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John & Barbara Crozier V


65 grand years of pure frivolity enjoyed on this dear planet wasn’t enough! Utilizing all of earths bountifulv delights to the maximum in order to ast produce a surplus of offspring was the only way for their plan of world domination to be effective. . . Join us on Sunday 18th September and share in their rise to stardom, their grand escapade, their highlights, . . . . . . . THEIR LIFE IN PICTURES.

The Electric Palace, 39A High Street, Hastings, East Sussex. TN34 3ER Once in the High Street head about 20 yards north of ‘Stone Corner’ (no. 33) and it’s the doorway on the right. Wahay, you’ve made it! If, by some unfathomable piece of misfortune you are lost (can’t read maps, sat-nav speaking German, M25 closed due to cow in the fast lane. . ) call me on 07790 568862. Alternatively, the landmarks below may help to point you in the right direction. 1: Giant Chess & Octopus etc! 2: St Mary Star of the Sea 3: Stone Corner 4: Pottery 5: Lord Nelson 6: Fishing Huts 7: Parking 8: Winkle Island


65th invite  

Mum and dads 65th invite

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