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Digital Marketing Get Into Digital Marketing and explore new opportunities for your business

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D e m a n d

“the more VISIBLE you are online, the more will be your REVENUE” Have your company tried online brand promotion and marketing?

Have you wished your company boost up revenue through online sales?

Is your brand talking to your customer?

Have you ever dreamt of getting customer suggestions for designing your new product or services?


Have you derived the right value out of your Online Marketing Investments?

Do you want to try a new approach to the online marketing- the Digital Branding?

Get Into Digital Marketing and explore new opportunities for your business Are you cautious about investing in something new or unproven to you? Like buying a chocolate you have never tried before, first you will take a bite and if you like it you will go for a whole piece. The same strategy applies with Digital Marketing.

Don't take our word for it…

How to Scale Social Media #1

If only you could... Reduce print, post, packaging and paper costs

Deliver extra traffic to your website

Build your social media followings

Speed up your sales process and cash flows

Build brand awareness and continuity

Implement e-communication Strategy

The Influence Pramid Practice Tools & Techniques Conceptual Models Awareness

(Faeedback & Reflection)

Empowerment (Choosing the powerful)

The BIG Question “Why aren’t you getting more sales enquiries using your prospects preferred communication tools?” The fact is that most business owners do not have the time, resources, skill sets to learn about and implement new technology – Or they think they know it all already!

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If only 10% of your website visitor contact you, who are those unknown 90%. How effective is your TV jingles or adverts and other print banners. Who reads, browse, listen, watch or follows you.

Whatever you size of business is, it’s time to implement Digital Marketing

Call us for Action, today

What we have for YOU Strategic Consultation

Market Analysis

Viability Assessment

Competitor Analysis

Content & Communication Strategy

Situation analysis



Measurement and Maintenance

Measure the result from Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Email marketing

Social Engine Optimization (SEO)

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Direct Mail



Landing Page

How we DO it? REACH - Maximize exposure across search engines, social networks and online media ACQUIRE -Drive qualified visitors to your website, other online channels and in-store CONVERT- Maximize conversion rates, average order values and revenue RETAIN - Deliver a seamless online and cross-channel experience to drive repeat business ADVOCACY - Nurture your fans and followers to turn repeat customers into brand advocates

The STRATEGY SEO, Blogs, PR, Email, Videos, Landing Pages, Mobile Apps, Banner Ads, Digital Brochures, Facebook Apps, Promotion activities.

Service Offerings 1. Jump Start

2. Game Plan


Digital Marketing Audit


Digital Marketing Planning

Public facing portals Mobile







Digital Marketing Solutions‌ Your window to the world of business

SODTECH S o l u t i o n

O n

D e m a n d

Digital Marketing Company in India  

Digital Marketing makes it possible to create brand awareness and grow your business exponentially with performance driven Digital Marketing...

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