbie Nguyen Mechanical Engineering Albuquerque, NM Manzano High School

Debbie’s Tips: , Be sure to explore some of New Mexico’s petroglyphs and ancient habitats that are thousands of years old. , Albuquerque’s extensive network of professional engineers are making a difference in the world. Join organizations in your field of interest and meet some of these great people!

I came to UNM on a track and field scholarship and have been to lots of Division 1 schools and seen many other campuses. UNM is a different kind of place. It’s really diverse. There are people here from all over the world. UNM offers so much academically, there’s lots to do, and the people are friendly. The faculty are very approachable. There are competitions and projects so you put into practice what you learn and develop teamwork and leadership skills.


Josh’s Tips: , The Student Union Building is a great place to meet people. , Get involved in everything —  intramural, groups, committees, etc. , Meet everyone you come across. Live by this and you’ll have a great college experience, guaranteed!

I recommend UNM-SOE because of its excellent faculty and proximity to high-tech companies and the national labs. I had the opportunity to do research with my professors and work at Sandia National Laboratories. For a senior design project, another student and I developed a new way of making flexible solar cells which UNM helped us turn into a provisional patent.


Ryan’s Tips: , Take classes in different areas so you can see some of the things that UNM has to offer. , Try to enjoy each class; you’ll learn more and get a better grade.

I heard a lot of good things about UNM while I was growing up and that’s why I came here. The CS program at UNM is great! Last summer, I had the outstanding opportunity to be a part of the National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergrads program. My team researched censorship in the Chinese Internet. We had weekly discussions with faculty about what we learned. Now other people are citing our research!


Ronnie’s Tips: , Take advantage of research opportunities as an undergrad. , Talk to all the faculty in your department to find out about their research. , Jump right in— programming is fun!


Percentage of incoming freshmen scholarship applicants

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who receive scholarships.

Engineering Student Services (ESS) is a one-stop-shop for advice, resources, and support for all SOE students. The unique service — the only program of its kind on campus — provides academic advisement, financial aid counseling, professional development services, tutoring, and community building activities that engage, encourage, and support students throughout their college careers.

ESS Programs

Freshman = On Track

SOE students are a diverse group. Our multicultural environment reflects a cross-section of Native American, Hispanic and Latino, African American, Anglo, and other cultures and backgrounds. Many are the first in their families to pursue a college education. They come from different academic, vocational, social and geographic backgrounds. The SOE has services to help all these students succeed.

Unlike most schools in the nation, freshmen can enroll directly into the School of Engineering and take engineering and computer science courses from day one. An orientation provided by Engineering Student Services for freshmen and transfer students helps smooth the transition to UNM. During orientation, students meet individually with ESS advisors who help them chart their course at the SOE.

Making Sense of the Dollars UNM School of Engineering staff and faculty are committed to assisting students and parents find the resources to make a sound educational investment. The SOE scholarships and fellowships program, along with the already low cost of tuition at UNM, make obtaining a premier engineering or computer science degree more affordable than ever.



ESS coordinates a variety of resources and services to help students succeed. These include organizations for students in engineering, mathematics, science and technology, residential programs for incoming freshmen, and various pre-college programs for K-12 graders. For details, visit

Diversity Welcomed Here

Something for Everyone The School of Engineering supports a variety of student organizations and student chapters of professional associations. These groups offer career development, networking opportunities, social events, and participation at national conferences. Here are just a few of them: , American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) , American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) , American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) , American Nuclear Society (ANS) , American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) , American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) , Associated General Contractors (AGC) , Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) , Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) , Chi Epsilon, civil engineering undergraduate honor society , Engineers Without Borders (EWB) , Eta Kappa Nu, electrical and computer engineering honor society , Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE) , Hispanic Engineering and Science Organization (HESO) , Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) , Institute of Transportation Engineering (ITE) , National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) , Pi Tau Sigma, mechanical engineering honor society , Society for Women Engineers (SWE) , Tau Beta Pi, engineering honor society

Go Global Share your engineering skills while you explore the world — join Engineers Without Borders (EWB). Our local chapter of the national organization gives students hands-on experience close to home and around the world.

Every freshman gets ongoing, personalized advisement from SOE and ESS staff. What courses do you need to take? Can you test out? What are the best classes for your interests? We’ll advise you.



You’ve never seen a campus like UNM’s, with its Pueblo-style architecture, abundance of trees, duck pond, museums and galleries, and the beautiful Sandia Mountains as a backdrop.

What’s there to do?

Get Ready to HOWL!

, Mountain biking , Theater performances , Hiking , Art galleries , Live music and concerts , Rock climbing , Hot air ballooning , Skiing , Travelling down Route 66 , Snowboarding , Sampling local cuisines , Exploring New Mexico

Whether you play intramural sports, organize a pick up game between classes, or cheer on the NCAA Division 1 Lobos and Lady Lobos, sports are a big part of the fun at UNM. UNM fields 21 competitive Mountain West Conference NCAA Division One teams — including basketball, tennis, golf, baseball, and football.

