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mountains of possibility October 15th-18th 2015 Alamosa, Colorado Adams State University


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Our Mission The Southern Colorado Film Festival cultivates conversation and enriches the spirit and creativity of the San Luis Valley by providing diverse independent film programming that is relevant and which connects the issues of our region to the world.

over Spring Creek Pass, Colorado - photo by Danny Ledonne

MOUNTAINS OF POSSIBILITY The Southern Colorado Film Festival uses the power of film as a means of enhancing communication, enriching a sense of community and spirit, and bringing voice to important matters from across the globe. Now in our third year, we provide a venue for independent filmmakers to showcase their work and bring their creativity, viewpoints, and personality to a new audience. This year, we are proud to showcase 20 independent films with national and international significance. Our theme is Mountains of Possibility because we want to showcase the many potential successes all around us - often just behind a challenging obstacle or limited way of thinking. By considering the opportunities all around us, we can recognize new ways forward. We are proud of this diverse selection of films and hope you enjoy them as much as we have. Thank you!

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Thursday Oct 15th

Friday Oct 16th

Saturday Oct 17th

Sunday Oct 18th

7:00 pm Opening Feature: “Landfill Harmonic” (85 min) Richardson Hall Auditorium

2:00 pm Shorts Selection: “Counter Current” (71 min) Art Building Theater 227

2:00 pm Shorts Selection: “Love, Loss, and Life” (51 min) Art Building Theater 227

2:00 pm Shorts Selection: “Land, Fire, and Water” (52 min) Art Building Theater 227

7:00 pm Feature: “A Sinner in Mecca” (79 min) Art Building Theater 227

7:00 pm Feature: “From the Land to Your Table” (105 min) Art Building Theater 227

7:00 pm Closing Feature: “Bringing It Home” (52 min) Art Building Theater 227

8:30 pm Reception Richardson Hall Lobby

Thursday, October 15th


Landfill Harmonic

Directors: Brad Allgood, Graham Townsley

This inspiring documentary follows the famed Recycled Orchestra, a youth group from a community built on a massive landfill site in Paraguay, who live the motto: “The world sends us garbage... We send back music.” (85 minutes)

Please join us after the screening for the a reception in Richardson Hall Lobby. Page 3

Friday, October 16th

2:00 pm - COUNTER CURRENT - 71 minutes May I Go Blind

Director: Leah Bedrosian Peterson

This animation illustrates survival, revenge, and heroism related to the life and murder trial of an Armenian genocide survivor turned assassin. (11 minutes)

My Brother Was the Devil and I Am Here to Mourn Him Director: Peter Kimball

After uncovering a family secret, a young man travels to Iceland in search of answers. (6 minutes)

A Break in the Clouds

Director: Federica Mennella

The story and the struggle of Matteo and Rudy, two brothers who grew up in foster care in Vicenza, Italy. (54 minutes)

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Friday, October 16th


A Sinner in Mecca

Director: Parvez Sharma

A daring and provocative journey to the very heart of Islam, this film tells the story about a lifelong quest of finding faith and overcoming fear across two continents. (79 minutes)

Saturday, October 17th

2:00 pm - LOVE, LOSS, AND LIFE - 51 minutes June Born in May

Director: Lauren Meyering

An incredibly squeamish girl, June, attempts to get the attention of her high school crush, Caleb, by signing up for the school blood drive where he works. (7 minutes)

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Director: Alan Jackman

A freshman in college struggles with his inner demons, college bullies, the absence of his mother, and an abusive father. (12 minutes)

Feast for the Dead

Directors: Abe Rosenberg, Morgan Velasquez

In this animated poem, Georgia O’Keeffe’s spirit tells a story of life, death and rebirth shown to us through the artwork of Patricia Meek and Morgan Velasquez. (5 minutes)

Notion X

Director: Derek Brown

This video chronicles the minutes, days, weeks, and months after the murder of the filmmaker’s mother. (2 minutes)

Trouble in Cheddar Bay Director: Darren Hone

There are dire consequences when no one will eat the last cheddar bay biscuit in this art house silent film parody. (6 minutes)

Wolf Pack

Director: Ryan Dufresne

Kathrine Hill struggles with the fact that she is about to turn into a wolf on the full moon when her biological mother shows up and changes everything in her life, forever. (21 minutes) Page 6

Saturday, October 17th


From the Land to Your Table

Directors: Alejandra Szeplaki, Carolina Navas Gutierrez, Paola Vieira, Alejo Hoijman, Jorge Coira, Josué Méndez. The first documentary of its kind: seven talented directors from across Latin America capture the cultural diversity of food markets in seven countries. (105 minutes)

Sunday, October 18th

2:00 pm - LAND, FIRE, WATER - 52 minutes Rio Frio 5K on Ice

Director: Danny Ledonne

It’s so cool to run down the middle of a scenic, winding river with snow-capped mountains in the background. (5 minutes)

A Bird’s Last Song

Director: Tyler Klemp

A look at a bird’s last day on Earth before a nuclear explosion. (1 minute)

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Unacceptable Risk – Firefighters on the Front Lines of Climate Change Director: Ted Wood, Daniel Glick

Colorado firefighters have battled the some of the state’s epic wildfires of the past decade. (12 minutes)


Directors: Abe Rosenberg, Morgan Velasquez

This stop motion animation depicts the process of decomposition in a fun way that is easy for all ages to understand. (3 minutes)


Director: Christi Bode

The community of San Luis Valley, Colorado must find a new normal amid a rapidly growing American West to preserve their economy, environment, and future. (5 minutes)


Director: Kyle Peets

It doesn’t take much for me to be convinced that any kind of movement is good for me. Sometimes the semblance of it is enough. (9 minutes)

Voices of the Valley

Directors: Ben Waddell, Chris Quintana

Community leaders of the San Luis Valley describe social and environmental issues that concern the health and preservation of the land. (17 minutes) Page 8

Sunday, October 18th


Bringing It Home

Directors: Linda Booker, Blaire Johnson

Extols the many benefits of industrial hemp for the environment and human health, while revealing the obstacles to what could be a thriving industry for U.S. (52 minutes)

near San Luis, Colorado - photo by Danny Ledonne

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Locations and Map:

All festival locations are on the Adams State University campus.

Richardson Hall: 208 Edgemont Blvd. Alamosa, CO 81101 Richardson Hall Auditorium is located on the first floor, straight ahead from the building’s east entrance.

Art Department: 401 Richardson Ave. Alamosa, CO 81101 The Art Department Theater is is located on the second floor, room 227 at the top of the stairs next to the Cloyde Snook Gallery.

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Ticket Information: Full Festival Passes and tickets for individual shows are available online through Brown Paper Tickets. For more information, visit: Tickets can also be purchased during the festival at the door.

Individual Ticket Prices:

$10 for Opening Night Film + Reception $5 for All Other Individual Programs

Festival Passes:

$35 for All Festival Pass

All screenings FREE with valid ASU ID

Patrons are asked to come 15 minutes before screenings to guarantee seating and prompt showtimes. Please silence all electronic devices during the show.

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Festival committee: Danny Ledonne - Festival Director Karl Jolliff - Director of Finances Mary Hoffman - Director of Sponsorships O. Gustavo Plascencia - Programming Director Mike Clifford - Technical Director Christina Vargas - Festival Intern Stephen Jiron - Festival Intern

Festival Judges: Submissions: Eric Berkemeyer Paul Echeverria Miles Eddy Leah Gose Stephen Jiron Scott McCumber O. Gustavo Plascencia Ashlae Shepler Christina Vargas

SpeciAl Thanks: Adams State University ASU Common Reading Experience ASU Community Partnerships ASU Student Life & Recreation Alamosa Local Marketing District Board The Southern Colorado Film Commission Colorado Office of Film, Television, and Media

Southern Colorado Film Festival 208 Edgemont Blvd. #2320 Alamosa, Colorado 81101 (719) 587-7372 Page 15

SoCo Film Fest 2015 Program Guide  

The Southern Colorado Film Festival, the San Luis Valley's own venue for independent film production, will once again be showcasing creative...

SoCo Film Fest 2015 Program Guide  

The Southern Colorado Film Festival, the San Luis Valley's own venue for independent film production, will once again be showcasing creative...