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The highly-ranked Lobo basketball team plays at “The Pit,” one of the most famous college basketball arenas in the country. Louie and Lucy Lobo are UNM’s official mascots.

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Welcome Home Student life — the friendships, the late night pizza runs, the “remember when…” times, the activities — starts with where you live. Living on campus, especially as a freshman, is the best way to meet other students and really be a part of UNM’s diverse community. Choose: , on-campus in the residence halls , near campus in a sorority or fraternity or small co-op residence , off-campus in an apartment or shared home , at home as a commuter



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The UNM School of Engineering is a member of the American Society for Engineering Education. , The baccalaureate programs in chemical, civil,

computer, construction, electrical, mechanical, and nuclear engineering are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). , The baccalaureate program in computer science is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET. , The baccalaureate program in construction management is accredited by the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE).

Admission Admission to UNM Applications for admission are reviewed on a rolling basis. Admission decisions are issued by mail after all application materials are complete. Students are advised to apply early for admission. UNM admissions For priority consideration, apply by the following dates: Spring Semester November 15 Summer Semester May 1 Fall Semester June 15 Admission to the School of Engineering Admission to the School of Engineering as a pre-major is the first step toward gaining admission into a department in the SOE. As a pre-major, you will receive professional advisement and counsel from Engineering Student Services. The SOE encourages students to take AP courses (calculus, physics, chemistry) and dual credit courses in math and science, if possible. If you indicate your interest in engineering or computer science on your UNM application and meet the following requirements, you will be admitted to the SOE as a pre-major: Freshmen , ACT math score of 25 or higher (SAT score of 570 or higher) , ACT English and science score of 19 or higher (SAT score of 450 or higher), and , ACT reading score of 18 or higher

Transfer Students Students from other colleges in New Mexico and out-ofstate are encouraged to apply to UNM. To be admitted to pre-major status in the School of Engineering, students must successfully complete trigonometry and pre-calculus in addition to meeting GPA and STEM course grade requirements. Be sure to seek advisement from ESS advisors at 505.277.4354 well before transferring to UNM. If you are sufficiently advanced in your engineering or computer science studies and have the required GPA, you will be admitted directly into a degree program. ACT test dates and information SAT test dates and information

unm school of engineering Degree Programs Chemical and Nuclear Engineering B.S. – Chemical Engineering B.S. – Nuclear Engineering M.S. – Chemical Engineering M.S. – Nuclear Engineering Ph.D. – Chemical Engineering Concentration Ph.D. – Nuclear Engineering Concentration Civil Engineering B.S. – Civil Engineering B.S. – Construction Engineering B.S. – Construction Management M.C.M. – Construction Management M.S. – Civil Engineering Ph.D. – Civil Engineering Concentration Computer Science B.S. – Computer Science M.S. – Computer Science Ph.D. – Computer Science

Electrical and Computer Engineering B.S. – Electrical Engineering B.S. – Computer Engineering M.S. – Electrical Engineering M.S. – Computer Engineering M.S. – Optical Science and Engineering Ph.D. – Electrical Engineering Concentration Ph.D. – Computer Engineering Concentration Ph.D. – Optical Science and Engineering

FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid ( Priority Deadline: March 1

Mechanical Engineering B.S. – Mechanical Engineering M.E./M.B.A. – Manufacturing/Business Dual Degree M.S. – Mechanical Engineering M.S./M.E. – Manufacturing Concentration Ph.D. – Mechanical Engineering Concentration

school of engineering Open House

Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Programs Interdisciplinary Film & Digital Media (IFDM) in Computer Engineering or Computer Science Interdisciplinary Graduate Degree Programs For a complete list, go to

Financial Aid and Scholarships A large variety of scholarships, financial aid, and grants are available from the University of New Mexico. Out-of-state students could receive a tuition waiver and pay the in-state rate through the Amigo Scholarship. New Mexico residents can use the Legislative Lottery Scholarship to receive tuition-free education for up to eight semesters of full-time study at UNM. The School of Engineering awards an additional $1,000,000 in scholarships and fellowships to our students annually. For more information, contact Elsa M. Castillo, scholarship administrator,, main: 505.277.4354, direct: 505.277.5064 or visit and click on Scholarships.

General SOE Scholarships Deadline: June 1 (open to all students admitted to the SOE by June) NSF S-STEM Scholarships: Deadline: July 1 (open to all SOE undergraduate students)

Join us to meet students and faculty, go on tours, and articipate in hands-on activities. See for dates and details.

Enrollment UNM, Main Campus


SOE, Undergraduate


soe Faculty Full-time: 109

When you’re choosing a college and considering what degree to pursue, there are lots of questions. Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be glad to help. To go on a tour of the UNM campus, contact the UNM Office of Admissions & Recruitment Services at 505.750.VSIT or go to

s u t c a t

SOE Freshmen Priority Deadline: February 1


Visiting and Research: 50

Want more info?

Financial aid deadlines UNM Freshmen Scholarships Priority Deadline: December 1

Fall 2009

Engineering Student Services UNM School of Engineering | 505.277.4354

(for incoming freshmen only)


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Undergraduate degree programs in engineering and computer science at the University of New Mexico School of Engineering